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Scammer email posted Sun Jan 8 10:49:41 2012
Subject: Website Email--From Miss Rose Guei
Date: Sunday 08 January 2012

Hello Friend,

I am the duaghter of Gen.Robert Guei an ex president of COTE D`IVOIRE. On the 
19th sept 2002 my father/mother including every members of our family was 
murdered by the unknown REBELS during the time they attack our house by 
shooting and looting, even this is one of the things that contributed to the 
present crisis in our country today.

God so kind my life was preserved while i was only 12 years then, the plans of 
the REBELS is to kill every members of our family so that no one will rise up 
to revenge as time goes on. I am in our country without any one knowing 
although I am on hiding so that the unknown REBELS will not get to me and 
kill me like they killed all the members of our family.

Why I am in africa is to transfer the $8.5mUSD which my late father deposited 
in the custody of one of the SECURITY ASSISTANCE COMPANY,here in Abidjan,he 
deposited the fund as a family treasure containing AFRICAN ART WORK FOR 
EXPORT for security reasons, as security company does not operate like bank 
where one can deposit his/her money openly.

Before the death of my father he gave me the covering documents of the fund 
deposited in the security company, as his duaghter and he so much loved me 
that was why he made me the beneficiary of the iron trunk box containing the 

I was only 12 years when the incident took place in my country that claimed 
the lives of my family including my father so considering my little age i was 
not able to do anything beside i was afraid of those who killed my entire 
family so i ran away to a hidding place in Ghana so now i am 21 years old and 
am sure i can take care of myself so i decided to come back to claim my 
inheritance which i inherited from my father.

Right now I wish to transfer this fund to you so that you will assist me to 
invest the money into any viable sector in your country, also you will help 
me to join you in your country for me to start up a new life with you there 
immediately the fund gets to you. since I am no longer safe in Africa is at 
the moment, I wanted to transfer the fund before leaving the country because 
this fund is my last hope and the only hope I have now.

I will give you more details of the transaction in my
next mail with my pictures.( )

Miss Rose Guei

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