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Scammer email posted Wed Apr 20 07:25:39 2011
Date: Wednesday 20 April 2011
From: Comparan Juan 
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Dear Applicant,

Sorry for the lateness in responding to your email, it came to our
understanding that your loan application of $250,000.00 has bee approved, w=
await your soonest response to enable the processing of the loan applicatio=
also find the loan calculation which has been calculated at 3.8% interest
rate for 10 years.

Loan Calculator

   Loan Balance:     $250,000.00
   Adjusted Loan Balance:     $250,000.00
   Loan Interest Rate:     3.80%
   Loan Fees:     0.00%
   Loan Term:     10 years
   Minimum Payment:     $50.00

   Monthly Loan Payment:    $2,507.43
   Number of Payments:     120

   Cumulative Payments:     $300,892.12
   Total Interest Paid:     $50,892.12

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 119 payments of $2,507.43=

plus a final payment of $2,507.95.

I do hope that this monthly installments meets your needs please verify you=
information as below as the real owner of this email address.

1. Full Name: -----------------------------------------
2. Residential Address: -----------------------------------
3. Tel: ----------------------------------------------
Email: -------------------------------- Monthly
Payment: ---------------------------4. ID/Passport
Number: --------------------------------------
Please note that all further correspondence should be forwarded to, as no one will be able to contact you when you=

send an email to

Kennedy Allan.
Affix Legal Loans.

Este mensaje ha sido analizado por MailScanner de
la Universidad de Colima en busca de virus y otros
contenidos peligrosos, y se considera que est=E1 limpio.

The above is the actual scammer email received. It has been scrubbed of recipient information.
If you received an email like this you have several choices.
Whichever option you choose make sure you do the following:

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