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Scammer email posted Tue Jul 12 01:11:19 2011
Subject: Re: Dear Beloved
Date: Tuesday 12 July 2011
From: Halima Riskuwa 

Dear Sister in Christ, first of all i want to thank you for accepting my
offer and also tell you that i mean no harm, all i wish for you and your
family is nothing but the best (even if i do not know you in person or seen
you before).

I have come to learn that in life, you do not need to know someone before
you do something good for them, we are one, but religion/ethnicity and so
many others things has turned this world apart and made us to hate each
other, Thank God for Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and savior.

Secondly, the said money in question is in a secure account in Halifax Bank
Plc UK, i have told the bank that you will be contacting them and i am sorry
for the delay in replying your email, that was due to the fact that i will
be going for another operation, so i was cleaning my soul and getting it
prepared to meet our Lord Jesus Christ (Hope to see you one day but not so
soon dear..take your time), i do believe in death, i believe death is a
beautiful thing, when i was growing up, i always wish not to die, but when
you are of age and have seen all you have to see, the only thing you will
wish for is death, i know the name sounds bad and terrible, but its not
dear, death is a sweet thing for an old lady like me.

I know i will not survive this operation and even if i do, it will not be
long i will join my step father whom i loved so much (i do not know who my
real father is).

Anyway, enough of wasting your time, i could go on and on but i have to stop
here, find the details of the bank below and please dear, i beg you in the
name of God, make sure you do everything in your power to transfer the money
and help the less privilege, do not forget them.

Halifax Bank PLC

Registered in Scotland No. SC327000

Dr. Wilson Cole

Fax:  +448715039971

I wish you all the best, May Our Lord Jesus Christ guild and direct you

God bless you.
Halima Riskuwa.

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