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Scammer email posted Fri Mar 20 10:35:39 2020
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 22:27:57 +0600
From: unknown@unknown.unknown

Hey, check the sender of this email, I sent this email from your email

Some time ago your computer was infected with my private malware, RAT
(Remote Administration Tool), your browser wasn't updated / patched, so
you got automatically infected while browsing the website wich had my
iframe placed in the background.

My malware gave me access to all your accounts, to all your files and
it was possible to spy on you over your webcam.

Google: Remote Administration Tool, to see the functions of it.

I collected all your files and I recorded few nice moments of you
through your webcam, haha!

After I collected everything, I removed my malware again.

I can publish all your files and the video of you on the whole web,
send it to your contacts, social network, hacking forums and the

You can stop me, send exactly 900$ with the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR)
to my Monero (XMR) wallet.

It's very easy to buy Monero (XMR), for example here: , , , or Google for another

My Monero (XMR) wallet is:

Yes that's a long wallet, copy and paste it, it's (CaSE-SEnSetiVE).

Send the Monero (XMR) directly to my wallet, or create your wallet
first with the software from: and then send to mine.

I give you 2 days time to send the Monero (XMR).

After that I remove everything and we forget everything.

Mail-Client-ID: 5924672503

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If you received an email like this you have several choices.
Whichever option you choose make sure you do the following:

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