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Scammer email posted Sun Sep 11 08:13:24 2011
Date: Sunday 11 September 2011
From: "Malluck, Wendy L" 
The World of Children Annual Humanitarian, Health and Youth 2011 Grant award 
nomination result
By fundsforngos, held on june 24th, 2011
you have been awarded to represent your community in in the grants nomination 
awards bellow.
1. 2011 Humanitarian Award * grant award of $1,000.000
The Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual who will make a significant 
contribution to children in the areas of social services, education or 
humanitarian services.
2. 2011 Health Award *grant award of $1.000,000,The Health Award recognizes an 
individual who will make a significant contribution to children in the fields 
of health, medicine or the sciences
3. 2011 Youth Award * grant award of $1.2,000,000,The Award recognizes youth 
that are making extraordinary contributions to the lives of other 
children.Nominee must be under the age of 25 to 40 and above as approved by 
the nomination council..The World of Children anual humaniterian honors this 
childeren, and grants funds to support the proven, high-impact caring that 
they have created in their lives. These awards assure that more children's 
lives will be touched, and changed, forever, NOTE ,that 10% percent of the 
total award of $3,200,000 goes to you and your immediate family
please Send your grant resumes through elder pastor sermon with a scan copy of 
your identity card, and all your Detailed informations
before five working days for your community grant release payments.
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