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Scammer email posted Tue Jul 26 23:41:09 2011
Subject: Re: Hello Dear
Date: Tuesday 26 July 2011
From: Paulina Thompson 

Dearest One ,

I am writing you this mail because of the need to quickly conclude the whole
process of my charity program.

Do you know that there are millions out there who have not eaten for days?
And there are several millions widows and children who have no home or
future? And there are many now living with HIV and have no money to get life
drugs, these are the people I want us to reach out to. With you logistic
contribution and my financial contribution, we can put a smile in the face
of these people. These people may never know us, but our names will be
written in their heart forever, just by our little effort of kindness. Life
is so short, let make meaning of the little time we have to spend and add
value and smile to the less privileged, we came with nothing and we shall go
with nothing.

Please be informed that in order to ensure a hitch free transfer process ,
bear in mind that i have legalized this charity project in order to ensure
the smooth hand over of the charity funds to you as my sole beneficiary and
i will also give you the WILL TESTAMENT that will prove you as the legal
beneficiary of my charity funds.

I have already concluded arrangement with my legal consultant in person of
Barriister Stone Ramons in order to legalize the release of the funds to you
as the beneficiary of the charity.

I want you to kindly go ahead and contact my legal consultant by using my
letter as a reference letter .

Kindly contact the consultant so that he can guild you on the whole process
of the release of the charity funds and also the roadmap on the successful
conclusion of the release of the charity funds to you as the beneficiary.

Please kindly find below the contact information of the legal consultant.

Name: Barrister Stone Ramon
PHONE: +447700074986

Kindly open communication with him now and use my letter as a reference .

Thanks as I anticipate look ahead to your earliest response to my email.

Best regards,

Thanks and remember me in your prayers.

Mrs. Paulina Thomspon

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