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Scammer email posted Wed Sep 19 07:20:54 2012
Subject: Re: Message(Details)
Date: Wednesday 19 September 2012
From: Mr Moses Akim 


 Thanks so much for your response to my proposal.Firstly, let me introduce
myself  further to you. I am an British citizen and well established
businessman,operating  in  Middle  East for the past 13yrs. I have
businesses  contact in three West African  countries ,Asia ,North africa
with a lot of contacts within the government of these countries.

I must let you know that the money in question (US$8.5M) was gotten from
gold  and diamond business. The father of Aisha (Dr.Ali Ibrahim Nadal) was
a great man who was killed by unknown group a year ago during the Libya
crisis.Why  I am involved in this transaction is that I was the consultant
to my  client late father (Dr.Ali Ibrahim Nadal). She inherited this fund
as the  first child of the father.

This fund can only be invested outside Libya for  Aisha Nadal safety and
according to the laid down order by her late father, hence she needed a
foreigner with business acumen who can invest with her  outside Libya .This
is a God given opportunity for everyone who is involved in  this mutually
benefiting transaction and above all, the percentage benefits.

You will have 25% of the whole cash to yourself once the fund is in your
nominated bank account  or in your possession and you will be co-director
with 40% share in all our  projects/investments in your country. If you
accept this, we shall forward  to you a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU),
which will guide us throughout  this transaction. But before I can arrange
a meeting or a conference call to  enable you discuss with my client, I
would need some further information  about you.

I need you to send me your:

1. Residential address
2. Direct  Telephone/Fax numbers
3. Business name (If any) With the above
4.Scan copy of you international passport.

  I will be able to discuss with confidence in my next meeting with my
client,  that I have found someone  capable of handling the transaction.
Let me also  allay your fears by letting you know that everything will be
done legally to  observe both local and international laws in the course of
this funds  transfer to you! Be rest assured that all modalities have been
put in place  to ensure a risk and hitch free transfer to your Country

Also note that you might be required to personally come for a meeting and
subsequently endorse the final fund release documents after we  have
reached an agreement to proceed with you.

Note:This  is  my  Number:+201153603526

Mr.Moses Akim

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