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Scammer email posted Thu Jul 7 19:10:19 2011
Subject: Attention,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Date: Monday 04 July 2011
From: Richard Johson 


It is with heartfelt with hope that I write to seek your co-operation and
assistance in my desire to invest into Estate properties in your country.
I saw your contact when i was doing research on Internet. Briefly, I'm
Richard Johnson from United Kingdom {UK} and I will be on retirement at any=

moment from now after many years of services as a Common Wealth Air Force
Officer England
Evaluation and Implementation, in the Air Force Zone

I have been deliberating on how to invest this fund abroad in a confidentia=
and secured manner which has to be a top-secret deal between the both
parties,until I came to a conclusion to use it to buy Estate Properties and=

lease to people while part of it will be used for non speculative investmen=
in your country as part of measures to secure the betterment of my retireme=
future, till I come over to meet with you.

In view of this plight, I am soliciting your confidence, support and
assistance as my partner to claim this fund for the investment project with=

your name and support from the Security Vault where I deposited it for safe=


This is because we Air Force officers are not allowed to own and operate
Dollar Accounts, especially outside the country. As a matter of fact, to
claim this fund remains the vital issue for now which after the successful=

claim of the fund we can then invest immediately into any Estate Property o=
any other areas you may consider lucrative in your country or else where.
However, I will be happy to disclose to you the amount to be claimed and
invested as soon as I received your reply, as I expect you to be trustworth=
and kind enough to respond positively to my ENQUIRY.

If you are willing to assist me kindly send your information for onward

Your Name:=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6..

Your Private/Mobile Telephone, Fax Numbers=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
Your Age: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=

Your Occupation: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=

Your Full Address: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6


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