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Scammer email posted Wed May 9 07:22:00 2012
Subject: Dear Prospective Partner
Date: Wednesday 09 May 2012
From: Philip Madiba 

Dear Prospective Partner,

I am writing to you on behalf of Mr. Hosni Mubarak. My name is Mr.philip 
madiba and I am a top Executive Manager here at the Faisal Islamic Bank of 
Egypt Limited London Branch. Our bank website is

My friend Mr. Hosni Mubarak has presented a subtle offer, which will need the 
help of a partner like you to complete successfully.

Mr. Hosni Mubarak is in a difficult situation and he must immediately relocate 
certain sums of money out of Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt Limited London 

More so, this must be done in such a way that it must not be tied to Mr. Hosni 
Mubarak. The sum is currently deposited in the name of an existing legal 
entity. Your role will be to:

[1]. Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.

[2]. Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.

[3]. Invest/Manage the funds.

[4]. Value of funds:55,000,000 Great Britain Pounds Sterling.

Everything will be done legally to ensure the rights to the funds are

transferred to you. If you agree to partner with Hosni Mubarak, he will

compensate you with 30% of the total sum. Should you prefer I re-contact you 
with more express facts, you can send me your:

[1] Full Names:

[2] Personal profile:

[3] Daytime Telephone No:

For Mr. Hosni Mubarak current profile visit this site: 
rial-Former-Egypt-president-lies-bed-steel-cage-faces-charges.html y-fortune 658.htm 

You can email me at for further details, for terms and 


Philip Madiba

Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt Ltd London Branch

United Kingdom.

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