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Scammer email posted Tue Mar 9 20:52:34 2021
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 22:50:01 +0000
From: David 
Subject: Verrry important


OK, the story is, I know you watch PRONOGRAPHlC videos and I got you
RECORDDED while you MASTURBATTE. Your phone got a MALLWARE and turned
on your CAMERA when... was important if we can say that. Also your
contacts list, social contacts was copied and if you don`t send me 800$
worth in BlTC0IN I will release the footage with you to your contacts
list. Use Google and search for [deleted] and get the coinz
there. Use those details and transfer approximately that amount:

The Address:
The Amount: 0.015

Ok so, you have to remove manually all the dashes in my address and you
will obtain a string made of 34 letters and numbers that starts with
"1" and ends with "R". That string with no dashes use it to send the
bribery. Also important is that addrs is Case Sensitive. You have
like... a few days to complete this task. To clean your device out of
my background sneaky stuff look for "How to reset to factory settings"
and your device model. You should stop to watch this kind of stuffs to
avoid guys like me ... I`m just saying.. After the bribery was transfer
the video will be deleted and that`s it.

This message has been scanned for malware by Websense.
[message scan is nonsense.  Name and originating email changes with every message sent.  Entire message is sent to millions of emails hoping to catch someone who believes this nonsense.  If you get one of these emails you can safely ignore it, even if any part of it is true!]

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