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Scammer email posted Sun Sep 11 12:08:14 2016
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 17:27:56 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: [none]

Thanks for the email and interest in the driving job. I do hope you are
a serious applicant regarding this position and I'm looking forward to
having a good working reference with you at the end. My name is Shawn
Parker. I'm a Full Time drilling Engineer and I am presently working on
an oil rig in Texas . I am seeking a delivery driver for my Mom. She's
a business woman who list and sell her items online through eBay. She
just moved to her new home on Holyoke Ln, Charlotte, NC. She's really
in need of a good delivery driver. Your Duties: Picking merchandise up,
Dropping packages off. Inspect vehicle prior to leaving the facility;
fill out daily inspection forms. Report all defects to the dispatcher
and or director of store operations. Report all property damage
immediately and complete written accident reports and proceed as
instructed by the dispatcher. Follow all directives of dispatcher and
management. Present a friendly, cooperative attitude to donors and
general public at all times. Be well groomed at all times. Load secure
and unload donated goods, in a manner, which protects both goods and
employee (truck helper). Work cooperatively as a team with truck helper
to prevent bodily and property injury. Be responsible for all issued
donor pick-up tickets. Adhere to all procedures and regulations in the
employee handbook. Conduct self in a safe manner, report all work
related injuries immediately. Perform other duties assigned. She run
the business from her home, There is a place use as office in the house
and the medium size warehouse is also in the same compound, because the
house is well big enough. Our area of specialization are Furniture,
Electronics and Kitchen Utensils, these are the merchandise you will be
delivering to their various delivery destinations. I will like to let
you know that this is a permanent job, it could also be temporary
depending on your schedule. This job is 8hours per day. This is a 40
hours guarantee job ( Monday - Friday ) 8am-4pm daily. Our expectations
are neat appearance, have strong customer service skills, be proactive
and have a good attitude.You are required to be dependable, dedicated,
honest, loyal and trustworthy. I am willing to provide a 2015 Ford Van.
You will be offered $20.00/hr and you will be working for 5 days in a
week for 8 hours ( 8am-4pm ) each day. I would be sending you extra
funds, that would cover a week's salary and the balance would go to the
Mover's Agency that would bring the Van (2015 Ford Van) over to you. It
will be greatly appreciated if you accept this offer. I will look
forward to having a better service from you. Kindly get back with the
information below:

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