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Scammer email posted Mon Sep 7 00:34:08 2020
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 04:54:30 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Mr. Kaplan Robert Steven" 
Subject: Dear respected customer

 Dear respected customer

After our several attempts to deliver your fund. Our management has
decided to consult a consultant who has been

working for the bank on International Fund Transfer. The consultant has
advised that he cannot be able to move the

fund directly on cash payment that the best way is to move the fund
through a paying bank (FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF


the fund to your account as an investment fund

with the following procedures for more transparency and to avoid a
stoppage after the initiation of the fund

transfer. Below are their procedures:

1.Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas will send a representative to
your country, the reason is that there will be

an investment agreement that will be sign between you and the bank to
establish a relationship between you and the

bank, been that the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas will be
claiming that the fund originated from their bank

and there must a documents that will be sign to show that there was
fund from=C2=A0 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas

transferring to you for Investment.

2.The representative of the bank that will be coming to your country
will register the Investment Agreement with the

US Embassy in your State to legalize the fund transfer and notarize it.
To confirm that the fund is legal and

certified, all the procedures for an investment in your country.

The representative will have a brief meeting with your bank to obtain
all the compliance that is needed by your bank

for the fund transfer.

Presently, we have moved your Fund to=C2=A0 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Texas and if you are ready for this procedure,

please write back urgently on what you need to do in this email
( Which our spotters in this {$15

Million United States Dollars} investment funds is President Donald J.
Trump who said that the reason why this funds

came out is because of he's election polls who is going on now, so
please pay attention to us if you need this big

opportunity came from the President and with the Governor of the Dallas
Texas Mr.Greg Abbott.

Thank you for your understanding, stay waiting for your good response

Mr. Kaplan Robert Steven
STAFF ID CARD 652308211
ADDRESS 2200 N Pearl St,Dallas TX75201,U.S.A.=20

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