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Scammer email posted Sun Jun 25 12:22:49 2023
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2023 15:51:00 +0000
From: Rebecca Johnson 
Subject: Re: I know

Hello Dear,

Hope you are doing well? you have to contact Reverend  George Steven
with this  Email:, to enable him send
you the Master Card OK

Look the reason why i gave you that money is one to make sure that
some less privileged in your country also benefits from this charity
Fund as well,

Secondly, I gave you the money for you to know that I never contacted
you with any negative intent or false pretense, nor do I have time to
venture into any hoax because I value integrity, my good reputation and
God above all else. My main reason for considering you at the first
time is to make sure this money gets into a good hand  and also it must
be use for charity

 I'm very happy for the success that i finally Got Reverend George
 Steven a Man of God who now live in Lome Togo

Listen, I know the reason why I gave you the money at least for people
to learn how to help others. The first time I contacted you to help me
and open a charity foundation, I know that you tried to assist me  but
it failed us, somehow I don't blame you because it wasn't your fault.
Maybe that's how God wants it.

Remember i gave you that money in my sick and dying bed so i will urge
you to help the less privileged, the Orphans so that my soul can rest
in peace when i'm no more ok, please this is my wish thank you God
bless you

Best Regards
Mrs. Rebecca Johnson

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