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Scammer email posted Mon Jun 26 19:52:45 2023
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2023 07:12:01 +0000
From: "Reverend. George Steven" 
Subject: Re: I know

Holy greetings,

May the peace and blessings of the Lord be with you and your family

I have received your message regarding the Visa / Master Card, Yes i
have been instructed by Mrs. Rebecca Johnson to send you a Visa Master
Card bearing the sum of  US$350,000.00,

Kindly visit our church head office with the address below to pick up
your ATM Visa Card from our church. Catholique Togo

Alternatively, Your ATM Visa Card can be sent to you via courier
delivery company such as DHL, UPS or FEDEX delivery companies which
they will deliver your ATM Visa Card to your address in your country
upon receipt of your address details,

You are instructed to send the details of your address and telephone
number, which will enable me to visit any of the delivery companies and
make inquiries for the delivery of your ATM Visa card to your address in
your country, therefore, you are to send This information as follows:

1. Your full name =============
2. Your home address ===========
3. Your country ===========
4. Your phone is not =========
5. A copy of the national identity document or international passport

The joy of the Lord is our strength,

Be blessed
Yours Faithfully
Rev. George Steven

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