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Scammer email posted Sat Apr 16 11:46:45 2011
From: fru harrison 
Subject: Re: ciao.
Date: Sabato 9 Aprile 2011, 16:30

 hello my dear
      i am very happy to read from you, and thank you very much
for the compliments you are a very loving and caring man. the reason
 why i am looking for a man through the Internet is because the men here
 are only interested in sex, and i believe that i will surely find a
 good and caring man from the internet. my dear the reason why me and my
 mother left Canada is because when my father died we had no money so we came 
here in Cameroon and i finish my university studies here
here it is so difficult to find a job. but i know that if i get to
 Italy i will surely find a job. my dear i am ready to leave my
 country, i have talked with my mother about this and she has
me because all she wants is the best for me and i believe that
the best for me. yes my dear we have economic problems but i know
one day all will be fine. i have prepared some photos for you andi
hope you love them. i am happy that i found a caring man like you
i am very sorry to border you with my problems. kisses

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