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Scammer email posted Wed Jul 13 09:07:25 2016
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 08:59:16 -0600
From: "Mr. James Lee" 
Reply-To: "Mr. James Lee" 
Subject: Hello, MySubject (MY-KL 13/07/2016)

I am Mr. James Lee, a citizen of Malaysia.
I write to seek your assistance in helping me to get my funds back.
Some years back I made some investment in Canada and America through an
investment agent, which business has been badly affected, I have asked
that the investment be liquidated and the money transferred to me here
in Malaysia, but the contact agent for payments stated that they have a
new policy not to transfer funds out for now. I'm not capable enough to
make such trip at the moment, due to my present health condition as
advised by my doctor. Please let me know if you can receive the funds
on my behalf, as this does not require any form of expertise or
expenses from your end. All that I need from you is just your honesty,
trust and sincerity. NOTE: I WILL OFFER YOU 10% OF THE MONEY YOU
my private email ID for easy communication ( I
will be waiting to read from you to enable me give you more details.
Sincerely, Mr. James Lee 

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