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Scammer email posted Fri Apr 13 07:27:17 2012
Subject: Greetings To You!!!
Date: Friday 13 April 2012
From: "Judith W. Sukazi" 
To: undisclosed-recipients:


I am Mrs. Judith W. Sukazi from Zimbabwe, I obtain a Citizenship of Republic 
Of South Africa in 1995 after I escape to South Africa from the killers of my 
parents who where also trying to kill me. I am 50 year old lady, I live in 
Cape Town South Africa. I inherited a huge wealth from my father when he 
passed. I spent all my life trying to Invest my late father's wealth and hard 
work here in Africa, I never had time to help the poor and needy, All I care 
for was myself.

I was a very greedy woman I didn't know much and I cared little about people, 
ever since the loss of my parents I felt weak and I found it difficult to 
close my eyes or rest. I got a letter last week which contained the result of 
my previous medical check-up, and my personal doctor testified that I have a 
lung cancer which can easily take my life, I found it uneasy to survive 
myself because a lot of management cannot be run and managed by me again.

I have been praying to GOD to give me positive thinking on this solution as my 
creator, He ministered to me to distribute my properties wealth to the 
motherless babies or orphanage homes, people that need money for survivor, 
business women and men for their investment for future rising. So therefore I 
am writing this letter to you out there who are really in need of help from 
me to contact me urgently. So I can make available preparation on it, 
especially women whom are currently divorced and passing through hard times, 
you should please feel free to contact me.

Now I am so much with GOD, I am now a born again in my religion.

May the good Lord in his infinite mercy bless you.

Please DO NOT contact me if you are trying to take the inventory of my 
generosity for no good reasons, if you have intention of making away with my 
money I promise, you would be caught. Only good people to contact me 

God Bless You,

Judith W. Sukazi.
Phone: +27791626147

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