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Scammer email posted Thu Aug 4 16:41:50 2011
Subject: The request of foreign Partner
Date: Thursday 04 August 2011
From: "" 
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Dear Sir,

My name is Hendy Crasky an adviser attorney to Simone Ehivet Gbagbo wife of=

president of Cote D=E2=80=99Ivoire. My Client confided in me last week of h=
intention to invest the sum of $24 Million US dollars which she cautiously=

kept in a secret vault, the country of deposit was not disclose to you afte=
our corresponds for security reasons.

The reason for this intention is borne out of recent pressure on her husban=
the President Laurent Gbagbo, by united nation and other international orga=
to relinquish power to the presumed winner of the last November presidentia=
election. Secondly, the recent manipulation by France and other countries t=
confiscate all their funds and assets worldwide that you can read in . Please if you can assist in this project, you need to employ=

every secrecy and you are required to come to Cote D=E2=80=99Ivoire immedia=
tely for a
meeting and further discussion on this or alternatively, we will fly togeth=
to Benin Republic for us to meet and finalize discussions.

More information on the funds will be released to you during this meeting.=

Please treat this message with discretion. Your remuneration will be
discussed during the meeting. However, my client proposes 20% of the total=

sum to serve as commission to you for assistance. Your suggestion is welcom=
and in your reply message, I want you to give me your full names, address,=

date of birth, telephone and fax numbers. If you can handle this with me.
While I oblige you to maintain utmost secrecy on this project I remain

Sincerely yours
Consultant adviser Chambers,

Barrister Hendy Crasky Esq.

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