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Scammer email posted Sun Jul 22 11:04:23 2012
Subject: Have you ever felt like writing someone you have never met
Date: Sunday 22 July 2012
From: Lourie Seiler , 

My name is Lourie. Probably you think that this is rather strange or something 
like that but anyway sometimes I search through the internet looking for 
interesting people so this is how I found you. I don't lose anything but I 
can acquire something doing this, right?)
I hope you aren't afraid of things like that. So I found you, and I for some 
reason I think that you r an interesting person and also I'm sure that it 
will be an exciting meeting for both of us.
As you could already notice I am open to people, very communicable and kind 
person. I really enjoy travelling and meeting new people. It is just a really 
short introduction and I will tell you more about myself after your answer. 
Now, please tell me something about yourself! What r you interesting in? What 
marks you out? What is special about you?
I hope you will answer the letter. 
Unfortunately I need to go now but I'm waiting 4 your answer!
Talk to you later!

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