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Scammer email posted Sat Mar 13 15:41:54 2021
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 00:28:36 +0300
From: Rosie Ashton 
Subject: Greetings {victim}

SPS LLC currently in search of new staff members who=E2=80=98d represent us=
the posture as a "package handler". Your summary has been discovered at
one of the job posting sites and so our human resources professionals
identified it to be fairly intriguing. We would be glad to witness you
connecting to our friendly crew.

Thus, let me explain to you exactly what the status of a "package
handler" is about. In the position as a package handler, you=E2=80=98ll
certainly be helping us to retain the outstanding quality level within
the services we provide.

For example, your personal employment assignments would
include:receiving and verifying the content of the packages; forwarding
those delivery boxes to our clients using the postal labels that are
already been bought; always keeping the records of all the packages you
handle using our online system; regularly interacting with designated
Or personal supervisor.

Please be aware that we demand our job candidates be at least 21 years
of age and have U.S. citizenship to be qualified to receive this
particular position. Fundamental expertise in office equipment
operations will also be expected.

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