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Scammer email posted Sat Apr 23 11:17:08 2011
Subject: Urgent Needed !!!!
Date: Saturday 23 April 2011
From: "John Boucher" ,
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Good Day,

I indeed apologise for breaking into your privacy, my name is  John Boucher.
I reside in Arizona, USA. My motive of contacting you is based on a
financial assistance from you,due to my current financial status because
of the economic meltdown in our country USA.

Further explanation:

Couple of years back I had my retirement funds and most of my
inheritance,i invested in Fidelity on a Seven (7) year contract agreeable
within the investors.Presently, I am going through financial crisis; the
banks are on my nape,and all my projects remain static.A huge amount of
funds is involved in this project, but I am not capable enough to
shoulder the penalty, due to my stocked funds in Fidelity and my ongoing
construction project. After applying for several loans, I decided to
terminate my contract with fidelity and have liquid cash, for more
reasonable purpose instead of having my funds stocked in somewhere for
Seven (7) years.

Steps to achieve this project:

Fidelity needs a good reason for terminating my contract with the rest of
In this case, I came up with a plan; I would want to go into partnership
with anybody who has a private business/ company or could probably provide
a reliable source to find a third party. By so doing I will have the
confidence to confront fidelity of my partnership/ business venture with
As a matter of fact I am looking into reinvesting part of my funds
into Real Estate, Agriculture or Production also a better investment plan 
from you would be looked into if well advised as no man is an Island.

You shall be duly compensated for your contribution to my plight.
Please! Do not see this as a JUNK message, for it might not get directly
into your in-box; due to the high level of Internet traffic or for some
technical reasons...I am FOR REAL and I have all to prove in the form  of the 
Original paper
work of my investment.

I look forward to your kind response, if my proposal will be put to 

Yours sincerely,

John Boucher.

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