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Scammer email posted Mon May 23 06:58:17 2011
Subject: More details and explanation
Date: Monday 23 May 2011
From: Raymond Chang 

Attn: Mr. Sponge Bob,Your quick response to my mail is quite appreciated.I 
need your full cooperation to enable me present and file in your name as the 
due beneficiary and next of kin to Late Andrew Bob who died as the result of 
a heart-related condition. His heart condition was due to the death of all 
the members of his family as earlier explained, who until his death was an 
oil contractor and lived all his life here in Malaysia, but unfortunately 
died intestate i.e without a will.My late Client has a deposit of Seventeen 
Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$17.5 MILLION USD) left behind.This 
funds in question are deposited in a local bank here in Malaysia, and if they 
are not claimed within a time as permitted by the government, the government 
will confiscate it.And my efforts to trace his family members were 
unsuccessful since there was inadequate or rather, no information left by him 
about his family members.My resolving to engage this measure to secure the 
estate was after receiving the last notice from his bank that they will be 
effecting confiscation action on his account if there is non-appearance of a 
beneficiary.Let me remind you that this transaction will be conducted  under 
legal procedural (LAW) to preclude us from infringement, therefore, no atom 
of Risk's or Consequences, legal or otherwise shall be met in the process of 
executing this matter hence our legal rights and protection shall be 
preserved prior and after receiving the fund.So with your Maximum 
cooperation,we will finalize this transaction within 14 working days.In 
respect to the sharing and benefit of the estate, I have resolved a mutual 
sharing of 50/50% however this will be engraved in an agreement that both of 
us will sign to protect our interest, individually. I want this done so that 
I can use a good part of my share for helping the poor and the needy and for 
charity works. Once we have been able to complete the legal documentation as 
may be required then we shall submit your application for estate inheritance 
claim with all the legal documents from the Court attesting your next of 
kinship to my late deceased client,then the bank will open direct 
correspondence with you and shall have the funds released/transferred to your 
account.When the transfer is in progress I will be traveling to meet with you 
for conclusion of the transaction and sharing of the corpus after removal 
(deduction) of the Estate inheritance tax by local IRS.You are hereby advised 
to provide me your information such as: A scanned Copy of your International 
Passport or Drivers License sent by email attachment.Your contact Telephone 
number (for easy communication)Your contact address Again I guarantee that 
all is under control and you have nothing to worry about, Just grant to me 
your full cooperation and keep this transaction close at heart. Call me on my 
direct line 011 60173994089 or +60173994089 for more details.Best 
RegardsRaymond Lee ESQ, 		 	   		  

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