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Scammer email posted Sun Nov 4 22:37:27 2012
From: Gary Miller 
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 07:40:32 +0100
Subject: Order List

Thanks for getting back at me... I hate to say this but am deaf so if
u don't mind Here is the list of products i want for my cousin for her
35 birthday.I'll still order some for my self but i wanna order this
for her first so it can meet up for his birthday....

Here are the products i need you to help me place;
3 pieces of  Velocity=C2=AE Lightweight Moisturizer 4 fl. oz.    3 pieces
of  TimeWise=C2=AE Night Solution 1 fl. oz.3 pieces of  Mary Kay=C2=AE Fore=
Orchid=E2=84=A2 Eau de Toilette 1.7 fl. oz.  5 pieces of  Mary Kay=C2=AE Fo=
Orchid=E2=84=A2 Eau de Toilette Shower Gel 6.5 fl. oz. 5 pieces of  Mary Ka=
Extra Emollient Night Cream 2.1 oz.   3 pieces of  TimeWise=C2=AE
Targeted-Action=C2=AE Eye Revitalizer 34 fl. oz.
    So i want you to calculate with the total cost for you to shipped
them all to my cousin's contact name and address below asap, so that i
can have the payment mailed out to you asap..
Shipping Address:
Nikki Stanley9323 Diamond AveKaufman, Texas 75142

I will like to send the payment to you upfront even before you
commence with the order via MONEY ORDER or BANK CERTIFIED CHECK before
you order the products for me because I am not a computer expert and
thereby do not have a credit card to do the order myself online but i
was told i could order via a Rep, Kindly email me back with the total
amount with your full name and mailing address where your payment
could be issued to in a timely manner and your phone number also and i
will also be needed for easy contact, As soon as i have the total
amount and your mailing address i will have my financial clerk mail
out the payment to you ADVANCE and i will get back to you soon.
Thank You..
God Bless You..
Sincerely, Gary Miller A.C.E

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