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Scammer email posted Thu Aug 11 00:37:51 2011
Subject: ................information................
Date: Wednesday 10 August 2011
From: "Dr. Desmond Bruss" ,

Dr. Desmond Bruss
Auditing & Accounting Officer
International Banking Department
Ecobank Ghana Limited.

  I am contacting you with all due respect on a business transaction that will 
be very beneficial to both of us after its execution.
  We had a foreign client Ciro Alarco Gil who deposited $10,750,000 million 
usd with our bank but unfortunately died in plane crash with families in 
  His fund is presently dormant for claims and had noone coming for the claims 
as the next of kin/foreign beneficiary/business partner for considerable 
years now.
  A situation I have closely monitored considering my position in the bank for 
several years from the period of his death, nobody has shown up as the next 
of kin/foreign beneficiary/business partner since 2007.
  I now solicit for your assistance to present you as the legitimate next of 
kin/foreign beneficiary/business partner to the late Ciro Alarco Gil so that 
you can take care of his deposited $10,750,000 million usd.
  In that instance, I will later visit your country so that I can have my 
share after the bank has authorize the transfer of the cash in to your 
foreign account.
  Note that I will help you with every detail that you will need to receive 
this money from the bank.
  To begin, please include the following details in your return letter to me:
  Full name:, Nationality:, Mobile number:, Home Telephone number:, Current 
residential address:, Occupation:, Age:.

Your immediate attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dr. Desmond Bruss
ICQ#: 625909994
Skype: desmond_bruss

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