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Scammer email posted Wed Sep 7 07:59:27 2011
> From: "Josep M. Bartomeu" 
> Date: September 6, 2011 8:15:17 AM EDT
> To: 
> Subject: RE: Order Inquiry/Quote Needed
> Good Morning
>   Good to read back from you and am sorry for the late in respond. Below is 
the item i want to order:
> Shearwater Study I (26" Framed Width - )
> 2 in qty
> Greater Shearwater (40" Framed Width - )
> 3 in qty
> American Kestrel (40" Framed Width - )
> 2 in qty
> Shearwater Study II (26" Framed Width - )
> 3 in qty
> Shipping Address.
> Bunina str.25,Odessa, 
> Ukraine 
> 65000
> Ukraine
> Concerning the shipment, the likes of UPS, DHL and others always don't take 
care of the charges down here. Charges like handling, customs and duties etc. 
We have experienced such situation before and we don't want to experience 
such a thing again. We will be glad if you contact this shipper Bantect 
freight logistic for shipping quote. Here is there email address 
(,Not that we can't deal with the shipper but 
they always deal with the company where they will be doing the pick up in 
other to reduce the customs duties and other charges down here in Ukraine. By 
indicating in the paper works that the payment was received by the shipper 
from the point of purchase, it will reduce the charges and if we(owner of the 
goods) wanted to pay for the custom duties and other charges, at times it is 
more than the whole package amount. We do trust Bantect Logistic LTD and if 
we didn't wouldn't have ask you to contact them in the first place. They are 
very  reliable and fast. They will take care of everything including 
handling, customs and duties,Tax, insurance etc. Always send  us the copy of 
email you send to them. you can also notify them with my customer  
Id#URL72HFJ46J. I will need you to obtain a quote and get back to me with:
> Once i have these details, i will get back to you with my credit card 
details immediately. so you can charge and make the necessary shipping 
> Regards
> Josep M Bartomeu

> On Sep 2, 2011, at 12:20 AM, Mr Josep Bartomeu wrote:
> Good Day
>         l want to know if you ship to Ukraine and accept credit cards  and 
as a method of payment Looking forward to read back from you
> Have a nice Day ahead
> Regard
> Mr Josep Bartomeu

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