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Scammer email posted Tue Apr 12 07:23:29 2011
From: Larry Kosoko 
Subject: Re: Int'l Order Inquiry (Total Cost Needed)
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 11:04:44 +0100

Kindly find below the item and quantities i will be needing,HDS050COMPUTER 
TT030 2MEG/N0 HD RECON, $475.00 ----------- QTY: 5HDS003COMPUTER 520STFM W/RF 
NEW, $250.00 ----------- QTY: 5I want you advise with the grand total cost 
minus the shipping cost because I have my personal freight forwarder that 
will come for the pick up at your store.i have inform them about this and 
they told me the best way to come will be ready for pick up with your 
convenience* time and date?* Contact Person for the pickup arrangement ?* 
Telephone Number ?* Weight of the package ?So, please kindly get back to me 
with this details along with the total of my order so that i can give you my 
card details for the payment now.Hope to read from you ASAP. 

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From: Larry Kosoko 
Subject: Int'l Order Inquiry
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 05:29:16 -0700

I browse through your contact and I find some items which we have interest in 
purchasing to our store in Puerto Rico for urgent supply, I will like to
know the prices per each items minus the shipping cost because I have my
personal freight forwarder that will come and pick up my order from your
location,I also want to know the kind of
credit card you accept for payment e.g master card or visa card.

I await your quick response so I can proceed with my needed items and

Larry Kosoko
1108 AVE Roosvelt
San Juan, PR 00920 

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