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Scammer email posted Fri Jul 22 10:29:07 2011
Subject: Re: HELLO
Date: Friday 22 July 2011
From: Stella Smith 

Hello Dear

It's so nice reading from you. I hope all is well with you.

My name is Stella, I was born and raised in Juba, the Republic of South
Sudan in Africa. I am humble and focused desired to find a good and God
 sweet friend who is willing to meet me personally, as I will visit him
or her. My father and mother were killed during the war of my country
and I have experienced life-threatening suffering and horrors and evil
that most people know about only through news reports. For those who
have never experienced this pain before, it's hard to imagine the
survivors anger, confusion and psychological trauma as we passed. At the
 moment I left my country to Senegal through the mercy of God for a safe
 place. I live on the premises of a church, and now share the same room
with some girls in the same church that also went through almost the
same kind of suffering.

You need not fear me, my goal is to have good security. I'm thinking of
moving to another country permanently for investment purposes and would
like to get acquainted with you first. My plans are to buy a house and
also to seek higher education at any private institutions in your
country or abroad. So I was just wondering if you have any experience or
 knowledge you could share. I want to disclose vital information about
my Inheritance of three million five hundred thousand pounds (=E2=82=A4 =C2=
3.500000) and the existence of precious metal assets of 1,500 carats of
rough diamonds and 200 kg of alluvial gold deposit in the vault security
 area of =E2=80=8B=E2=80=8Ba private company, but needs the information to =
remain secret
 for some reason, to protect me from being kidnapped or harmed in any
fund form.There was filed on my behalf that I must reach a certain age
or marry. I am very positive and miracles
can happen in a matter of hours, days and weeks through you. I never
revealed my intentions or information to anyone for fear of being

Really I wish I had the opportunity to travel to abroad
 to work and establish, and as such I wonder if it's possible for you to
 help me, if necessary, step by step until we meet each other face to
face and this is the area I want you to help me.

Attached are my photos so you can meet me.

I await your e-mail

My best regards.

Miss Stella
[photos deleted]

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