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Scammer email posted Thu Mar 27 22:12:31 2014
From: white mike [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 9:08 PM
Subject: Purchase order
Hello Sales,
I'm interested in purchasing some items I saw on your site. I live and work 
here in Malaysia and would like to know 
if I could purchase via mail order. I would also like to know if you accept 
credit card as payment because that is 
the only form of payment I can make right now as I would not be able to make a 
bank wire transfer due to some 
reasons. I am registered with a shipping agency in Malaysia, which also has 
representatives across European 
countries, so you won't be shipping the items for me but it will be picked up 
at your location by this licensed 
shipping agency. They have all the appropriate exportation documents and 
permits, therefore regarding the shipping 
of the products, they will come for pick up once I have made payment. All I 
need is your cooperation with the 
shipping agent.
Kindly get back to me so that I can place my orders.
Please ensure your replies are directed to this email:
Best Regards,
mike white
Zegis Ltd
Lot 41274, Jalan Senuduk,
Taman Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel; +60163254566

Kindly contact my shipper, LUXURY SERVICE EXPRESS and give them your

* full location
* the sizes 
* weights of the packages.

Give them my file number as 400521DB. LUXURY SERVICE EXPRESS will then let you 
know the amount I will need to pay for 
the shipping and re-packaging. They have got some items shipped out to me here 
several times without delay or 
damages, so I can rely on their services. As soon as I know the shipping and 
products total cost, I will send you my credit card details as soon as 
possible  for you to get it charged to the total cost. Waiting to hear back 
from you soon. Please 

Currently we have only one agent across Europe. We have a wider range of 
coverage also from all our clients.
We may in due course install representatives globally as we look forward to 
Are you finding it difficult contacting us on the information about Mr Mike's 


Please our COURIER agency will be coming to your ware house on Thursday 27th 
march for the pick up. Please send me the type of credit card you uses, so I 
can inform my boss immediately to complete the payment for the products. We 
will be responsible for the freight charges.
We need your quick response on this as we have delayed so much and we have ran 
out of feeds in our store.
Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible

we have already discussed on this and I told you my COURIER service providers  
will take care of the goods and I also told you that we shall be making 
payment via credit card.
Please let me know if we want to move on with this sales else we can as well 
place the  the order else where.
We have also delayed so much on these items and my boss is no longer happy 
with whole arrangement.
Let me know the type of credit card that you uses.

But  currently we are having problems with  lots of discrepancies on our 
transactions for the past one month now and our financial institutions are 
yet to clear us on that. we shall let you know when that is done so we can 
make the wire.


Best Regards,
Mike White

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