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Scammer email posted Fri Oct 7 10:16:35 2011
From: mykel iyke 
Subject: payment,hope i can count on you
Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Dear ,
=A0=A0=A0 How do you do and hope you are having a great day today?this emai=
l is to
inform you of the development on the payment,like i did state in my previou=
email,i have been busy since the beginning of this week and this will be li=
this for the rest of the month,and part of this entails a lot of
responsibilities which includes traveling out of the states,but i have made=

solid arrangements with my secretary to make sure that every thing about th=
purchase and payment of your item goes smoothly with out any problem,i have=

instructed that :

payment for Machine made payable to you: $650
payment for the pick-up and shipping made payable to the Shipping Agent :
=A0 I specifically instructed her to make this payment individually so as t=
make the transaction a hitch free one,but on calling the office today,she
informed me that she made a total payment of $2500 payable in your name,and=

has sent the payment out to your Address.I am so sorry for this mistake and=

ask for your cooperation in this since the payment has been sent out in you=
name and should get to you any moment from now,i sincerely urge you to help=

get this payment and deduct your full payment for the machine,and then dedu=
$50 for the inconvenience which this payment arrangement will cause you,aft=
you must have done this you are to proceed and send the remaining balance o=
the money to the shipper through money gram,this funds is to facilitate the=

pick up and shipping of your machine and other valuable items which i place=
ordered for within the states,i will email you with the shipper's Money gra=
information as soon as i have the detail on my
 desk as he is presently on shipping assignment.
=A0=A0 I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience in payment,and i believ=
e every
thing has it's own way of sorting things out as i am counting on your full=

support and trust to conclude this transaction on a good note,bye and hope =
read from you soon.
Yours sincerely,

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