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Scammer email posted Wed Aug 10 07:40:57 2011
Subject: Good Day; Read (A Classified Information)
Date: Wednesday 10 August 2011
From: "Sherif el-Adly" ,
Goodday to you.
I hope you will not mind my writing to you, though I feel that a letter=A0 =
this is the most confidential and effective way to contact you.
My name is Sherif el-Adly, son of Habib Ibrahim el-Adly (Ministry of Interi=
(Egypt). This might be a surprise to you but I choose to contact you becaus=
i know you can assist me. Am sure you are aware of our enemies have used th=
Egyptian citizens against us.
They have sent my father to jail and they want to kill him. They have=A0 fr=
all our bank accounts here in Egypt and also in U.S and England.
They want to ruin us totally, not considering many years of dedicated=A0 se=
of my father to them. Read the bbc middle east news below.
Click the website/link below to read about this injustice on us.
My mother is in bad health condition right now and the doctors need=A0 some=

funds to carry out an operation now that the cancer is early.=A0 We cannot=

access any funds due to the several confiscations on all our accounts and
My father in detention disclosed to me that he has some money deposited wit=
h a
security firm which i will disclose to you later. He advised me to check wi=
them and look for a foreigner and present the person as=A0 the beneficiary =
the funds.
This is the reason why I have contacted you. I do not want to carry out=A0 =
task with any member of my extended family or friends, we are very=A0 much=

afraid of betrayal as we do not know who have been feeding the=A0 present
government most of our secret information. Most of our family members and
friends have turned us down since the detention of my=A0 father.
If you can genuinely assist us to receive this funds in your country,=A0 we=

shall pay you 20% of the total sum. The total sum is U.S$27 Million Dollars=
I intend to invest these funds in properties for now, until the entire=A0
problems die down and then I can move my family out of Egypt and we can
settle in your country.
If you are interested in assisting us and earning the 20% of the funds=A0 p=
furnish me with your full name, Physical Address and your=A0 private Teleph=
Number. All logistics to have the funds safely=A0 transported to your count=
is in place.
Best regards,
Sherif el-Adly
For the Family

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