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Scammer email posted Wed Apr 27 23:34:54 2011
Subject: Ms Deborah Lela.
Date: Wednesday 27 April 2011
From: Deborah Lela ,
To: undisclosed recipients:

Ms Deborah Lela.

rue 9 sit=E9 rouge cocody
abidjan cote d' ivoire

I ask you at once to excuse me for all Inconveniences that my mail Could ca=
you. But even if we never met, I sincerely Believe firmly that on the basis=

of the right of assistance Humanitarian that a real confidence can be born =
Our communication and to favour a real Partnership between us two.

So It is with a real pleasure that I contact you From ABIDJAN the economic=

capital of the IVORY COAST )(West Africa) where I lived since some times
after escaping from Kinshasa, after my late mom assassination.

I am Miss Deborah Lela, 23 years old, Congoles and the unique daughter of l=
Mrs Bekwil Lela the former Presidential Adviser in Congo murdered by
assassins in January, 2008.After her death, I escaped to Ivory Coast where =
discovered all the information about my inheritance and I have made contact=

with said company to claim this important inheritance which is in my late m=
name as depositor.

My major concern is to transfer this inheritance valued at 6.7 million euro=
outside. Since that I have seriously suffered from the harassment of my lat=
mom political opponents in Congo, am also afraid here.

It is in this perspective I contact you to help me by
putting My inheritance into an account in your personal name where This sum=

can be transferred later for me when I come down to settle there.I have no=

knowledge of the banking system and I count on you to help me in this task.

I can reassure you that at the end of the operation I shall grant You 20% o=
the total amount as your personal reward.As soon as you show the desire to=

help us I shall give you a certificate of honour for Guarantee of my word a=
my commitments in your respect.

Yours faithfully,
Miss Deborah.

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