Mr. Pinball's Blacklist--Known Scammers

The following are known scammers or those suspected of being scammers by using known scamming techniques. Their names and phone numbers are probably fake. Their misspellings are retained! Note that yahoo was a favorite, but now they are using You are welcome to send them email. Maybe they'll try to scam you!

For a list of full scammer emails, click here.

Please note that one of the scams run by these people uses stolen credit cards, prepaying shipping, and they have you wire the funds to their "shipper", which is actually the thief. The scammer doesn't care about any product. The credit cards they use are stolen. Report them as stolen and tell the scammer that the card was declined and to give you another. Rinse, repeat until they lose interest.

Name Email Address Date of Last Contact Notes
Gordongordonwalters011@gmail.comTue 30 Apr 2024Claims to be in Tennessee, Memphis.
Victor Clemsvictorclems58@gmail.comSat 20 Apr 2024
Blaine Ramirez, William McCulley 'business partner'blainnramirez@gmail.comMon 2 Feb 2024Has thick Russian accent and claims to be from Moscow, Idaho. Phone: 971-289-8041. Venmo account: @William-McCulley-11 (last 4 of phone: 1257) and @William-McCulley-12.
Donald, Donald Cantydonaldcanty12@gmail.comSun 4 Feb 2024Claims to live in Bloomington, Indiana yet address is 30 miles away at 470 S Seminary St., Bloomfield, IN 47424. Phone: (708) 397-6301. Has West African or French accent. Seems to have many Venmo accounts: Leticia-Marbanlanda-1, Julie-Cleveland-2021, @Minh-Pham-1987 'wife', (last 4 of phone: 1987), Minh Pham (last 4 of phone: 5524).
Olivia Arthur, Cynthia L Okoeoliviaarthur554@gmail.comSun 14 Jan 2024Claims to live in Arkansas and Texas. Uses Facebook Messenger. Ask for money for medical bills.
Joseph, Joseph Kintzeljosephkintzel558@gmail.comWed 27 Dec 2023Claims to be in Manhattan, Kansas. Payment by Zelle to Suzanne Pucket, 'Suzanne' now claims not to know Joseph Kintzel.
Harry Reinhard, Brandie Harris, Shirley long,,, brandieharris7@icloud.comWed 20 Dec 2023Phone: 405-450-6448. Also tries to steal your whatsapp account. Might be connected with Daniel John Berg in Missouri, with a Century Link account for 314-288-0193 or has cloned the phone number.
William RoseUnknownMon 4 Dec 2023Indian accent. Badge #4027. Claims to work for "Your TV Service" and give $20 discount for 2 years, but not start for 3 months. Now claims to be a supervisor for Direct TV. Wants me to pay $299.95. After 30 days will be refunded. Called from phone number 419-524-2886 3 times because the call kept hanging up!
Roman BrownUnknownThu 30 Nov 2023Indian accent. Claims to work for "Your TV Service" and give $40 discount if you give him over $100. In tech department 786-947-3421 x4264.
unknownold80tony@gmail.comThu 26 Oct 2023
Andre,, royyedd59@gmail.conSat 16 Sept 2023Claims to be in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada and Jacksonville, Oregon.
Joseadvogadajose@gmail.comWed 13 Sep 2023Claims to be in Valdez, Alaska.
Unknownpaulmcgintyg@gmail.comMon 11 Sep 2023Uses Venmo username: @Berniece-Beyersdorf. Has hacked a Facebook account of Paul McGinty.
Charlessolischarles87@gmail.comWed 23 Aug 2023Claims to be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Anthonyanthonyjensen330@gmail.comTue 22 Aug 2023Claims to be in Columbia, South Carolina.
Jackjacklillard013@gmail.comThu 13 Jul 2023Claims to be in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Marsha Armstrongmarshalarmstrong358@gmail.comTue 4 Jul 2023Claims phone: +15202227187 (accepts texts). Claims address: 4 Perkins Dr Prescott, Arizona 86301.
Linda Smithmslinda82@gmail.comTue 4 Jul 2023Claims to be located at 325 West Jackson Street, Apt. #304, Gate City, VA 24251. Claims phone: 619-354-8750.
Hiltonkeysitumenta@gmail.comTue 4 Jul 2023Claims phone: 346-642-1608 (accepts texts) and also claims to be in Chicago, Illinois.
Craig Daniel, Brandie Harris, Craig Harris, Lila Beavers, Jaqueline, deebeau53@gmail.comWed 10 May 2023Claims address: 5741 Brentfield Dr., Columbia, SC 29203
Brandon, Thomas, Aaron, Harold, Terry,,,,,, kspiva741@gmail.com30 Apr 2023Claims to be in Riverton, Wyoming; Clarksville, Tennessee; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Columbia, Missouri; Fort Smith, Arkansas; and Rockford, Illinois.
Stantonstantonnronald@gmail.comTue 2 May 2023Claims to be in Bellevue, Washington.
Kevinkevharrins@gmail.comWed 22 Mar 2023Claims to be in Clio, Michigan.
Brianbriannstrawns@gmail.comFri 28 Apr 2023Claims to be in Bellevue, Washington.
Jared Montgomery, Christopher, royaliggys@gmail.comFri 31 Mar 2022Claims phone: 203-718-6535 and to be located in Cleveland, Ohio. Also claims to be in Georgia USA. Prefers texting because he has a strong foreign accent.
Andrewandmackris@gmail.comWed 25 Jan 2023Claims to be in Billings, Montana.
Brandie Harrisbrandieharris7@icloud.comTue 24 Jan 2023Uses stolen photos. Phone: 415-251-0839.
Mikemikezzowensx@gmail.comTue 3 Jan 2023Claims to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Christopherchristophergiroux290@gmail.comTue 13 Dec 2022Claims to be at 5225 Cross Plains Ct, Forth Worth, TX 76126. Phone 817-290-4186. Venmo username: @Shonevis-Mike. Last four digit - 5017.
Stephanie, Lila Beaversstefanylangenfeldtve67@gmail.comWed 30 Nov 2022Claims to be in Glen Saint Mary, Florida 32040. Phone: 413-274-7195 (accepts texts)
James Bishop, Mike Ruell, Michael Peter,, mikeruellp@gmail.comFri 25 Nov 2022Phone: 412-547-7356. Claims address: 403 Deerfield Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011.
Big Gerald, The Geraldthebiggeraldin@gmail.comSun 13 Nov 2022Claims phones: 772-205-6180, 775-337-1113. Claims to be located in Loxahatchee, Florida; Reno, Nevada.
Timothytimothysmith1041@gmail.comFri Nov 11 2022claims to be in Springfield, Illinois.
Mikesell BradleyunknownWed Oct 26 2022Counterfeit check scammer. Uses phone: 910 445 0160.
Dannydwilleke@live.comSat 22 Oct 2022Overpayment cashiers check scam.
Stanton, Tammy,,, tamynstanton@gmail.comFru 21 Oct 2022Claims to be in: Pueblo, Colorado; Rockford, Illinois; Springfield,, Missouri.
John Parker, Mike, mrpinball06@gmail.comThu 20 Oct 2022Claims to be in California, California 90210; Los Angeles, California 90002; and Phoenix, AZ. Claims phone: (979) 320-0803. Has scam website:
Lilly C, Lilly,, fmgpens@gmail.comSat 8 Oct 2022Claims to be at 11 Edmoon, AB T6G, Toronto L0P 1C0, Canada; or at 11103 84th Ave NW, Alberta T5A 0A3, Canada
James, James Christopher Collar, Barbara Collarjameschristopher9113@gmail.comThu 6 Oct 2022Claims to be in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Venmo account: @babs_ra. Phone: 719-378-4387.
Mariomarioup329@gmail.comThu 6 Oct 2022Claims to be in Fairbank, Iowa 50629., contact@mrpinballmachines.onlineWed 5 Oct 2022This is NOT Mr. Pinball. It is an imposter using our name. Website is Claims phone: +1(405)283-2648.
Jasonjasonspriner@gmail.comTue 6 Sep 2022Claims to be in Lewiston, Ohio.
unknownjamesmcnimble7@gmail.comMon 26 Sep 2022Counterfeit Cashiers Check scam.
Anthonyanthonychaviragrant@gmail.comFri 25 Feb 2022Claims to be in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Andrewandrewpinside64@gmail.comTue Aug 30 2022Claims to be in Fairbanks, AK 99709.
Kelly Rogerson, Kelly Mini,, kellymini147@gmail.comMon 8 Aug 2022Phones: 847-387-5397, 754-252-1819. Claims to be both at 8229 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118 and 228 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL 60611.
Michael, ruellmichael9@gmail.comMon 21 Aug 2022Claims to be in Utah and 403 Deerfield Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Pennsylvania.
Alan Smith, Pinball Nationspinballmachinessales@gmail.comWed 27 Jul 2022Claims to be on 3rd Ave, NY, NY, and in Houston, Texas 77002, but has New Jersey phone number: (862) 899-8244 (accepts texts).
Nosronosro_nosro@aol.comFri 29 Jul 2022Claims to be in Novi, Michigan 48377.
Pamela Walterpamelawalteres@gmail.comSat 9 Jul 2022Claims to be art deal and broker of recyclable materials. Also claims to be stranded in Rome, Italy and is trying to get back to the USA. Phone: 407-792-2704 (and whatsapp).
unknownunknownMon 4 Jul 2022Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-801-893-5525.
unknowneenonymoose@yahoo.comWed 29 Jun 2022Located in Austin, TX. Sells broken stuff as if it works.
Bn244wbn244w@gmail.comMon 27 Jun 2022Claims phone: 972 827 8413 and location: Akron, Ohio 216.
Roberttatman99999@gmail.comSun 26 Jun 2022Claims to be in Lisle, Illinois 60532. Copies ads from other websites to fool people.
Michael Pinballsthemichaelautos@yahoo.comSat 11 Jun 2022Claims to be in Albany, New York.
unknownunknownMon 6 Jun 2022Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-801-979-2344.
Catalina Dinca, alexandru,,, dincacatalina911@gmail.comSun 5 Jun 2022
Orange Ount, Harun, spknowels@gmail.comWed 1 Jun 2022Claims to be in both Ozark, Missouri and Pasadena, Florida.
Aubrey J, Bruce Afleck, Tammy Adams, Damian J, Jill Mendelson, Angela,, sales@pinballpoint.onlineWed 18 May 2022Claims to be in New York 1001; Hinesville, Alabama 35242; N. Mexico, New Mexico 87121; Ha, Hawaii 96816; Georgia, Georgia 31313; and Eaton, Arkansas 31313. Claims phone: 203-718-6535 (accepts texts).
Randy Blasier, Daniel, darlalee231@gmail.comThu 5 May 2022Claims to be in both Arizona 85003, Florida 33122, Winscousin, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago ave South Milwaukee Wisconsin 53172
Solly Knowelsspknowels@gmail.comMon 2 May 2022Claims to be in Naperville, Illinois.
Emily Clayton, Darren from pinsideantique1emily@gmail.comWed 27 Apr 2022Claims to be from Casper, Wyoming 82604. Phone: 435-274-2562.
Philippherchtt@gmail.comSun 3 Apr 2022Claims to be in Cleveland, Ohio.
Jimmyjimmgrahams@gmail.comSat 16 Apr 2022Claims to be in Lewiston, Ohio.
Clarence, Clarence, clarencemarenconzi30@gmail.comMon 11 Apr 2022Claims to be in Milfod, Ohio and Highland, IL. Phones: (440) 484-3932 and 915-703-7709.
Sullivanmohammesutan@gmail.comMon 4 Apr 2022Claims to be in Lincoln, North Dakota.
Jeromelonewolfjwn@gmail.comSat 2 Apr 2022Claims to be in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Wudiga Kaliwudigakali19@gmail.comSat 2 Apr 2022Claims to be in Asheville, North Carolina.
Harry, Matt, Gavin, Austin,,,,, tiyscthn@gmail.comFri 1 Apr 2022Claims to be all over: Concord, New Hampshire; Patchogue, New York; Stafford, Virginia; Mt. Zion, Illinois; and Marthasville, Missouri.
Janssen Danieldaniel.janssen@quarles.comThu 31 Mar 2022
Eric, Eric, goldboxmine@protonmail.comWed 2 Mar 2022Claims to be in Dallas, Texas 75243.
Jameslacansterfrenchie@gmail.comWed 23 Mar 2022Claims to be in Los Angelos, California 90012. Phone: 915-703-7709.
jason Walkerjasonderwal@yahoo.comMon 21 Mar 2022Claims to be in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Harrison Anthonyjohnsonwstout@gmail.comFri 18 Mar 2022Claims to be in Mechanicsville, Virginia.
Chrischriandsty@gmail.comSun 13 Mar 2022Claims to be in Middletown, Delaware.
Robertmrrobertautos@gmail.com4 Mar 2022Claims to be in Asheville, North Carolina 28715.
Lieutenant, ortizlieutenant@gmail.comFri 4 Mar 2022Claims phone: 773-453-7207 and to be in Chicago, Illinois.
Reynoldsrutherfordchester42@gmail.comTue 15 Feb 2022Claims to be in Iowa, Missouri 52243, a non-existent place.
Gibson, discountorama@gmail.comTue 8 Feb 2022Claims to be in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Julie, Julie A Coxjulieacox302@gmail.comThu 27 Jan 2022Claims to be in Salem, Oregon 97301.
Gantom Sarkargantom.sarkar6116@gmail.comTue 25 Jan 2022Romance scammer.
Greg, Gregory Paulgregjp@contractor.netSun 16 Jan 2022Claims to be in Lubbock, Texas with phone: 806-459-4321. Uses his fiance's Venmo account: Debbie Bryan @debbieb22.
Ken, Simon, beaumsim@yahoo.comSun 16 Jan 2022Claims to be in Denver, Colorado and in Fargo, North Dakota 58103.
Dougdouwadk@gmail.comWed 8 Sep 2021Claims to be in Kingsport, Tennessee.
Jonjon814879@gmail.comSat 18 Dec 2021Claims to be in Fairbanks, Alaska 99709.
Rubenrubenbush412@gmail.comTue 9 Mar 2021Claims to be in Birmingham, Alabama 35005.
Jeffery, Lekah Grantjeffportermy@gmail.comSun 21 Mar 2021Claims address: 802 21st St NW, Bemidji, Minnesota 56601. Phone: 218-318-5254. Sells stuff he doesn't have and disappears.
Grace Walkerwalkergrace447@gmail.comFri 26 Nov 2021Bitcoin scammer.
Wallace Curtis, Wallas, Millermr9842723@gmail.comWed 24 Nov 2021Claims to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, and Houston, Texas 77012.
Evansevansj1089@gmail.comTue 16 Nov 2021Claims to be in Los Angeles, Califonia 90011 with phone: 213-436-6637.
Jamesjamslogn@gmail.comFri 29 Oct 2021Claims to be in Milford, Delaware.
Austinandewharvy@gmail.comTue 12 Oct 2021Claims to be in Mt. Zion, Illinois.
Cales, Cales Sheldon, Calessheldoncalessheldon10@gmail.comThu 4 Nov 2021Claims phones: (512) 522-4074 and +1-718-218-4497. Claims to be in Houston, USA and Texas.
Mollymolherbert@yahoo.comSun 8 Aug 2021Claims to be in Katy, Texas.
Allen Maddockalldock@yahoo.comSun 27 Jun 2021Claims to be in Springfield, Missouri 65802.
Chadgarbebelh@gmail.comSun 30 May 2021Claims to be in Corvallis, Oregon.
George Douglasdouglageore@gmail.comTue 5 Oct 2021
Daniel Leonarddarlalee231@gmail.comMon 4 Oct Sep 2021Claims to be in Arizona, Arizona 85003.
Jonjonddela@gmail.comThu 30 Sep 2021Claims to be in Bloomington, Indiana. Uses stolen photos.
UnknownUnknownTue 28 Sep 2021Phone number: 833-425-0194 scam! This scammer has detailed information--person's name, bank, debit card last 4-digits, cell phone (to text), and another phone to call and leave a message. They even used SEO to get the phone number to come up in a search on google with the bank's contact page! Very clever and evil. All this information is likely from a data breach somewhere.
james Nimblenimblejames001@gmail.comMon 27 Sep 2021Does counterfeit cashiers check scam.
Jamesjamswakers@gmail.comTue 21 Sep 2021Claims to be in Howell, Missouri.
Mccoyrickmccoy37@gmail.comThu 9 Sep 2021Claims to be in Montgomery, Alabama 36013.
unknownkatherinemesson@gmail.comSat 4 Sep 2021Claims to be in Miami, Florida 33125.
Tonnacliffmarctonnacliff@gmail.comFri 3 Sep 2021Claims to be in Michigan with phone: (616) 294-0163.
Michealmichkjoh@gmail.comSun 29 Aug 2021Claims to be in Millsboro, Delaware 19966.
Cavadiniwoodardjoh@gmail.comMon 23 Augu 2021Claims to be in Portland, Oregon 97213.
Wilson,,,, timstewart969@gmail.comMon 23 Aug 2021Claims to be in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172 and also in Los Angeles, California 21357.
Aaron Phillipphilliaronm@gmail.comSun 8 Aug 2021Claims to be in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee 37724.
Anthony Phillipanthonymphillip73@gmail.comThu 12 Aug 2021Claims to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phone is 610-422-3882.
Keonikeoniwkeoni@gmail.comSat 14 Aug 2021Claims to be in Anchorage, Alaska 99508.
James, Ken Jamiekbjeam@yahoo.comSun 18 Jul 2021Claims to be in Gardner, Massachusetts. Uses stolen photos.
Freeman Jackfreejacktrucker@yahoo.comThu 5 Aug 2021Claims to be in Newport News, Virginia.
Troy M, Kurt Fosch,,, furtkoch@gmail.comThu 5 Aug 2021Sometimes claims to be from Alaska, and probably other places.
Gabegyonriaw@gmail.comThu 29 Jul 2021Claims to be in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Matthewmatatchison@yahoo.comMon 26 Jul 2021Claims to be in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729. Phone: 715-227-9379. Uses stolen photos.
Nachtigal Michael Pnachtigalf33a@gmail.comMon 19 Jul 2021Claims to be in Ozark, Missouri 65721. Phone: 417-202-6563 (Arkansas number.)
Andy, Andy Willanhwdy@yahoo.comMon 5 Jul 2021Claims address: 527 Starwood dr, St. Peters, Missouri 63376. Wants money sent to wife who he claims is Martha Lee with phone 509-981-1041. But that woman is not married, does not know Any Will, and lives in Washington state.
Hectorhectorbanyan497@gmail.comWed 7 Jul 2021Claims to be in Anchorage, Alaska 99503.
Colincdhinsla@gmail.comSat 24 Apr 2021Claims to be located in Springfield, Missouri 65802. Phone: 417-202-0237.
Brandie Harrisbrandieharris045@gmail.comSun 27 Jun 2021Claims to be located in Santa Clara, California 95050. Phone: 987-403-0191
HOME WARRANTY DIRECTunknownWed 23 Jun 2021Home warranty scam. Claims phone number: 1-800-299-4998. Also 800-478-1027 for Espanol.
MandaunknownTue 15 Jun 2021Probably a relationship scammer of some sort. Sends text as if you have some connection elsewhere with an invitation to meet up. Claims phone number: +1-734-345-6076.
Johnjohnk4miller@gmail.comThu 25 Mar 2021Claims to be in Santa Fe Springs, California 90670.
unknownunknownThu 3 Jun 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-263-9658.
unknownunknownThu 3 Jun 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-235-3767.
Neilneilgat@tech-center.comFri 23 Apr 2021Claims to be in Greenwich, Connecticut 06831. Copies other peoples ads to sell stuff he doesn't have.
Jay Lacap, Jay Lacap Cruzlacapautos@gmail.comTue 27 May 2021Uses stolen photos to sell stuff he doesn't have. Claims to be in Portland, Oregon with address: 3728 SW Beaverton Ave Portland, OR 97239. Bank: SUNTRUST, Account beneficiary: Jay Lacap Cruz, Account number: 1000289122995, Routing number: 061000104, Swift code: SNTRUS3A.
Garygarronyn@gmail.comSun 3 Jan 2021Claims to be in North Carolina 27830.
unknownunknownThu 20 May 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-399-4980.
unknownunknownThu 20 May 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-279-2952.
Bella Gramsgramsbella8@gmail.comSun 16 May 2021
George Wileywileygg83@gmail.comSat 1 May 2021
Paul Jamespauljamjam100@gmail.comSat 1 May 2021Cashiers check scam.
Donald Wadedonaldsc20@aol.comFri 30 Apr 2021Claims to be in Salem, Oregon.
Garfieldfloralonrenza@gmail.comTue 27 Apr 2021Claims to be in Anchorage, Alaska 99502.
unknownunknownSat 24 Apr 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-308-3368.
unknownunknownTue 20 Apr 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-917-383-3395.
Tyraparabolictrav@gmail.comFri 16 Apr 2021Claims to be in Alabama 35242.
Rob Rogersrobavionics12@gmail.comFri 16 Apr 2021Claims to be in Anchroage, Alaska.
Daleydaleygardner77@gmail.comTue 13 Apr 2021
Martin Green, Terry, cristopherjane45@gmail.comSun 11 Apr 2021
Samuel, Samuel Robertrobertmuelmuel409@gmail.comThu 1 Apr Mar 2021Claims to be in Fairbanks, Alaska 99705. Bank Information: Northwest community credit union, 1532 NE F St, Grants Pass, OR 97526, Account Name: Lana Rogers, Routing # 323276524, Account # 5308869171, Address - 6847 NE 23rd Ave. Portland OR 97211.
unknownunknownTue 29 Mar 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-801-981-5131., tapwillden@gmail.comMon 22 Mar 2021Uses PayPal for cobaden enterprises. Claims to be in Alaska.
Robertm78507557@gmail.comWed 24 Mar 2021Claims to be in Fairbanks, Alaska 99709.
Hanna Fischerandyfald8080@gmail.comSat 20 Mar 2021Claims to be in Vancouver, Canada, V6B 0B2.
unknownunknownSat 20 Mar 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-308-3283.
unknownunknownSat 20 Mar 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-435-244-0678.
Michaelmichaelsmithlyn@gmail.comFri 19 Mar 2021Claims to be in Cordova, Tennessee 38016.
unknownunknownTue 16 Mar 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-801-312-9570.
unknownunknownTue 16 Mar 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-601-640-0037.
Unknownericmash168@gmail.comMon 15 Mar 2021Claims to have New Old Stock parts and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
Georgeloopegeorge@gmail.comMon 1 Mar 2021Has PayPal account of tikiscollectibles.
unknownunknownMon 22 Feb 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-254-6479.
Diazcruzsolorzano88@gmail.comSat 13 Feb 2021Claims to be in Portland, Oregon 97086.
Unknownpinwizz11@yahoo.comTue 16 Feb 2021Uses stolen photos.
Wallasulibarrimia@yahoo.comSat 6 Feb 2021Claims to be in Dallas, Texas.
Dennis HoldenunknownThu 4 Feb 2021Claims to be in Maple Valley, Washington. Uses Facebook Messenger.
Charles Pereidapereic82@gmail.comThu 4 Feb 2021Claims to be in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dr.Betty Wilsondr.bettyw01@gmail.comThu 4 Feb 2021Nigerian 419 advance fee scammer. Claims to be from the United States, working with Doctors without Borders in Libya and has a huge bundle of cash she found.
Joejoeautos7656@gmail.comSat 16 Jan 2021Claims to be in Eugene, Oregon 97401. Uses Zelle and bank transfers. Accepts 'down payment' and then disappears.
Russellrussellalex73@gmail.comFri 29 Jan 2021Claims to be in Salt Lake City, Utah.
unknownunknownSat 31 Jan 2021Counterfeit cashiers check scammer. Claims phone number: +1-720-505-5894.
unknownunknownThu 28 Jan 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-262-7908.
Julien, julienbriche@pm.meThu 21 Jan 2021Uses phone: +1 (262) 536-2184. Claims to be at 11275 SW Willow Wood Ct, Portland, Oregon 97223.
Paul Jamesjamespj11220@gmail.comThu 28 Jan 2021Uses counterfeit cashiers check scam.
unknownunknownMon 25 Jan 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-220-1597.
unknownunknownMon 25 Jan 2021Google Voice number scammer. Claims phone number: +1-385-988-4066.
J. Mikejm0293923@gmail.comFri 22 Jan 2021Claims to be located at Salt Lake City, Utah 84074
Ronlinronjos@yahoo.comWed 20 Jan 2021Claims to be in Iowa 52601. Has non-english speaker accent.
Jay L Cruzcontactjay.info19@gmail.comSat Jan 16 2021
Phil Ferrpferrantecertiifiedflyers@outlook.comTue 12 Jan 2021Claims to be in Morristown, NJ, New Jersey 07960.
Williamwhiamlh@gmail.comSat 9 Jan 2021Claims to be in Colorado 80013.
Ronald, Ortega Hernandes, Robin Prattisortegaandez@gmail.comSat 5 Jan 2021Claims to be in Portland, Oregon 97201 and located at 8916 NE Halsey St, Portland OR 97220 with phone: 541-653-9978. Has fake shipping web page.
Buffalosabres26ohlyve@outlook.comSun 2 Feb 2020Claims to be located in San Angelo, Texas and have phone: 806-452-2347.
Andyandyfald8080@gmail.comMon 7 Dec 2020Claims to be in Hamburg, Germany 20095.
Thomas Luket.luke100@yahoo.comSun 29 Nov 2020Claims to be in Utah 84107, but is not. Has bad English.
John, Lekah Grantjvunole@gmail.comSat 31 Oct 2020Claims to be in Westminster, California 92863. Uses phone: (657) 296-3050.
Ericgoldbox@myself.comSat 24 Oct 2020Claims phone: 469-214-2647, but it is not in service. Claims to be in Dallas, Texas 75243.
Blake Winstonbctimpiecekeeper59@gmail.comMon 21 Sep 2020Claims to be in Rainbow, Alabama 35906.
unknownjasonhurbbet@gmail.comSun 6 Sep 2020
Benben393650@gmail.comSun 6 Sep 2020
John FriedrichunknownFri 28 Aug 2020Phone: 1-505-220-4343
Purpletechnadopurpletechnado@aol.comSun 23 Aug 2020Claims to be in Omaha, Nebraska 68136.
Billie Tongbilliejtong@gmail.comSat 22 Aug 2020Claims phone: 704-559-2804. Claims to be located at Durham, North Carolina 27705.
Mikemichaelcollector82@outlook.comFri 21 Aug 2020Claims to be in Asheville, North Carolina 28801.
Jeffjeffh70.banks@gmail.comFri 21 Aug 2020Claims to be in Tacoma, Washington.
Willwilliamsclarkuk@gmail.comFri 21 Aug 2020Claims to be in Bangor, Maine.
Jay Cruzgold.club7878@gmail.comSat 15 Aug 2020Claims to be in Portland, Oregon.
Banks, Lucas Banks, Sarah Jones, Steve,, stevesjones6@gmail.comSat 18 Jan 2020Claims to be in Brevard County, Florida 32003 with phones: (321) 417-0063 and 253-235-3957.
North, Will, Will Northwillnorth73@gmail.comTue 11 Aug 2020Claims phone: 312-757-6502.
Gary Alexandergaryalexander20201@gmail.comSun 9 Aug 2020Running some sort of house rental scam. Phone number is 864-397-9116. He is working on a house located at 118 Winn Street, Sumter, SC 29150. Cash App ID: &lord2328.,, richardballardb613@gmail.comWeller, James, RichardTue 4 Aug 2020Claims phone: 209-643-2488 to be located in Los Angelss, California 90001; Los Angeles, California, V5H 3Z7; and Los Angeles, California 90001.
Jon Fitchman,, garyautos6462@gmail.comSat 25 Jul 2020Claims phone: 205-238-7492 and to be located in Birmingham, Alabama. Also claims to be in Gadsden, Alabama 35903.
Brycemorbryw@gmail.comFri 24 Jun 2020Claims to be in Effingham, Illinois 62401.
Jason, Robin Flanagan, Brandy Elrodla5897633@gmail.comSat 18 Jul 2020Phone: 704-343-5360 (has definite foreign accent.) PayPal Accounts:, Claims to be in Raleigh, North Carolina 27613. Used fake driver's license.
Rodney, chuprinrodney@gmail.comMon 8 Jun 2020
Raymondjonvintages28@gmail.comSat 11 Jul 2020Claims to be from Bay Minette, Alabama 36507.
Walter, Waltersmichellwalters9@gmail.comFri 10 Jul 2020Claims phone: 209-643-2488. Can't remember location: Los Angeles, California 90001 and Los Angeles, California 90069.
Edwinedwichap@gmail.comSun 5 Jul 2020Claims to be in Pennsylvania 19473. Uses stolen photos.
Bukky Rasheed, Rasheedrashbookyplain@gmail.comSun 21 Jun 2020Claims to be in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4M 0A8 or L4M 0B7 with phone 778-763-1443. Wants money wired to wife's bank in Portland, Oregon.
Danny Walkerdannywalker649@gmail.comSun 21 Jun 2020
James Brownleeakimsales20@hotmail.comWed 12 Feb 2020Phone: (541) 782-8061. Claims to be in Beaverton, Oregon 97007.
Kenneth Delaneythebigtennish@aol.comThu 6 Feb 2020Phone: (425) 616-3152. Claims to be in Kirkland, Washington.
Davidfrostdavid519@gmail.comTue 16 Jan 2020
Unknownfrosttom39@gmail.comTue 16 Jan 2020
Unknownpatrickadap668@gmail.comTue 16 Jan 2020
Jamesjamesffwilliams3@gmail.comSat 6 Jun 2020
Michael Freebornefreebornemichael@gmail.comSat 6 Jun 2020
Gary, lttpins@gmail.comThu 2 Apr 2020Claims to be located in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. Wife's name is Megan Epps. Daughter is Lora Duffy. Phone 250-434-1355. Uses Royal Bank, Merritt British Columbia with account is in wife's name.
Clara Greggclaragregg88@gmail.comTue 2 Jun 2020Romance scammer. Claims to be in TX but headed to MO. Phones: (323) 473-8164, (903) 833-4119.
Tim Campbell, Sandy,, peteradamsflip@gmail.comMon 1 Jun 2020
Timtimcampbellflip@gmail.comWed 27 May 2020Has phone: (703) 634-6287. Uses stolen photos.
Michael Lbigmichaelcl@yahoo.comFri 22 May 2020Phone: 775-337-1113. Claims to be in Reno, Nevada.
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Natan Geeraert, Diploma Guy J.A Oliver., Diplomat Guy Oliver, Stella, Osaro Peters, Peter O., O. Peters, O.Peters, O.Pettrs, James Arthur, W.J., Johnson William, William Johnson Esq, Sufian Lawal (Director at Central Nigerian Bank),,,,,, peterosaro1@hotmail.comFri 15 May 2020Pretends to be 'investment'. Uses Western Union and Money Gram to steal from you. Runs Advance Fee Scam. Claims phone: 346-888-7898. Strong Nigerian connection. Uses banks in Singapore and Hong Kong.
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jude star, Jude Owens, 16 Jul 2018Claims to be in Adelaide Australia. Buys on eBay and falsely claims item was damaged. Does not return item but gets a refund.
Slimhelp, RapidTone/Lunatrim, Quick Box Fullfilmentsupport@slimhelp.comMon 16 Jul 2018Ordered 1 bottle of weight loss supplement and they shipped a case for $200! Returned product unopened and they refused to refund payment. Used shipping tracking and proved it had been received. Returned to 11551 E. 45th Ave. Unit C, Denver, CO 80239. Phone: 866-921-1077. is their single-page website that helps run the scam.
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Investigating Department of the IRSunknownWed 18 Oct 2017Robo-call says that you owe taxes and will be prosecuted unless you call 360-930-3404. Doesn't know your name. The IRS does not do robo-calls, ever.
Adam Smith, Windows Technology SupportunknownWed 18 Oct 2017Caller tells you that 'Your computer is sending errors and warnings on the Internet.' They attempt to get you to install their control software on your computer and then they will charge you to 'fix' your computer. Claims to be in California but has strong Indian accent and doesn't know what time it is in California without a long pause. Has callback number 1-800-742-1076. Wanted $600.00 to re-install Windows!
Keith Wilsonazc0dman@yahoo.comFri 13 Oct 2017Uses stolen photos to sell stuff he doesn't have. Claims location: Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 and phone: +1 919-916-3802. Has strong foreign accent. There is a real Keith Wilson, who is innocent, but this isn't him.
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unknownunknownTue 19 Sep 2017Calls on the phone and says you have a virus on your computer and to call them at 844-879-3977. They are extortionists.
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Mr. Petteri Aeron Tiborpetteritibor101@gmail.comTue 25 Jul 2017Sent physical letter doing a "next-of-kin" inheritance scam. Claims to work for TD Canada Trust Bank in Ontario Canada. Letterhead on envelope was for "The Economical Insurance Group" and was mailed from Canada, postage paid #1681350.
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Andyandyupsala@gmail.comMon 10 Apr 2017Claims to be in Perth, Australia. Uses stolen phots to sell stuff he doesn't have.
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Johnson Jakemailjake83@yahoo.comThu 27 Oct 2016
Verna Dawson, Social, Patricia, Pat,,,, mantiservices@gmail.comSat 9 Oct 2016Claims to be in L.A., California 90012, 90018, or 90002. Also claims to be in Oriole, New Jersey 08106 and Beverly Hills, California 90209. Claims phone: +1-916-945-2297. Claims wife is in hospital! Uses stolen photos. 26 Sep 2016
Kylneveronickylne@yahoo.comFri 2 Sep 2016Claims to be in Chicago, Illinois 60675.
Steve Holmanholmansteve16@gmail.comWed 10 Aug 2016Uses stolen photos. Claims to be in Missouri, Kansas, Glen Campbell Pennsylvania and Newcastle Delaware.
Scottneymarscott122@yahoo.comSat 23 Jul 2016Uses stolen photos. Claims to be in San Diego, California 92101 and Wilmington, Delaware.
Kenneth Freemanpl991478@gmail.comSun 3 Jul 2016Uses stolen credit cards. Claims to have store: MAG SUPPLY SHOP, 757 Pelsons Drive #930, Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize, Tel:501-227-9441.
David Semlerdavidspareparts@gmail.comSat 2 Jul 2016
Kenneth Royeyesonpinballs@gmail.comSat 18 Jun 2016
Thomas Petertp08148@gmail.comMon 13 Jun 2016Claims to be in LA.
Frank Romerofrankromeroo90@gmail.comMon 6 Jun 6 2016Claims to be located in TX 78258.
Bradley Williams, Xtension Shipping and Logistics, Xtension Parcel and Package,,,, suppliers00ng@yahoo.comSun 22 May 2016Uses AT&T Relay Chat to contact victims and remain anonymous. [If you get such a call, tell the operator that you do not accept anonymous calls and hang up.]
Claims address: 1725 15th Place, Plano, TX 75074. Claims to have a new office in San Diego, California. Also claims shipping address: 33 East Terrace, Ceduna, Australia SA5690 or Skyview Agent, Inc., Skyview Inc., 33 East Tce, Ceduna, SA 5690, Australia
UK Mobile: +44(0)7024036546
USA Tel #: +12142105446
Claims billing address: 3255 lawrenceville suwanee rd p211, suwanee, GA 30024
Claims to be from India, but doesn't like curry.
Fake web site:
Stolen credit cards: MasterCard #xxxxxxxx64760052, Exp. 02/2010, CVV code: 182; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx70057478, Exp. 06/2011, CVV code: 082; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx70371028, Exp. 02/2010, CVV code: 282; Visa #xxxxxxxx85913281, Exp. 02/2010, CVV code: 356; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx64762173, Exp. 02/2010, CVV code: 872. Also using +447441907238, and address: No 32 kings haugh Edinburgh EH16 UK.
peter brownpeter.brown0909@gmail.comMon 9 May 2016
Cliff, Cliff, 15 Apr 2016Claims to be located in Los Angeles, California 9001.
Wilson, Samemail2wilson37@yahoo.comThu 31 Mar 2016Claims to be located in Portal, 30450, Georgia AND in Madison, Wisconsin.
Steve Riley, Steve auto spares outletstevesparesoutlet@gmail.comThu 24 Mar 2016Fake address: 515 Red Haven Ct SW, Wilson, NC 27893 USA.
Mr James, jmoorestores@gmail.comSun 6 Mar 2016Claims to be in Scotland.
Jones, jeffricupero@outlook.comSat 5 Mar 2016Claims to be in San Francisco, California 94199, and in Canada/Australia.
Edwards Vermillion, Edwards Auto Shopedsparesltd@gmail.comFri 3 Mar 2016Claims to be in Mendota, VA 24270, but then claims Chicago when pressed for a visit. Steals photos.
Rickricknelson@lawyer.comWed 2 Mar 2016Poor English.
Roberto Fernandezrfernadez152201@gmail.comSat 20 Feb 2016
Mike,, mpowel357@gmail.comFri 19 Feb 2016Claims phone: (320) 373-7955 and location in Orange Park, Florida. Also claims to be located in Lake City, Florida.
M.D Auto, Sale Rep. Cynthia Lucky, automobile suplierautomobilesuplier@gmail.comThu 18 Feb 2016
Chenhtrandingsz.o.o@gmail.comFri 5 Feb 2016Claims to be in Delaware and Indianapolis, Indiana 46229. Uses stolen photos to sell stuff he doesn't have.
Mrs osaigbovo Rita, Mrsosaigbovoritamrsosaigbovorita01@gmail.comWed 3 Feb 2016Trying to sell cars. Claims address: No 56 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 101. Phone: 07056875297.
Ericson Rileyericsonriley90@gmail.comSat 30 Jan 2016Uses stolen photos to sell stuff he doesn't have.
ubogu tobore, George Taylorubogutobore@gmail.comSat 30 Jan 2016Claims to be located in Nashville Tennessee, USA.
Richards Thompson, Sarrahh Moldestrichardsthompson@outlook.comFri 22 Jan 2016Uses stolen photos. Claims to be located in Austin, Texas 78701 with phone: (863) -578-5471. Also claims address: 8011 Cliffside Dr, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205.
Larry Semlerlarrysemler18@gmail.comThu 7 Jan 2016Uses stolen photos to sell stuff.
Larry Morganmorgan.larry16@yahoo.comMon 21 Dec 2015Uses counterfeit cashiers check scam. 17 Dec 2015Claims to be in California, US.
Phil Larryplarry10@yahoo.comThu 3 Dec 2015
Balanica Dobritab.dobrita@gmail.comTue 24 Nov 2015Claims to be in Napoli, Italy 80121
Bissermadubisser@gmail.comMon 23 Nov 2015Claims to be in Zielona Gra, Poland, 65-410
Brad, bradriggs1152@yahoo.comFri 20 Nov 2015Running counterfeit cashiers check scam.
Madu, madubissa@gmail.comSat 7 Nov 2015Claims to be in Phoenix, Arizona 85046.
Leoeoheyke6@gmail.comFri 30 Oct 2015Pittsburg, California 94565. Claims to be in Delaware too.
Dagogodoctordagogo@gmail.comSun 25 Oct 2015Claims to be located in Pittsburg CA, California 94565. Uses stolen photos to sell stuff.
Robert Holffrobertholff@gmail.comMon 19 Oct 2015Claims to be located in Delaware, Delaware 19803 and 13806 Poplar St, Silver Spring, Maryland
Vivian Joseph, Europe Dealers, Spare Parts Europe LTD.sparepartseuropeltd@gmail.comSat 17 Oct 2015Called from 234-706-1575480 (Nigerian mobile phone number)
Michael Peterson, Mohammed Abdul-Hamedmichstar67@yahoo.comThu 15 Oct 2015Claims address: 1812 Ruthland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213 and phone: 214-717-6516 (in Grand Prairie, Texas)
Owenjpowens002@hotmail.comThu 15 Oct 2015Claims to be in Canton, Ohio 44721 (Akron).
Mark Chenmarkchen673@gmail.comSat 10 Oct 2015Claims phone: (302) 400-4903 and location of Atlanta, Georgia 30331 and Delaware!
Thomas Mülelr,Fabulous Logistics, info.fgilogistics@aol.comTue 1 Oct 2015Shipping Address: Thomer Ventures Ltd., 250 Hinemaru Street Rd, 5 Rotorua 3076, New Zealand. Tel: +64 03-375 7712, Fax: +64 03-315 4321. Fabulous Logistics Services is his fake shipping company.
James Jarrettjamesjarrett512@gmail.comSat 12 Sep 2015Claims to work for Parks-Reverb LLC. Supposed heavy equipment buyer. Took wiring instructions and fabricated homemade checks with someone elses logo. Supposedly operates out of Decatur GEORGIA usa
Ibrahim Obaidcalgulfgen@gmail.comSat 12 Sep 2015Claims business name: CAL GULF GENERAL TRADING. Location: 8813 - Al Maktoum Rd, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone: +9715 2731 4523, Fax: +971 4 223-2800
Roberto Fernandezrfernadez152201@gmail.comSun 30 Aug 2015
Juliejuliancontss@gmail.comMon 17 Aug 2015Wants victim to pay via Moneygram.
Kenneth Royeyesonpinballs@gmail.comFri 31 Jul 2015
nicolas Thomasnicolasthomas675@gmail.comFri 31 Jul 2015
Giberttgibert10001@gmail.comFri 31 Jul 2015Texted from 252-495-0783.
Derrick Larryderricklarry83@gmail.comFri 3 Jul 2015
Bryan freemanfreemanb909@gmail.comTue 23 Jun 2015Claims address: District 1 1656 Union Street Carlifornia,U.S.A
Mofor Ericpinsman2014@gmail.comSat 6 Jun 2015Claims address: 165, Keney Ave, Limbe, South West, 00237, Cameroon, Africa.
Kenneth Royeyesonpinballs@gmail.comThu 28 May 2015Claims to be in Seattle, WA. Uses overpayment by counterfeit cashier's check scam. Bad check sent from Houston, TX. Check from bank in West Hartford, CT.
Daniel Fabricedanielfabrice14@gmail.comWed 20 May 2015Claims address: 45 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3P9, Canada. Phone: 931-576-5852 (Tennessee area code). Send counterfeit check from PK Electrical, Inc., Reno, NV 89511 via Heritage Bank, Sparks, NV 89436 and mailed from Hanjin Shipping Co. #728, Dallas, TX 75241.
Phill Hendriksphillhendriks@hotmail.comSat 2 May 2015Claims to be in Delaware, but was at 108 Briarwood Dr, Gilberts, Illinois. Claims phone: 0336-290-7973, and phone: 302-786-5049, and text number: 458-202-1811. Also claims to be in Hamilton, Montana and in December 2014 was selling a car in Yemen.
Chanchans1080@hotmail.comFri 27 Mar 2015
David Croftdavidcroft101@gmail.comTue 3 Mar 2015Claims to have a small store as retailer in Belize, Central America. Using stolen credit cards.
Louis Williamsworldmarketsupply22@gmail.comWed 25 Feb 2015
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Morganmorganhart99@hotmail.comWed 11 Feb 2015Claims to be in Houston, Texas.
Gooddygood4watches@gmail.comFri 16 Jan 2015Claims to be in Virginia.
Hillsrich.hill2.001@gmail.comFri 9 Jan 2015Claims to be located in Chicago, Illinois with phone: 312-879-9132
Michael Estillmic.est2001@gmail.comFri 9 Jan 2015Claims to be in Los Angeles, California 90002 with phone: 949-216-7633, nortjeje@hotmail.comFri 9 Jan 2015Running loan scam. Claims to be located in Florida City, Florida 10006 with phone: (387) 486-8746
Hardyhardygian32@yahoo.comTue 6 Jan 2015Claims to be in Delaware; but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
Obrian Castro, Nicholas, nicholasmitch86@gmail.comSun 4 Jan 2015Claims to be in Tawas City, Michigan 48763, and phone: TEXT (626) 716-9426.
kehinde lateefextrovertmc@gmail.comSat 20 Dec 2014Claims address: 2099 Heritage Oaks Ct, Orange Park, FL 32003
Richard Hillmanrich.hill2001@gmail.comWed 31 Dec 2014Claims phone: (951) 602-1215 and location: Los Angeles, California 90001. Also claims Delaware; but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
James Vandaljamesvandal036@gmail.comWed Dec 31 2014Claims to be in Ohio, but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
Morgan Philmphil5098@gmail.comTue Dec 30 2014Claims to be in Manassas, VA, but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
Tukehtukehtukeh@gmail.comWed Dec 24 2014Claims to be in Charlotte, North Carolina 28203, but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
Dawid Brinson, Thelma Addin, Velma,, thelmaadin@gmail.comWed Dec 24 2014Claims to be in Los Angeles, California 90002 and also 146 Fox Hunt Dr, Bear Clty, Delaware 19701; but is actually located in Cameroon, Africa.
Simeroon, Simoonsimeroon@gmail.comTue Dec 15 2014Claims to be in Indiana and Tennessee; but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
James Moonj.moon2015@yandex.comTue Dec 15 2014Claims to be in North Carolina, but is probably located in Cameroon, Africa.
Sara,, vvan.vika@gmail.comTue Dec 9 2014Claims to be in Charlotte, North Carolina but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
Holman, holmanspake025@gmail.comSun Dec 7 2014Claims to be in New York, New York and Birmingham, Alabama 35212; but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
Amanda,,,, r.f522693@gmail.comSun Dec 7 2014Claims to be all over: Los Angeles, California; Albany, Georgia 31706; Chicago, Illinois
Unknownlopex.janifa4@gmail.comSun Nov 30 2014Claims to be in FL, Connecticut
Kenny Murphykennymurphy003@yahoo.comTue Nov 4 2014Claims phone: (989) 573-5736 and address: Tawas City, Michigan, 48763.
Patrickpatrickvannes66@gmail.comMon Nov 3 2014Claims to be in Temecula, California.
Ambakaambakapins@gmail.comMon Nov 3 2014Claims to be in Bear City, Delaware 19701; but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
Ambakaambakachan@hotmail.comSat Nov 1 2014Claims to be in Bear City, Delaware 19701; but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
Unknowntediprifti@outlook.comSat Nov 1 2014Claims to be everywhere, but is located in Cameroon, Africa. Uses phone: (580)825-4849.
Rajnikrajnikkuvad@gmail.comTue Oct 28 2014Claims to be in New Jersey; but is located in Cameroon, Africa.
Leo Heykeleoheyke24@gmail.comTue Oct 28 2014Claims to be in Alabama, Alabama 35212 AND in 146 fox hunt dr,01b 6508, city bear Delaware 19701. Actually located in Cameroon, Africa.
Madu Bissamadubissa@hotmail.comFri Oct 24 2014Claims to be in California, California. Actually located in Cameroon, Africa.
John Hastingjohn.hasting14@gmail.comTue Oct 21 2014Runs overpayment cashiers check scam and medical emergency scam and then wants a refund! Uses Money Gram and Western Union. Claims John's address: 1101 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38103. Claims shipper: Tanya Jones, 1201 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA. Fake doctor: Robert Davis, 615 Rudder Road, Saint Louis, MO 63026.
George Clarkegeorgeclarke115@gmail.comSat Jul 26 2014Attempted to sell stuff he doesn't have. Accepts stolen funds via Western Union.
Barrister John Martinenbarristerjohnmartinen@gmail.comWed May 28 2014
Ano Belthodabelthod609@gmail.comMon Apr 28 2014
Jessica Kerrenkusum100@hotmail.comFri Apr 25 2014Claims to be in Fiji.
Rowena Davidsonrowenadavidson4@gmail.comWed Apr 9 2014Claims to be an elderly woman with two months to live and wants to give $10,000,000.00 away. Used to have Facebook account before it was canceled.
John Mcgregormcgregorjohn@yahoo.comWed Apr 9 2014
"Julie", Portia Julie Otoojuliebills74@yahoo.comMon Feb 10 2014Lives at 101 Oxford St. Accra, Ghana 00233
Olgakatwinsle@yahoo.comMon Feb 10 2014Claims to be a music teacher somewhere in Russia.
Yuliyasunyknys@yahoo.comMon Feb 10 2014Has to email from the public library, so her emails are not as often.
Chantel Derrickchantelderrick@hotmail.comMon Feb 10 2014
Sharonsharonfresh1@zoho.comMon Feb 10 2014A native american living in Beverly Hills, she is a Geotechnical engineer.
Natashanatashaabbi@yahoo.comMon Feb 10 2014Claims she has a house her father, who just died left her in Santa Monica California. She is looking for a friendship for when she finally saves the money to come out here.
Hendry Janiceunknown emailMon Feb 10 2014Claims to be in the US Army, stationed in Lagos, Nigeria.
Brenda D Morrisunknown emailMon Feb 10 2014Claims to live in Columbus, Ohio. Claims to be a part of a religion, she knows nothing about.
Ryan Macombryanmacomb@rediffmail.comFri Oct 25 2013Offers to pay using paypal, and will arrange for pick up of the item.
Queen Williamqueenwilliam21@gmail.comWed Oct 23 2013Claims to be a private lending firm offering urgent loans for various purposes--business expansion or company investment, lending rate is based at 3% percentage. Claims address: New Caledonia Street, 2, WV 25801, USA; Vermont; New York 10001.
Walter Bibbswal_bibbs@yahoo.comSat Oct 19 2013Claims to be offshore working for New Zealand Oil an Gas. Wants money sent via Western Union to "Accountant": Sonia Villamar, 300 Cooper Street, Brooklyn,NY,11237 United State. Uses cell text number (202)697-8871.
Marco Smith, Jozef,, deliveryteam2014@yahoo.comSat Oct 5 2013Websites:,,
Rev.Spencer Daledale67@blumail.orgSun Sep 22 2013Claims to work for Bank of England with work address: Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH, phone: +44-7035953075.
Michel Lautensack, Laurencem_lautensack@yahoo.comThu Aug 1 2013Based in Lagos, Nigeria. Claims location: 46011 Anderson, Indiana and phone (812) 302-2652.
Adrian BobuUnknownWed Jul 31 2013Claims address: 73 Skeltons Lane Leyton London. Claims to work for Phones4u and uses Western Union.
Unknownjanacekbrianne@gmail.comFri Jul 12 2013Uses overpayment scam.
Stephen Lopezstephenlopez9090@gmail.comWed Jul 10 2013Running romance scam claiming to be in US Army.
Michael Gabrielmiccollina3@gmail.comTue Jul 9 2013Requests Western Union to Rachel Fowler, Memphis, TN 38116.
Jeffery MosesUnknownTue Jul 9 2013Requests MoneyGram. Claims address: 126 Andriya Lynova St, Luhansk, Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine.
eric_d31@hotmail.comEric DarwinMon Jul 8 2013Claims to be a store in Malaysia. Uses stolen credid cards. Claims address and telephone: ZEGIS LTD, 4 Jalan Taban, Taman Lucky, Kuala Lumpur, 59100, Malaysia. Tel +60 (3) 2483 1109.
Dr. James Cole, Transfer ManagerUnknownSun Jun 30 2013Claims to be with Triodes International Bank for Publishers Clearing House in the UK. Stolen money received by Jim Harry, Adam Smith, and Mark Miller. Fake judge, Lord Roger G. Toulson, signed the papers.
Unknownmr.jimcarter@yahoo.comFri Jun 14 2013Runs fake 3% loans. Based in Ghana or Nigeria.
Christina John & John, jm1012727@aol.comFri Jun 6 2013Claims to be hearing impaired. Claims address: # 1421 Taft St Caldwell, ID 83605. Sent text messages from 208-451-7380. Address and phone numbers are likely not real.
Doctor Michael Cahill Anstondoctormichael526@yahoo.comThu Jun 6 2013Claims to work at Army camp in Iraq. Claims to be a surgeon and live in Manchester, UK.
Barrister Davis M. AnkrahUnknownSun May 12 2013Claims to be a lawyer from Ghana.
FangDongjimangdrewsagent@aol.comWed Apr 24 2013Claims address: 681 Saint Andrews Ln, Louisville, CO. 80027
Mabel Clarkson Loan Firmmabelclarksonloanfirm@gmail.comThu May 2 2013Located in Nigeria.
David George (Esq.) from Carters Georges Solicitors Law Apr 4 2013Claims address: 22 High St, Chtham Kent Englang (sic) ME4. Promised he had legal papers to back up $6,000,000 US that can be claimed as intestate.
Daniel Cole, joerodwell50@yahoo.comMon Apr 1 2013Claims to be oil merchant from Western Australia, or an independent contractor, both operating on Claims to be English, London, contractor, phone: +448712458330 and +44712458330.
Francisco Fontestad Pedrosfrancisco.f@dr.comThu Mar 22 2013Claims to be an officer in Barclays bank PLC (London, UK).
Lindsay Richards, Lindsey Richard,, excelshopping.consulting1998@gmail.comWed Feb 6 2013Claims to be in the Phillipines. Uses stolen credit cards. Tried to get money wired by Western Union to KOTO ROMY MARIE LOUISE, 15 logistics ave., Pudong, Shanghai, China. Used stolen credit card: Visa #xxxxxxxx01015240, Exp 09/2013, cvv 929.
Sarah Jones, Susanne Jackson, Victor Garcia, Roy Keane, Adam Thompson, Granny, Rachael Fatino,,, adt707@yahoo.comSat Jan 26 2013Victor Garcia claims to be Attorney in US and Nigeria. Claims phone: 0112348090798350. Roy Keane claims to be a motel manager and phone: 0112348022815928. Adam Thompson claims to be old friend of Granny's, Travel agent, KLM airline ticket agent, and phones: 0112348081679530, 0112347031294777. Claims address: No. 13 Aladelola St., Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos 23401 NIGERIA. Also claims to be in Houston Texas, Texas City TX, and Brundidge AL. Has stolen about $2500.
?alexpeterson303@gmail.comWed Jan 23 2013Claims to be in UK and wants payment by Western Union.
Sandra Jamessandrajames868@yahoo.comFri Jan 18 2013
Dave Simondavesimon846@gmail.comFri Jan 18 2013
Steve Morrisstevemorris456@yahoo.comMon Jan 7 2013Claims to be located in WA, but is working offshore as a marine engineer.
Chris, dikeikenna14@yahoo.comMon Dec 31 2012Claims phones: 0017732459901, +60169730968
Alastair Ferris23ferris@gmail.comFri Dec 28 2012Tries to sell stuff he doesn't have.
Gareth Dunn, Anthony Bryant, Paul Scotgarethdunn25@yahoo.comThu Dec 27 2012Claims to be working in Malaysian Sea, but from Louisiana. Claims phones: +447031899917, +447950334687. Claims to have 15 year daughter Lauren in boarding school. Using dating scam. Also claims to be an engineer working in UK, with a son in Turkey in the hospital. Also claims to live in Burbank, California. Claims to have daughter in Florida. Claims to be in US Army.
Dr. Jame Ankrah, Dr. Dennis Okansondr.jameankrah@aol.comWed Dec 19 2012Dr. Ankrah claims to work in a hospital in Ghana. Dr. Okanson claims to be a lawyer in Accra and a medical doctor. Claims address: P.O.Box 700 Accra Hall of Barrister Okanson.
Rick Jones, Jeff Williams, Amanda Weber, Edgar Weber, Mark, Markson Leo, Terry Sanchez, Kelvin,,,, kelvin.morgan84@yahoo.comSat Nov 24 2012Claims address: 30 (22, 120, or 130) Leicester street London, UK. Phones: +447024077576, +4470325568997
Also claims: Phone: 347-721-9864. Claims to be in Scranton, PA but moving to NYC.
Also claims to be in UK: W1U 4RY. UK, Phone: +447024079947.
Josh,,, josrhim@qq.comWed Nov 21 2012This scammer attempts to entice you with a business proposal which is a scam.
Sarah Brown,, revino99@gmail.comSun Nov 11 2012Claims to be selling an Addams Family pinball machine for under 50% market value. Claims to be located in Braintree MA, 02184; Medford, OR; Dallas, TX; Saint Augustine, Florida; just about anywhere! Also posts ads on craigslist all over. Uses stolen photos.
Martinsmarketsales2000@gmail.comFri Nov 2 2012Claims address: 72 Broadwick Street London W1F 9EP
ANIM DANIELdanielanim85@yahoo.comWed Oct 24 2012Sent nutty email with subject: ACCNY STANDEAD CHARTEAD BANK GHANA ACCRA RING ROAD .COM, and appears to claim address: P O BOX C446V ACCRA CANTOMENT, GHANA.
Adamos Hesiodadamhestore@aol.comWed Oct 17 2012Fake company and fake location: Adamhe Store, Psihiko Dimitriou Vassiliou 15, Athens, Greece, 10675, Tel: +30-210-0675-4300
Olaniyi Tobi Peterjulpaper@gmail.comMon Oct 15 2012Claims address: block 226 flat 6 jakande estate city isolo, lagos nigeria, and phone, 602 753 8947.
Unknownemillions@w.cnFri Sep 28 2012Phone number +447325239794
Alice Walt, Alice Davidsalivedavids72@yahoo.comWed Sep 5 2012Claims to be 24 years old and from Ivory Coast, but living in a refugee camp in Dakar Senegal. Tells a big phony sob story.
Unknowntinna_terry@yahoo.comMon Sep 3 2012Runs a romance scam. Claims to be a beautifull girl in Athens, Greece, but is really just some guy in Accra, Ghana.
Shawn Kelvinjudgemartias2060@yahoo.comWed Aug 29 2012Claims address: 24 Hillview Rd, Minhead, Devon TA248EG, UNITED KINDOM. Received merchandise not paid for.
Joy Johnsonjohnson_estate20@yahoo.comSun Aug 12 2012May be from Senegal. Claims to be in a Refugee Camp in Dakar, but from Sudan.
Guy Dixonguydixonman1@gmail.comThu Aug 9 2012
mercy pedromercypedro@ymail.comTue Jul 31 2012
Karl Cooperkar_cooper@yahoo.comJul 25 2012Uses counterfeit money orders.
James Armstrongj.ccycleways101@gmail.comWed Jul 11 2012Claims to be in Gdansk, Poland. Claims shipping company:
Kathryn Delahunty, Emzer Shipping & Cargo, emzercargoservices@deliveryman.comTue Jul 24 2012Claims to run Katty- King Collections Merchandise store. Uses fake shipper. Claims address: Keizerstraat 21, 4811 HL Breda, The Netherlands.
Robert Augustus, Aiolou, robertaugustu@gmail.comFri Jul 20 2012Real name is Lesnic Lampros. Claims to be in Greenville or Irmo, South Carolina. Scammed someone on eBay for $12,800.00.
Anthony,, anthvcaro@gmail.comSun Jul 15 2012Uses craigslist. Claims to be from Erwin, NC and to be a marine engineer and presently off-shore.
Ralph,, lincon.ralph@yahoo.comSun Jul 8 2012Claims address: 2000 East Irving Boulevard, Irving, Texas (which is a Waffle House). Also claims to be on an oil rig in the North Sea. Uses fake phone: +447024025937.
Unknownanthvcaro@gmail.comFri Jul 6 2012
Mr Fred,, test@coralcliffjamaica.comSun Jun 17 2012Claims to be "deaf and can not hear nor understand phone conversation."
?donlee948@gmail.comThu May 24 2012Sends text messages from 518-290-1638. Calls from overseas: 011 234 807 792 3414.
Oscar Rileyoscarriley21@gmail.comTue May 8 2012Claims to be in UK. Used stolen photos to sell stuff he doesn't have.
Richard Joelrichardjoe@blumail.orgTue May 8 2012Claims to be in UK.
Marty Ruppetmartyruppet1@gmail.comTue May 8 2012Claims to be in UK.
Larry Smith, Larry.s., Larry,, larrysellerasap@gmail.comSat Apr 21 2012Phone +44-702-401-7531.
?, andrewsmariah@yahoo.comTue Mar 20 2012Runs scams on craigslist.
AFIA/SAFIYA ATAMALEafiaatamale@yahoo.comSat Mar 10 2012Claims to live in Accra, Nigeria.
Ricky Mooresokemoore@yahoo.comMon Mar 5 2012This person is a romance scammer. He picks up women from dating sites. Also uses the name General Peter Pace, retired ex-Chief of Staff (U.S.)
Dr. Carlos Mar 5 2012Asked for money to be sent to : AGYEMANG BOAFO in ACCRA, 343 Ring rd central, Ghana. Claims to be Diplomatic Dilivery Agent at AGent delivery, Greater Los Angeles Area/Package/Freight Delivery.
Eddie Martinseddie.martins2020@yahoo.caMon Mar 5 2012
Peter Colepetercole123@yahoo.comTue Feb 28 2012
Moore Billy, Billy Moore, Mark,, moorestore7777@gmail.comFri Feb 10 2012Mr. Billy claims to be in Australia. Uses stolen credit card: MASTER CARD #xxxxxxxx08340575, Exp.:07/12. Claims address: 103-103 Yangwoo Apt, 323 Sosadong Sosaku, Bucheon City, Kyunggido, Korea.
DAVID MORGAN, NAVAL STORES LTDnavalstores12@gmail.comTue 7 Feb 2012
Phillip J. Blaising, Blaising Engineeringblaisphil22@hotmail.comThu 19 Jan 2012
Reuben 9 Jan 2012Claims to be from London UK. Uses stolen photos to try to sell non-existent machines. Claims address: Communications House, 26 York Street, London W1U 6PZ; Phone: 00447011141083.
Treena Spencertreenaspencer1980@yahoo.comSun Jan 8 2012Attempted to use counterfeit cashiers check.
Bobby Willingtonwillington_bobby@yahoo.comWed Dec 28 2011
Philips Johnphilips_john1@yahoo.comSat Dec 24 2011Uses stolen photos and profiles. Claims to be in Belfast, United Kingdom, phone +447024035549. Claims that he is into making of sculptures which is also called art and craft, that his son (20 years old) had the serious injury with his spinal cord and needs an operation, he begs for help and money.
Mardian Gergorymgfootball1990@gmail.comTue Dec 20 2011Claimed to be a soccer agent.
Lots of names for this thief: GRANT INC SUPPLY, Rab John, Harris Freight, Albert Grayson, ALBERT D.P.P LIMITED, David Morris, Jeff Water, Marrybill express Cargo, Rev Corkins Vendever, James Ben, Jeannie Morgan, Morgan Joe of Morgjoe stores ltd, KEN CHAN, FLO SHIPPING AGENT, Kelly Hughesm, David Miller, Thomas Miller, Corkins Vendever, Cole, A. Cole, Tom Scofied, tom bob, Tom Brown, Frank Jaime, Walter Attigah, Dale Smith, Dem & Dale Ltd, Frank Carter, Luda, Collin Oakley, Luda Johnson, Mike Demik, Johnny Huckleberry, Derrick Huckleberry, Bob Merida, Mr JOHNNY GRANT, Johnny Grant, G J SUPPLY LTD, James Grant, James Brown, James Brownn, Joy STORE LTD, David Morgan, Davidmor Store Ltd., Frank Moore, Mr JOHN PAT, Mr Mark Robert, Larry Cole, Edward Tears, E.Tears, DERRICK HUCKLEBERRY AU, Antonio Pao Su, Moore Access Freight, Annie McGray, Alex Paul, Paul Grants, Paul Read, Donald Williams, Jim Scott, Richard Williams (or sometimes Willaims), GEORGE ERIC, Keith Moore, Keithmoore Investment Inc, Thomas Williams, JASPER GRANT & CO, Deckson Babu, AKA Deckson Supply, Frank Gordon, Jaime Gonzalez, Lola John, Roy Jackson, Mario Hernandez, 3M Supply AU, 3mm supply, MARIOSUPPLYINC.AU, JOHN GRANT SUPPLY INC, GRANT J STORE, GRANT.J INC, STORE DE KLASSIC LIMITED, GRANT.SUPPLY INC, David Dunn, Mark Williams, Grant James, Jack Johnson, Johnson, Johnson West, Bruce Wills, Bruce Willis, Bruice Willis, Jeff Bayer, Kandis Powell, Kennedy Moore, Ken Moore, Kenny Moore, Kate Moore, KEN INVESTMENT, KD Investments, KD INVESTMENT, Eddy Young of Blue Sky Freight and Logistics, Blue Sky Freight Co., Skyway Freight, Sky Freight Forwarding, Yves Andrews, Roy or Royce Hackeny, Mr. Roy Hackney, Brandon Tan, Brand LLC, Int'l Sales Person, SKYLOGISTICS AIR FREIGHT, DON INVESTMENT, Sky Air Shipping, Tom Brown, Mark John, Kelly Henderson, DD Consultant,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gjsupply@gmail.comMon Nov 28 2011This is a team of Nigerian scammers (in Nigeria) who claim to be everywhere else!
Claims to be an american running a company in Barcelona, Spain; or in Taiwan (with bad english!)
Wanted money wired to Adrienne Clark, 4614 St Francis, TX 75227
Also claims to be located South Korea with an address: 11th Fl, Kyobo Building, 1 Jongno 1-Ga, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, 137 700, Republic of Korea (South).
Claims fake shipping company address (which is actuall the National Library of South Korea!): 60-1 Panpo-Dong Seocho-Gu, Seoul 137 700, Republic of Korea (South)
Fake phone: +447024055306
Another fake phone: +852.367.86733
Fake location: Dorchester, MA 02121 USA. Fake phone: 206-350-3611.
Claims to have shipping address: 60-1 Panpo-Dong Seocho-Gu, Seoul 137 700, Republic of Korea (South). Fax +44-208-181-7052, phone +44-703-183-0968. Wants to use a fake UK freight company: Grimandi freight, 47 Afton road, Cumnock, K18 4NE, London, United Kingdom.
Also claims to be located at 391 (or 319, or 375) Invermay Road, Invermay, TAS, 7248 Australia. TEL:+61 243 607 320, FAX: +61 243 636 801
Also claims address of DDN Store International, 15 Broadway, Terrigal, New South Wales 2260, Sydney, Australia.
And claims address of 184 Darley Street (or 90 West Gray Street), Mona Vale, NSW 2103, Australia.
Also claims to be located in Sayerville, NJ.
Also claims address of 391 Russel St. Morley, near Perth, West Australia.
Also claims address of Park 39 Wugan St, Yerriyong NSW 2540, Australia.
Also claims address of 101 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia; and phone: 61 2 9498 6830.
Also claims shipping address: Attention to:Mrs ann, 43134 Calvery St Hammond, LA 70403
Also claims phone: +61 243 607 865, fax: +61 243 636 6785.
Also claims address of 53 North Terrace PORT ELLIOT South Australia 5112 Australia.
Also claims address of 456, 67 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2026, Australia.
Used four different credit card numbers for an order and asked to send money via Western Union for shipping to a company they called 'ITC Shipping Agency'. Western Union wire transfer info:
ADDRESS STREET: 2131 Windsor Ct
CITY: Alabaster
STATE: Alabama
PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-206-9854 (disconnected).
Fake Customer ID #TW56HFJ76T.
Fake shipping company and rep.: Eddy Young, Customer Service, Sky Freight & Logistics, Tel: +447024052641.
Fake address: 42 Pa Te Road, Sec. 2 Taipei, Taiwan (but claims to be located in United Kingdom.)
410 E Denny Way Ste 129, Seattle, WA 98122
Ph and Fax: 206-350-5179
Fake address: 45 Zhong Xiao East Road, Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC
Fake shipper address: 14 Haig Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0DS, United Kingdom
Also claims to be in South Africa.
Fake address: 442 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Vic, 3182, Australia
Fake address: 120 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012
Fake customer ID: #723177TW
Fake store: MARROB STORE LTD, PO Box 38 234 HOWICK, 1730. NB: New Zealand, Phone: +64 (0)3 452 1089, Fax: +64 (0)3 443 7687
Used stolen Visa #xxxxxxxx50074084, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 465; Visa #xxxxxxxx50071015, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 428; VISA #xxxxxxxx54120800, Exp. 03/2011, CVV code: 456; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02375531, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 892; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02378220, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 774; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx86970188, Exp. 06/2010, CVV code: 243; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx14618634, Exp. 06/2011, CVV code: 465; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02358537, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 279; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02357802, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 304; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02358255, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 255; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02368452, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 774; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx02368783, Exp. 01/2010, CVV code: 892
Fake shipper: Barbara (or Barbra) Keys, Pacific Shipping Companies or SHIPPER EXPRESS, 73 Perkins Road or 3671 Carlyss Dr., Sulphur, Louisiana 70663 (or 70063), USA; fake phone: 850-367-4523 (in Florida)
When wiring money the "Secret Question" is "WHAT IS YOUR PET NAME?" The Secret Answer: "GOD"
Store World Supplies, 100 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2028, Australia; phone: 61 3 95833387, fax: 61 3 95850509
Fake address and phones for James Brown Store Ltd: Unit 6,Raycroft St, Waltham, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND. Phone: +64 4 494 0022. Fax: +64 4 594 0324.
Unit 102 64 Westwood Dr, Ravenhall, VIC, 3023. Australia; TEL:+61 243 607 987, FAX: +61 243 636 809
JACK.J LTD, Pty Ltd.Level 337, 155 Miller Street. City, North Sydney NSW 2026, AUSTRALIA, TEL:+61 843 707 380, FAX: +61 243 636 801
Used stolen MasterCard #xxxxxxxx64635387, Exp. 05/2010, CVV code: 789; Visa #xxxxxxxx35226510, Exp. 05/2010, CVV code: 321; Visa #xxxxxxxx35221826, Exp. 05/2010, CVV code: 456; Visa? #xxxxxxxx64646780, Exp. 05/2012, CVV code: 896
Person to receive stolen funds: Angela Likely, 12 B Westfall street, Andalusia, Alabama, 36420.
Merida Ent, 21 Richmond Road, Cambridge Tasmania 7170 Australia; Phone: 61894675956
Claims address: 109/119 McCoy St, Myaree, WA 6154 Australia, TEL: +61 243 636 904. FAX: +61 243 636 912.
DEMIK ENTERPRISES LTD, 1903 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW 2072, Australia.
481 Princes Way, Longwarry North, Victoria 3816, Australia
87 Titan Drive Carrum Downs, Victoria 3201 Australia
Fake shipping company rep: Peggy Teeple, 62856 3rd Avenue, Cambridge, 43725
See this website for a description of the scam.
Claims address: Mirae Bld 3rd Fl, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea 156-821. And shipping company: Express Logistics.
Also claims address: 131-15, NONHYUN-DONG, KANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, KOREA.
Also claims shipping address: 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan.
Also JOHNNY MART INC, 678 Spray St., Elwood, Victoria, 3184, Australia. Phone: +61 463 507 863.
Also claims address: 79 Wugan Street, Yerriyong, Nowra, NSW 2540, Raytheon Australia - EWTS.
Also KENCHAN INC 10 Dongsanhuan Beilu Beijing China.
Phone: (+61) 9873 7677, Fax (+61) 9873 7655.
Claims to be selling a Yorkie puppy and to be located at 10002 riverblvd, apt # 2322, corpus christi, TX 78410.
Claims to have non-existent domain
Used stolen credit cards: Visa #xxxxxxxx53976531, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 910; Visa #xxxxxxxx53978875, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 195; Visa #xxxxxxxx53973124, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 104; Visa #xxxxxxxx53972407, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 360
Claims address: 3139 E Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, California 92844
Fake shipping company: Pacific Shipping Companies, PA 18636 USA
Wants money Western Unioned to shipping company with "SECRET QUESTION: What is your best colour?" and "SECRET ANSWER: White."
Fake shipping address: Destiny Store Ltd, 2120 Howe Street, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017; Phone: +61 8 9444 6198, Fax: +61 8 9444 6208.
Unit 123 Goircroft st., Waltham, Wellington, New Zealand.
Pacific shipping com. 400 Warren st. Trenton, NJ.
Fake shipper: PHUONG BOSQUE, Upper / Tumon, GUAM, 96931
Used stolen Visa: xxxxxxxx34617047, Exp: 05/2010, CVV: 584; Visa: xxxxxxxx86048996, Exp : 09/2010, CVV : 875; Visa: xxxxxxxx04168511, Exp: 03/2011, CVV : 690.
Receiver of stolen funds: Kodaola John Opeyemi, 14 Bishop's Court, Akoka, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria. Test Question : Who Is Great ?, Text Answer : God.
Also uses fake address: 112 Miller Street. City, North Sydney, Australia. NSW 202.
Claims address and phone: NAVAL STORE PTY LTD, 83 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067, Australia; 613 8415 111.
Also 46 Vine Ave, London, N794LA, United Kingdom.
Parcela 20, Calle Budapest, San Pedro de Alcantara, 29670, Marbella, Spain; Tel: (+34) 96 547 40 11; (+34) 96 547 42 21; Fax: (+34) 96 547 45 90.
Also claims address: 1006 Longueville Rd, Sydney NSW 2066, Australia; Tel:+02) 9690 9912.
Also claims address: 20 Marian Street, Killaria 2071, AUSTRALIA
Albert Frankalbertfrank2000@gmail.comSat Nov 26 2011Attempting to sell non-existent pinball parts using stolen photos.
stacie houstonstacie.hstn08@gmail.comMon Oct 24 2011Attempting to sell non-existent pinball and auto parts and accepting payment by Western Union or Money Gram. Claims address: 710 16 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6V9, Canada.
Leon, George Newellgeorgenewelldv@rocketmail.comThu Oct 13 2011Claims: "I'm George a business man. I live in 140 Shelbourne Rd, London, UK N17 9YA"
Leroy Parkscotton1932@hotmail.comThu Sep 29 2011Pretends to have pinball machines for sale.
Richie Rich, Miss Lousie Jane, marbellaespana43@yahoo.comSat Sep 17 2011Claims to be from Spain.
Adejare Akanda Ololade (his real name), Aliases: Micheal Jones, Richard Eurelio (Facebook), Richard Shawn (Facebook), Justin from South, kindhearted1967@yahoo.comWed Sep 14 2011This is a Nigerian who lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
Mariopooltechmario@hotmail.caMon Sep 5 2011Claims to have New In Box pinball machines he's selling for steep discounts. Claims to be located in Bozeman, Montana, even though he has a Canadian email address.
Sarah Burkeangeldon001@hotmail.comWed Aug 31 2011Claims to be opening an art gallery in Sydney Australia and it "buying artwork" for the gallery. Not really interested in art. Wants cash wired to "shipper" in the UK, Emser International Cargo Solution LTD,
Mark Wellingtonmarkwealth40@ymail.comWed Aug 17 2011Runs romance scam. Claims to be an American from Wisconsin Dells and that he travels for his business to Turkey.
Matt Pointing of the Dee Store LTD.deestoreptylimited@gmail.comTue Aug 2 2011Claims to be in Minsk, Belarus.
Mrs, hj_company@yahoo.comSun Jul 10 2011
Bob, bob.haynes12@yahoo.comSat May 21 2011Walker Ventures, 5159 Mission St #854, San Francisco, CA 94112; Phone number # 206-203-0919 (Seattle Area), Fax Number # 206-203-0915. Using a fake shipping forwarder: Shipping Company Name: Promag Shipping Inc, Contact Name: Captain Dennis, Contact Email Address: Another fake company to receive stuff (that is never shipped): Bob& Son's Inc, Johannes Vermeerstraat 45, 1271 DL Amsterdam, 0031 The Netherlands.
Dr. Pauler Kingdr.paulerking@yahoo.comMon May 1 2011Scam is selling stuff he has pictures for but does not own. Claims to be in London, England.
morris Mar 19 2011
Peter,,, Mar 15 2011Claims to be a lawyer in UK. Claims address: Penningtons Solicitors LLP, Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane, London EC2V 8AR, Phone: +44 207 193 2183, +44 702 403 4794, Fax: +44 844 774 2671.
>[There is a real Peter Bond and a Penningtons, but this is neither. --Ed.]
mark groommark.gsales2001@gmail.comMon Mar 7 2011Claims to be from London UK and Tel: +447031824352. Calls himself Groom.
Jonnie Ricketts, RICKETTS SUPPLY COjonnie.rickettssupply@gmail.comWed Feb 23 2011Claims address: 75A Fletcher Street, >Rockingham, WA 6168, Australia. Phone: ++61 849 794889.
Capt Kelly S.longship2278@aol.comMon Feb 21 2011Claims to be a sea captain yet lives in Colorado! Claims address: 11020 S. Pikes Peak Drive, Suite 11, Parker, CO 80138. Address is actually a Farmers Insurance office.
Johnson Feb 19 2011Received stolen funds via wire. Claims address: 17 Gough Square City of London EC4A 3DE, United Kingdom. Tel:+447031824352
Bob Howardeclipse0702@gmail.comThu Feb 17 2011Claims to be in Tokyo, JAPAN. Attempts to use stolen credit cards.
Annie Kyeyuneannie_kyeyune@yahoo.comTue Feb 15 2011Tried to sell a pinball machine using stolen photos.
Lynn Froncek, Froncek Sassy, Tammy White, Tammy Freeman, Tammy Froncek, Froncek, White Angel,, Sassy,,,,,, (PayPal Address), SassyTammy2001@yahoo.comWed Feb 9 2011Claims to be located in Austin, TX.
Also claims address: Box 92122, Scranton, PA, United States - 18510.
Also tried to sell a non-existent pinball machine using stolen photos.
Randy Baerran.baer.salesinc@gmail.comFri Jan 28 2011Trying to sell rare pinball parts.
Pretending to sell motorcycle parts.
Claims address on Moston Lane in MANCHESTER District (Harpurhey), UK, M40 9NS.
Mr Robert Collinsrcollinsmech@gmail.comSat Jan 15 2011Claims address: 31 College Close. Industrial Estate, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8EB, United Kingdom.
John Astranblakesjohn_astranblakes@yahoo.comSat Jan , 2011TEL+44 (0) 7024095107
DAVE MORGANlifeissimple001@yahoo.comSun Dec 12 2010Claims to be working for the government in Western Africa.
Daniel Stanleydanielstanley295@yahoo.comSat Dec 4 2010Running romance scam. Claims to be from USA, New York City but now lives in Ghana. Claims to have gold and diamond company in Ghana. Claims phone: +233548899889.
Carlacarla_seniorita@juno.comSat Nov 27 2010Tried to sell (a non-existent) Addams Family pinball machine. Claims to be located in Abilene, Texas or Rochester, New York, but is shipping the machine from Shady Cove, OR. Also claims to not be able to speak on a phone because she fell off a horse recently!
Amanda Posneramandaposner@yahoo.comTue Nov 16 2010
Laura Mcconellwasmcconelllaura@yahoo.comTue Nov 16 2010In Nigeria but claims to be in Wisconsin.
Grace Gaglegracenero1@yahoo.comTue Nov 16 2010
Victor, victormarsden@yahoo.comTue Nov 2 2010Claims to need stuff shipped to KY 40229.
Also claims location of Tavakubu Lautoka, Republic of Fiji Islands.
Andrew Roundyroundyandrew@gmail.comMon Nov 1 2010Used stolen credit cards: Visa #xxxxxxxx66016347, Exp. 11/2012, CVV code: 783; Visa #xxxxxxxx62792369, Exp. 02/2011, CVV code: 771; Visa #xxxxxxxx05000202, Exp. 08/2011, CVV code: 903.
Claims to be in Philippines.
Amanda TerrenceNot reportedTue Oct 26 2010Claims address: 15036 Bellinkoff Lane, Orlando, FL 32828.
Used fake shipper: Anthony Collard, 3013 Santa Lucia Dr., Orlando, Fl 32822.
FRANK ANTHONY, owner of OPULENT STORE PTY LTDopulent.storesltd@gmail.comTue Sep 14 2010Claims address: Level 5, 22 Central Ave, Manly NSW 1655, Australia; phone: 612-8709-8200., flatavailable4u@yahoo.comThu Sep 9 2010Runs London, UK housesitting scam from Nigeria. Gets you to be willing to housesit in a posh London suburb and then asks for a security deposit.
Andy Murray, Jordan Walter, JW Express &, jwexprlogistics@aol.comThu Sep 9 2010Claims shipper address: Titusville , FL 32780 USA.
UnknownAmanda.Terrance@gmail.comTue Sep 7 2010Offers free shipping using ebay. Takes deposit but does not ship. Deals mostly in cars and boats.
Andrew Bakeranber146@yahoo.comTue Sep 7 2010Claims to have a store in LUXEMBOURG. Uses stolen credit cards. Claims address: 158, rue de Bouillon L-1248 LUXEMBOURG. Phone: 206-202-3452.
godwin pahor, Roger Davidson, Roy,, pahorg9@att.netSat Sep 4 2010Sends out fake letter about an inheritance scam.
Address: 13 or 23 York Street London, W1U 6PJ, United Kingdom, Phone: +447024044594, Fake Carrier: TPLC First Flight,, Phone: +447024054624, +447024074324
james raymond, R.Jamesj.raymond2000@gmail.comWed Aug 25 2010Uses stolen photos. Claims to be in United Kingdom.
Douglas Olga, Alex,,,, alexonsss0191@gmail.comWed Aug 25 2010Claims address: AEX & Co Inc. or F. Matthew & Co Inc., 44, Fleet Street, New Plymouth, New Zealand 027 235 8687.
Unknownrich.martin1968@yahoo.comSun Aug 22 2010Claims to have stuff he doesn't. Gives fake address and phone number.
peter loveperoluv@gmail.comWed Aug 11 2010Uses stolen photos of things to sell. Claims address: 7341 whispering Dr 75248.Dallas,TX.
Brasky, David Prince, rino brasky, rbrasky17@gmail.comWed Aug 4 2010
Ralph Forsterr.forester30@gmail.comWed Aug 4 2010Claims address: 65 Bayham Street, London, NW1 0AA; phone: +447024087504.
David Collinsdavidcollin2011@yahoo.comSat Jul 31 2010
Bobby Grenn, Bobbygren Store Ltdbob.grenn@sify.comMon Jun 28 2010Claims address: Unit 704,daccroft St, Waltham, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND. Phone: +64 4 513 3004. Fax: +64 4 379 1348.
Kane, Andrew Kaneandrewkane58@gmail.comMon Jun 28 2010Claims to be located in Rochester, WA 98579. Uses stolen photos.
Rev. Robert Hooks, Bright International Orphanage and Motherless Babies Home, Jun 27 2010Claims address: Springfield Road, Manchester M66 2JK -London,United Kingdom. Phone: +44 70457 29718.
MR MARK PETER, diplomat Mark, project4children@yahoo.comFri Jun 25 2010Uses ECOWAS COURIER DELIVERY COMPANY (a fake company?) Claims phone: +234-706479-6308. Wants money Western Unioned to PATRICK A.O.NWANONYE, LAGOS NIGERIA with Text Question.... What Colour? Answer ….Green.
Tom Morgan, Tom Investment Incm.tomstores@gmail.comMon Jun 21 2010Uses stolen credit cards. Pretend address: 1~2F., No.1, Nanjing W. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
Fake shipping company: JUAN SKELLY MIDEX LOGISTICS,
Kenneth Brucewinner.autospareslondon@gmail.comThu Jun 17 2010Claims location is MANCHESTER (UK), address: 20 Widegate Street, London E1 7HP UK; and phone: +44-702-402-0824.
James Miller, President, CGM Productscgmproductsltd@gmail.comMon Jun 14 2010Fake address: 345 Dalmore Drive, Scoresby, VIC 3179 Australia
Joe Walkerjoewalker4life@aol.comSat Jun 12 2010
Georgia Studdardgeorgiastuddard@yahoo.comFri Jun 11 2010Known for scamming on car websites.
Tommy Scottscottmachines@yahoo.comWed Jun 9 2010C/O:GTNN LLC, 1092 Saint Georges Avenue #153, Rahway, NJ 07065
Reign Stevens, Steven Gheler, Mr Gheler, Tania Textiles And Fabrics,,, stevengheler1@gmail.comSun May 30 2010Running work at home scam. Sent counterfeit postal money orders.
Tommy Martins, Mark Thompson, Thompson Parts, Tommy,,, trolleybus@server.trinet.ruFri May 28 2010Claims address: Martins International Inc., 7303 Montgomery Blvd, C-55, Albuquerque, NM 87109.
Also claims address: 359 East Lanier Ave. Fayetteville, GA 30214 (which is a real company, and not the scammer.)
Tricia, triciiajenmarino@yahoo.comThu May 27 2010Claims address: 11F or 13F, Skoryna ave., Minsk, Belarus.
MR JOHN PEE, Western Union Department; Dr. Micheal,, Thu May 27 2010This name was just to funny to ignore. Claims to be paying reparations for scammers! Tel: (+234)-8030541574
Antonio, DOVAG INVESTMENT,, n0_reply@emailusa.infoTue May 25 2010Claims address: Groentenweg# 146, Nickerie, Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname, Suriname.
Baiziiyasso@yahoo.comMon May 24 2010Claims to be in United Kingdom.
MR. ZAINAIB BIN, info@un-fgn.orgMon May 24 2010Pretended delegate from United Nations to pay Nigerian 419 scam victims $1 Million each. This is a scam as well!
Phone: +23417657159, Mobile: +2348035317517.
MR MARK PETER, AKA NWACHUKWU (O) NWACHUKWU, Mrs. Sandra Colemarkpeter2010@live.comMon May 24 2010Running fake children's charity scam "for the children."
Claims address for UK Office: 12 Battery Road, London-England, and Western Union test question: Color, Answer: Blue.
Benjamin Linbenjaminlinsupplyptyltd@gmail.comFri May 21 2010Claims to be in Australia.
Anthony Greenbluestarltd@sify.comTue May 18 2010Claims to be from Australia.
Frank, merchandisesupply@gmail.comSun May 16 2010Claims address: Hauptstrasse 135, 10827 Berlin, Germany.
Paul Marzitto, President, Dominion Pty, May 14 2010Claims address: Greeting Dominion Pty LTD, 125, Collins Street, Hobart 7000, Australia (and also Canberra, Australia.)
Micheal,,, m50jones50@yahoo.comTue May 11 2010Claims to be in England but from The States. Currently living in Lagos, Nigeria.
Alain Weinrod, Alani Weinrodalani.weinrod@gmail.comSun May 9 2010Claims address: Alanwen Golden Store, Calle Principal #4, Palmer 00721, Puerto Rico. Phone: 504 355 8733.
Mrs Jennifer Philpott, Williams, westwardshipping@hotmail.comThu May 6 2010Claims to work for JENNY STORES INC., 87 RESERVE STREET, ANNANDALE, NSW, 2038 AUSTRALIA; Tel: 02 9767 5011
Fake shipper is: Westward Shipping Agency and Logistics ltd., no.33 Buildings Parker Ave, Felixstowe, Suffolf ip11 4ah, UK. Tel:- +44(0)7024085348, Fax:-+44(0)7024085255.
Basit Johnson, CEO of Craven Dunnill & Co Ltdbasitsupplies@gmail.comWed May 5 2010Claims address: Stourbridge Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV15 6AS, United Kingdom, Registered No. 6028, VAT REGISTRATION No. 274 1421 76, PHONE:+447031876059
Bradson Andrews, Bradson stores, Bradson,,,, bradsonandrewss@aol.comMon Apr 26 2010Claims address: Shop 19, Collins Place, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia. Ph: 1300 187019
Claims to be in the US, but has a company in Australia.
Claims address: 44 Nash Street, Gympie, Queensland 4570, Australia. Phone: 07 5481 2109.
James, adopt@puppy.comThu Apr 22 2010Running puppy scam.
Ken Smithonlinewithkensmith@yahoo.comFri Apr 23 2010Claims to be from Montreal, Canada, but in a conference in Spain.
Mrs Robin Montgomery (in Greece), Mr.Rexford Nelson, Freight & Logistics Manager, Accra-Ghana; NEL AIR FREIGHT LTD, Mr.James Brown, Mary,,, nelaircargo.shipping@gmail.comWed Apr 21 2010Stolen credit cards: MasterCard #xxxxxxxx01084073, Exp: 02/2009, CVV code: 073; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx01003032, Exp: 02/2009, CVV code: 032; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx98171441, Exp.: 04/2010, CVV code: 441; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx98151260, Exp: 04/2010, CVV code: 260; Visa #xxxxxxxx00301554, Exp: 06/2010, CVV code: 554; Visa #xxxxxxxx00306405, Exp: 06/2010, CVV code: 405; Visa #xxxxxxxx00307601, Exp: 06/2010, CVV code: 601. Pretended billing address: Mr.James Brown, 3000 Green Garden Rd, Aliquippa, PA, 15001; Wells Fargo Bank, 6005 Durand Ave, Racine.WI.5340.
Bank accounts for: MR LESLIE NII OKAI OKAI, ACCOUNT NUMBER :0150434744400, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd, Osu Branch, P.O.Box 729, Accra-Ghana, SWIFT SORT CODE :SCBLGHAC; Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, Tel +233-2-762817, Osu Branch, P.O.Box 729. Tel. :2289002369. Other phone # 617-365-6343 for bank. Another 'bank' phone: 1-800-555-4911 (actually a Walgreen's drug store!)
RAY MORGANraymorgansales@googlemail.comWed Apr 21 2010Claims to be in Manchester UK.
PASTOR SIMON, worldsshippers01@yahoo.comTue Apr 13 201027 Regent Chippendale, Sydney NSW 2008, AUSTRALIA, + 61 8 81112717.
Nico Evans, Nicolas Evans, Frank Lewis, OWNER, FRANCO PTY STORE, FRANCO INC, Frank Lewis, Richard Williams, Richard William, 'Mr,Richard Williams,', RICHARD INC, Flovino,,, sterlingtower009@gmail.comMon Apr 12 2010Claims shipping address: 1 (8864 or 3016) Nelson Place, Williamstown 3016, Victoria Australia; Tel.(03) 9397 5101.
Also claims address: 5655 Bourke Street Level 34, Melbourne, VIC 3000. Australia; Phone: 61 3 8641 41600.
Claims shipping address: NE CONSULT, 342 Bourke Street Level 34, Melbourne, VIC 3000. Australia.
Allanallanmoore818@gmail.comMon Apr 12 2010
Miss Rose Adamsroseadams2010@yahoo.comSat Apr 10 2010Standard Nigerian 419 scammer.
Peter Bebbpeterbebb90@gmail.comThu Apr 8 2010Claims to be from England. Address: 100 Perry Hill,Catford,London,SE6 4EY. Phone: +447024083818.
Sgt. Wayne D. Haley, 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Tikrit -, sgtwdhaley22@aol.comWed Apr 7 2010Advanced fee scam.
Baizi Aa.baizi@yahoo.comMon Apr 5 2010Running overpayment with counterfeit check scam.
Matthew brown, Mathew brown, MB SHOPPING MALL, OLIVER SUPPLIER,,, oliversupplierstore01@gmail.comWed Mar 31 2010Cannot spell own name. Claims address: 130 Royal Street, East Perth 6004 Australia. Phone: 61 8 8303 5422. Claims non-existent domain:
No 44, Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,Petaling, Selangor Darul Ehsan,Malaysia; phone +60 (0)3 7726 6540.
Ben Greybengrey31@yahoo.comSun Mar 21 2010Claims address: Vasco Company Limited, 6A Bradford Road, Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa 2007; Tel: +2711 616 7099; Fax: +2711 616 8300.
frank, speedsupply2k@gmail.comMon Mar 15 2010
Collen Claracollenclara@yahoo.comTue Mar 16 2010Claims to be located in London, United Kingdom. Phone +447011174406.
Angel, Mrs Alicia, newleapx@gmail.comWed Mar 10 2010Claims address: #4-19-5 Haramachida Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan.
Also claims: NEW LEAPX LTD, 2-14-3 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-Ku 100-0014, Tokyo Japan.
Mr Bruno Sankarabruno_sankara@yahoo.frTue Mar 9 2010Running inheritance scam. Tele:+226 78 30 07 15.
Uses name and address: REV (DR) WILLIAMS K. DOAMBA, FOREIGN REMITTANCE MANAGER, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (A.D.B), ADB ANNEX HOUSE 16--18 AVENUE LUNDUN LION. 01 BP 8337 OUAGADOUGOU 01, TEL:( 00226)5047-7827 FAX: 00226-5038 6466, OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA FASO. (Bank: email) ( Dead person for inheritance: MR RUDI HARMANTO.
dick west, Mr Micah, dicksonwestfirm@gmail.comSat Mar 6 2010Claims to be "a Legitimate And a Reputable money Lender."
Anthony Williams, Anthony Willsanthonysupply@aol.comSat Mar 6 2010Claims to be owner of Anthony Supply Company. Can't seem to figure out what his own name is.
Dr David John, Dr David J, Mr Jacob, Jacob, drdavidjohn1@tiscali.czFri Mar 5 2010Claims to be in Japan.
Howartd Mark, Howars Jackson, Mr. horward mark, Mrs. Janet Williams, UNION BANK PLC, UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLCunionbank90@gmail.comFri Mar 5 2010Running inheritance scam. Claims to be Group Managing Director/Chief Executive, Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, 15th-16th floors Stallion Plaza 36 Marina Lagos. And to be in league with Citi Bank, New York, Account Number: 6503809428.
Mrs. Jane Elliotmelliot42@yahoo.comThu Mar 4 2010Claims to work for Bank of Scotland, and to live in England and is a British citizen.
Melissa Hidalgo, Andria,, scorpy.supply101@gmail.comThu Mar 4 2010Claims business name and address: SCORPY SUPPLY LIMITED, 1/8A Prosperity Parade, Warriewood, NSW 2102, Australia, Tel: 0415 646877. Probably related to Flovino Bruno, since they both used the same form letter.
Also claims address: 89, Clayton South MDC, Victoria 3169, Australia.
Associated with Connie and Tiffany James located in Louisiana.
steve, steviemorganabn@inbox.comTue Mar 2 2010Running inhertitance scam. Claims to be located in the Netherlands and has a badly faked passport to prove it.
Mrs. Sole Ejilo Akor, Mrs. Sole E. Akor and son Tiego.e2400@btinternet.comWed Feb 24 2010Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be from Sierra-Leone but residing in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
Mr. Henry Billhenrybill1@f-mail.netWed Feb 24 2010Advanced fee scam using FBI as a scare tactic. Used forged headers so email appears to come from "FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBI.WASHINGTON D.C" <>. Payment to be made to The Central Bank of Nigeria, Phone: +234-8139461605; Address: 15 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
Basit Johnson, Craven Dunnill & Co Ltdbasitsupplies@gmail.comWed Feb 17 2010Claims address: Craven Dunnill & Co Ltd, Stourbridge Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV15 6AS, United Kingdom; Registered No. 6028, VAT REGISTRATION No. 274 1421 76; PHONE:+447031876059
Oscar Houston, Oscar HoustonOscar & Son Co Ltd.houston.oscar@yahoo.comTue Feb 16 2010Wants to pay by stolen credit card.
Latin, tundemi@lilmex1.orgTue Feb 16 2010
Andrew Tholazpery, Enquiries Feb 11 2010Pretends to be in London, UK. Wants money wired via Western Union to Andrew Tholazpery of 37 Inglis Road, London, W5 3RL, UK. Uses stolen photos.
Dr. Michael George, Dr.Marvin King of Canada, Egnr. Moses, suze@studiosuze.comMon Feb 8 2010Running inheritance scam.
Victor Marsdenvrmardsen@gmail.comSun Feb 7 2010Claims to be in "CA".
Mr. Larry, Mr Phil, Mr. Phil Larry, Mr.Bright,, intercargoinc@mail.comThu Feb 4 2010Fake shipping company: Inter Cargo Shipping Inc; bogus website:
Claims to run [dis]Honest Orphanage home, C/O Kingsley Jones, 32 Olumba South St, Accra..Ghana...00233.
Another fake address: 101 Fawn Place, Danville, CA 94526, United States
Stolen MasterCard #xxxxxxxx33703363, Exp. 08/2010, CVV2: 812
Mr.Chris Smith, Director of Natwest Bank London -- England Putney BranchWed Feb 3 2010
Peter Johnson, Martin Johnson, Chad,,,, xxx@roxboroci.comTue Feb 2 2010Escrow scam. Using fake businesses: Meridian Asset Management, Roxboro Capital Investment, Invest Now
Addresses: Level 20 & 21 Bastion Tower, 5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels, Belgium; Torre D, piso 4, Caracas, Centro Lido 1060, Venezuela (VE); PO Box 4120, Portland, OR 97208-4120
Phone: 1.2024700599, Fax: 1.8663666681
Also uses fake address in Hong Kong, UK, and Canada.
Lawson Clarksonlawson.clarkson@yahoo.comMon Feb 1 2010Uses stolen photos. Claims "ADRESS": 76 Oxford Street, LONDON, UK; PHONE: +447024105823.
francez maxyfrancez.maxy@gmail.comSun Jan 31 2010Claims "Am Francez from London" and address: 77 Erskine Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 6SA ENGLAND United Kingdom.
VIVIAN YAK, miss vivian justin, yakvivian@yahoo.cnSat Jan 30 2010Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be in Sudan.
Frank Lamafranklama.theradicigroup@gmail.comMon Jan 25 2010Claims to be an 'English Man, but lives and work here in Cairo'. Claims to be company Purchasing Manager.
Suzanne Robert, Miss Suzanne Zita, rsuzannezita@yahoo.comSat Jan 23 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be in Abidjan.
Michael Edwardmeedstoreinc@sify.comThu Jan 21 2010
Powell Christian, Barry Adams, Phillip Monty, Henwood Michael, Michael Henwood, Harry,,,, harry.harrythompson.thompson@gmail.comWed Jan 20 2010Claims to be in UK, working with MSC -Mediterranean Shipping Company (a fake company), phone: +44702 4093669. Uses stolen photos.
Claims address: 15 Church Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom.
Requested a PayPal payment as a PayPal gift which is not refundable.
Used a name of Andres Romero Garcia account in Spain.
John Feehanjohn_feehan@hotmail.comMon Jan 18 2010Running a donation scam. Claims to need "emergency funds" via Western Union.
Claims address: 55 Piccadilly, Manchester, MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM M1 2AP.
Yenita Philmlt0yeni@aol.comSun Jan 17 2010Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Not very creative!
Andrews Taylor, Andrewsandrewsoffice2@gmail.comSun Jan 17 2010
Fred Morganfreddymore18@gmail.comThu Jan 14 2010
Neal, melvin00200@googlemail.comTue Jan 12 2009Claims to be in London.
Mr Song Lee Li, Mr Lee, songlee@live.hkMon Jan 11 2009
lartey lartey, Mr James Smithprince.lartey121@gmail.comSun Jan 10 2010Claims to be from NY but wants stuff shipped to Ghana.
MR Rodalina Nanni, Purchase Manager Rodalina T Nanni, Rodalina T Nani, Tstore, Dec 10 2009Claims to be "an American, but lives and work here in Taiwan" and runs "a Store here in Seven Hills."
Claims address: No. 22, 7/F -B Chung Chen Road Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
Vivian, vivian.coulibaly@foxmail.comSat Jan 2 2010Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims house address. Avn 7 Rue 14 Zone 4 Abidjan Cote D'ivoire West Africa.
Mark Morganmarvisalan@yahoo.com26 Dec 2009Claims address: Manchanter, Bafalo, Aa99aa UK; and phone: +447024010859
Cpt. Mike, Capt. Michael Scholl, Capt.Michael,, cptmike@qwestoffice.netWed Dec 30 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be assigned to 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, western Anbar Province in Iraq.
path johnoluwafemi001@gmail.comTue Dec 22 2009Sent counterfeit check drawn on Suntrust Bank from The Thomas Nelson Publishers, return address: Michael Desanti of Mount Sainai, New York.
Laurie Downerldowner71@gmail.comTue Dec 22 2009Claims address: 10 Woodlands Gardens Romsey Hampshire SO51 7TE London,UK.
samht@rocketmail.comMon Dec 21 2009Claims address: Norfolk Towers Hotel, 34 Norfolk Place, London, W2 1QW
William King, Mr William, kelvinst@kidfriendlyproductions.orgSun Dec 20 2009
Roy Chambersroyequipment@gmail.comMon Dec 14 2009
Jonathan Lenonjonathan.lenon643@gmail.comFri Dec 11 2009Claims address: 178 free winds drive, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Micheal Spinoson09@gmail.comSun Dec 6 2009Claims to be in Australia.
Dr Richard R. JohnThu Dec 3 2009Running inheritance scam. Claims address: Natwest Bank London, England, Putney Branch, 153 Putney High Street, London SW15 1RX, United Kingdom.
Claims to be from Harlsden, North West London, England. Phone: +44-7024025551.
Elders Supplyamelia1655@gmail.comThu Dec 3 2009Claims address: 424 Gympie Road, Strathpine, Queensland, Australia.
Barrister Estevan Norberto,, barri.estevan@qatar.ioThu Dec 3 2009Running inheritance scam. Claims address: 143 Strand, London WC2R 1AP, England, United Kingdom.
Bailey Winterborn, Bailey Spares & Parts Ltd., Jerry McButton, Jerry McRichards,, Dec 2 2009Seems to focus on scamming related to cars.
Claims address: Floyd Spares House, 90 Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester, England. Phone: +447024054894.
Also claims address: McRichards Spares House, 50 Queens Road, Victoria Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, England.
Evangelist Mary, ma01wdrw@ymail.comMon Nov 30 2009Running yorkie puppy scam. Pretending to be on a "Christian Mission to Africa".
Qualls Myrnapierce.tonya57@gmail.comMon Nov 30 2009
Saeser Saesersaeser.saeser@yahoo.comWed Nov 25 2009Claims address: 74 Route de Sauverny, Geneva, CH-1290, Switzerland. Claims to be 72 years old.
Wendy Broxtonwendybroxton@yahoo.comThu Nov 19 2009Uses stolen photos to try to sell pinball parts.
Mark Larry, Rev. John Watkins, Sister Anita Owusu, Rebbecca Powers, Mr. Shaker Tetteh, bishop paul berry, bob,,,, fasttrack.ernest.shippers@gmail.comWed Nov 18 2009Claims to be sending product to Global Presbyterian Bible Church Orphanage Home. Uses fake shipper: James Powers, Fast Track Express Ship International Limited. Fake delivery address: Bishop Robert, Global Presbyterian Bible Church Orphanage Home, 8956, Makayonka St., Minsk, BY-220807. Belarus
Fake shipping address: Presbyterian Church Orphanage Home, 210 Pine Street, Accra Ghana 00233.
james smith, Richard, sm.james147@gmail.comTue Nov 17 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Can't decide on own name! Claims to have found money in Iraq near one of Saddam's palaces.
Barrister Lewis Chamber's, Secretary Barry Franklin, barr.frankroger@live.comTue Nov 17 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be in "United Arab Emirate". Claims secretary is in Benin du Republic.
Dixon Markdixonmark1@yahoo.comTue Nov 17 2009Claims to be located in Malta.
Tina Williams, martinstina_williams16553@yahoo.comTue Nov 17 2009
James Wallacefreeworld5050@gmail.comTue Nov 17 2009Uses Internet Relay to call and run his scams anonymously.
Richard HoustonunknownMon Nov 16 2009Claims to be from Houston, TX.
John Griffithsjohn.griffiths99@yahoo.comFri Nov 13 2009Uses stolen photos.
Jim Huntjhunt390@gmail.comFri Nov 13 2009Claims shipping address: 29-18, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033, Japan.
Mrs. Farida Waziricontac.waziri@inmail.skWed Nov 11 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chairperson in Nigeria. Claims address: ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION, 112 AVENUES, SURE ROAD, LAGOS/NIGERIA.
Sophia Martinsmercyofgodcomedown2me@yahoo.comThu Nov 5 2009Running a funeral scam. Pretending to be in Tennessee and the money was to be wired to: Roy Hackney, 241 North Central Ave, Watertown, Tennessee 37184 USA., Nov 4 2009Claims to live in Spain with a fake phone: 0207354347495. Attempting to sell a car and wants to be paid using a fake escrow service with Banned from
Lisa Taylorlisatay@sify.comTue Nov 3 2009Claims to be in UK.
Jimmy, classic part, paul, paulrobbison4@googlemail.comFri Oct 30 2009Claims address: 38 Pelham Road, London,SW19 1SX, UK, England; phone: +447035927245.
Timmy Belltimmybell101@yahoo.comWed Oct 28 2009Claims to be in Australia and New York!
Mr.Robert Bowderrobert.bowder@gmail.comTue Oct 27 2009
alanoffice10, Alanalanoffice10@gmail.comMon Oct 26 2009
francis detteh, Francis, Francis Na (owner) Francis And Son co Ltdfrancis.detteh@googlemail.comWed Oct 21 2009Claims address: 1243 Orange Ave, Coronado,CA 92118.
Dave OWEN, Mr Derek Satz, Dan,, danhanksupplier.inc01@gmail.comWed Oct 21 2009Claims address: 908 (or 108) Fernvale Rd Brassall, QLD 4305 Australia. Tel:+61 263 608479
SATZ SUPPLY INC, 1065 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA, 6008 Australia. Phone: +65 265 607475, Fax:+63 465 407489
967Macauley Street Albury, NSW 2640, Australia. Tel:+64 265 604474
Patrick Grunbergpatgrun101@gmail.comTue Oct 20 2009Claims address: Patgrun Store Ltd, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1020, NEW ZEALAND. Phone and fax: +64 4 122 18760.
Edward Brownedwardbrown996@gmail.comFri Oct 16 2009Claims odd partial address: N17 9YA London, United Kingdom. Phone:+447035989366.
Mrs. Kate Brumleykatebrumley55@aim.comWed Oct 14 2009Pretends to be a dying woman who has decided to donate money through a mark.
audey mattaudreymatt5@sify.comTue Oct 13 2009Claims to be from UK.
Geoff Dubeckgeoff_dubeck89@yahoo.comTue Oct 13 2009Claims to be from PA.
Unknowna.aizi@yahoo.comTue Oct 13 2009Claims to be in UK.
audey mattaudreymatt5@sify.comTue Oct 13 2009Claims to be in UK.
Rilwan Banks, Banks, Carlosrealbanks02@gmail.comTue Oct 6 2009Claims to be located at: 5F, Mizuho Building, 2-12-2 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0021 REP. OF japan.
John Clarkson, George Everest, Paul, Bill Peden, Melvin Cox, Mr Paul Wade, Mark Creek, Milton,,,,,,, milton.bergh@yahoo.comMon Oct 5 2009Claims address: 130 Shelburne Road, London N17 9YA, United Kingdom. Claims phone: +447024079228, 447024079228447, +447024055397, or +447024079228.
Also claims address: Melbourne Road, SE1 5AA London UK.
Also claims address: 111 Craven Hill Garden, EC2P 2EJ London, UK.
Tony, tonbrown70@gmail.comSat Oct 3 2009Claims to be senior staff with Nat West Bank London UK.
James Patton, Thomas Pattonjames.patton6@gmail.comWed Sep 30 2009Claims address: 42 Melbourne Road London Uk.
Alex Smith, Michael Millasovich, Williams James, Rianna Christopher, Lenore Rebach, LASERVISION,,,, manager.morgan@gmail.comWed Sep 30 2009Uses address: 50 Carters Road, Dural, Sydney, NSW 2158, AUSTRALIA.
Address is a real address seemingly chosen at random and belongs to someone who does not know the scammer.
Kattie Moalkattiemoal22@gmail.comMon Sep 28 2009
Joseph Kousa, Jos, Jose, Whit, whitpoll24@gmail.comMon Sep 27 2009Claims to be a Canadian but currently working in the UK.
ogbe okiliogbeokili@yahoo.comSat Sep 26 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be from Sudan but living in Ghana.
sale pinball, Pauler kingsalepinball@ymail.comWed Sep 23 2009Claims to be in London, UK. Uses 'First Flight' shipping company in the UK. Uses stolen photos.
Mr. Badadare u, Badadarebadadare@live.comMon Sep 21 2009Claims to be in London, phone: +447045790480
Andreaandreashop@netzero.netFri Sep 18 2009Claims to be from Andrea Shop Singapore in Singapore.
Jim Spinjim_spin@rediff.comTue Sep 15 2009In Malta?
Daniel Linconlincon.daniel@yahoo.comTue Sep 15 2009Says: "I am Daniel lincon By Name"
Daniel Downer, Logistic Express, DEE DOWNER PRODUCTS LIMITED (Business license No:DEE 2844/QLD 4124), logisticexpressinc@yahoo.comMon Sep 14 2009Claims to be located at: 394 Hamilton-Brisbane Australia 4716; phone + 61 (7)986433271, but shipper is Logistic Express, % Barney Barber, 3902 Oaklawn, Jackson,MS USA 39206.
George Browngeorge_b200075@yahoo.comMon Sep 7 2009
Paulino Medina, Mr Paul Medina, Mr Paulpaulinomedina8976@gmail.comTue Aug 25 2009
Bruce McElroy, August Smith, James Wilson, John Shannon (Owner),,,, mccoymerchantfreight@rock.comThu Aug 20 2009Claims address: 5159 Mission St #903, San Francisco, CA 94112 [which happens to be a surplus store in SF.]
Stolen credit cards: MasterCard #xxxxxxxx00254703, Exp. 04/2010, CVV code: 311; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx00254471, Exp. 04/2010, CVV code: 453; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx00256237, Exp. 04/2010, CVV code: 051
Fake Shipping Company and 'Agent': Capt. McCoy, Merchant Freight Company
Delivery Address: John And Sons Co, 20th Corp Street, Stolkholm Sweden
Mrs. Grace Obanna, MRS.GRACE, mrs.graceobanna@yahoo.comWed Aug 19 2009
Mr. Abraham Lugioabrahamlugio@yahoo.comTue Aug 18 2009
Mr Tony Adamsmr.tonyadams@ymail.comSun Aug 16 2009
Dominic Kent, Bill Jack, Mona, Mr. Benson,,,, brbrd56762396@gmail.comMon Aug 10 2009Claims to be in Korea. Fake shipping company: Kim Young, Yelwa Service and Shipping Logistics, Kings Park NY 11754
Fake address: 341-45 Dangni-dong, Saha-gu, Busan 604-831, Republic of Korea
Cahillcahill2003@yahoo.frSat Aug 8 2009
Rainer Doeckerainerdoecke122@gmail.comTue Aug 4 2009Claims to be located in the UK.
Anthony Rodgersrodgers2luv@yahoo.comThu Jul 30 2009Claims to have been robbed with his son shot. Says he travels the world working but lives in Augusta, Georgia. Phone: 706-955-4875.
Also claims to like in London, UK.
Sandra, s_owen05@virgilio.itWed Jul 29 2009Guilty donor scammer claiming to be in new york city usa and deaf.
sarah marksonmarksonsarah51@gmail.comMon Jul 27 2009Uses stolen photos to try to sell stuff she does not have.
Dr Donald Perryperry.donald70@gmail.comMon Jul 27 2009Claims to have mailing address in Longmont, CO, but wants merchandise shipped to an 'orphanage' in Ghana.
Uses stolen credit cards.
Mr Peter Jul 26 2009Claims to have rare mint condition old motorcar parts and live in London, UK, +44 70359 36444, +44 70457 37921.
Mr. Michael Jul 26 2009Running inheritance scam. Pretends to be in England working as an 'auditor' for a bank.
Wenne Brittan, LEKAN OLADEJIwennebrittan@yahoo.comFri Jul 24 2009Address: No 21 ANFANI LAYOUT, IBADAN, NIGERIA, 23402
KRISTINAloveworlddss@gmail.comThu Jul 23 2009Claims to be from Germany.
John Walker, Lohan Walkermystoreshopper1111@gmail.comThu Jul 23 2009Claims to work in Cairo Egypt.
Mr. Pins, pins@london.comWed Jul 22 2009UK NATIONAL Lottery scam. Tel: +4470-3593-1390.
Steve Houston, smith houstonshouston81@gmail.comTue Jul 21 2009Claims to live in UK and has a badly faked passport to prove it.
Graham Davey, Paul, psmith473@googlemail.comSun Jul 19 2009Claims address: 30 London Street Edinburgh Midlothian EH3 6NA.
Claims address: 67 Sixth Avenue London,Uk
Claims phone: +447011174042.
Mr. David Moore, Mr James Wellington, (claims to be FedEx Online Team Management), Jul 3 2009Running FedEx scam.
Greg,, gregsconsult@googlemail.comThu Jul 2 2009Claims to be in Malaysia.
James A TidymanThu Jul 2 2009Claims to be from Fir Lane, Hayden, ID. But fake check sent from Florida.
Paul Clear, Dr Paul, Umar Sanda, Mourice, zamba_shippers@yahoo.comTue June 30 2009Zamba Shipping Company, USA
DELIVERY ADDRESS IN AUSTRALIA (happens to be in Ghana!): Gabriel Paapa Quanah, Calvary Baptist Church, 25 Kanda Ave,Block 55, Accra - Ghana 00233 or 90 Ring Road West, 00233, Accra, Ghana
Had a "Church meeting in UK"
Phone: +44 703 186 6968
Vanessa Hoptonvanehopt@yahoo.comMon Jun 29 2009Claims to be in Camaroon.
James Moorejamesmoore2g20@yahoo.comSun Jun 28 2009
Pamela KerryFri Jun 26 2009Wanted money 'Western Unioned' to Gladys Cowell, 137 S.W. 116th St., WA. Used stolen Visa #xxxxxxxx03733586, Exp. 11/2010, CVV code: 928.
Fax: (206) 666-7356.
Fran Mallorymallory_me@yahoo.comThu Jun 25 2009Claims to be out of the country.
James Pisanta, Owner--Pisanta Products Pvt., jamesp@pisantaproductspvt.comThu Jun 25 200982 Melbourne St North, Adelaide SA 5006. Australia
Scot White, Scott Whitescotwhite23@yahoo.comThu Jun 4 2009Claims to have hard-to-find pinball parts and uses stolen photos as proof.
Engineer George M. Robert, Linda Owen (Nurse), Engineer, en.georgerobert@prodigy.netThu Jun 4 2009Claims to be Engineer George M. Robert, 53years old, dying and a citizen of "Australian", but based in England and "born as orphan", and stinking rich. Standard inheritance scam. Wants you to create Memorial Foundation named ROBERT GEORGE FOUNDATION. Doesn't seem to know his own name.
Barr. Larry June 2 2009Running inheritance scam. Claims address: KHUMA & ASSOCIATES, 8 Gerald Arden Road, Pretoria, South Africa. Phone: +27 730 538 898.
Jackson Andryjacksonloanfirm@gmail.comSun May 31 2009Claims to be located in New York, Iowa 10006, with a phone: +2348054635833
James, james_cool@aol.comSat May 30 2009Claims to be in Germany.
Tricia Marrino, Johnson, Mr Orlando Jonhson, John Watt, Levexpress Courier,, May 29 2009Claims to be 'busy on Oil rig with my collouges' with the address: 33,Bishop carunna street, msida city Malta,356
Also claims to be in Ukraine at: Pochtovaya str. 26, Lugansk, 91055, Ukraine
Walter J. Sperko, Walter Sperko, WALKER FOLKER, Patrick .O. Tavare, Patrick Tavare, NZSHOPPATRICKTAVARE.NZ, TAVARELIMITED, RD.LIMITED in DUNESBIN,,,,,,,,,,,, patricktavare01@gmail.comMon May 25 2009Claims address: 67 Greenbell, King Str Dunedin, 90161, New Zealand
Also claims address: 378 (or 40) Great King Street, Dunedin, 9016 (or 90161), New Zealand. Phone: +64 3 477 6945, +64 3477 6597.
Also claims address: 57 Greenbell King Str, Dunedin, 90161, New Zealand
Claims to have shipping agent in Louisiana: Kym-toi James, 501 lakeside road, kentwood, louisiana 70444.
Stolen credit cards: Visa #xxxxxxxx32302132, Exp. 05-2009, CVV code 333; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx08148023, Exp. 05-2009, CVV code 564; Visa #xxxxxxxx54126674, Exp. 03-2011, CVV code 837; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx29386385, Exp. 02-2010, CVV code 761; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx29386203, Exp. 02-2010, CVV code 862; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx29381105, Exp. 02-2010, CVV code 159; MasterCard #xxxxxxxx57363325, Exp. 03-2009, CVV code 932; Visa #xxxxxxxx57363325, Exp. 03-2011, CVV code 722.
Wants stolen funds wired to: DEBORAH HORNE, 465 audubon ct, Radcliff, KY 40160
Mark Hayfordmarkhayford09@gmail.comMon May 25 2009Claims business and address: Mark & Son's Equipment Inc, 1 Arbor lea circle P.O box 7642, Doylestown,18901,PA.
Denis Cole, Jamie CallowayMon May 25 2009
Sybil Gonzales, Betty Frasure, Wisdom Shipping and Cargo,, sbl.gonzaless@gmail.comWed May 20 2009Claims to be from "The Institute of International Education". The "shipping agent" (the probable crook) is Joy Settle, 10 Green Dr Lot A, Goldsboro, NC 27534
Sent counterfeit check pretending to be from Chase Bank.
Fake company: Management Inc Freight/Cargo Dept., Developed By World Web Visions, Transportation Services 2008, Reed Business Information.
Wants stolen funds wired to: JOY SETTLE, 201, GREENE DR LOT A, GOLDSBORO NC 27534, UNITED STATE
Fletcher Scottscotflecther23@yahoo.comMon May 18 2009Claims address: 45 Old Manchester Road, UK.
Frank Robertfrankrobert_77@yahoo.comSun May 17 2009Claims to be "located within the states".
Dennis Fosterdennis_fos112@yahoo.comFri May 15 2009Claims to be in New York, Bronx.
Larry Marcolarryvisitme@live.comThu May 14 2009
Harris Wright, Harris.Wharris2468@gmail.comWed May 13 2009Claims to be in Panama City, Panama. Also claims to be in a "tourism programme."
Marcus Whalesmarcuswhales@gmail.comWed May 13 2009Claims to be in Spain.
Also claims to be in Panama City, Panama.
Claim address: KINOKUNIYA COMPANY LTD, 1581 Webster Street, San Francisco,,CA 94115, U.S.A.
Mr Drazell Benbendrazell02@gmail.comFri May 8 2009"chairman of Foreign payment Department". Standard Nigerian 419 scammer.
Scott Smithscott_smith009@yahoo.comThu May 7 2009
Paul, paulbrentee@gmail.comSun May 3 2009Inheritance scam. Phone: +447031961664
Madam Juliet Amanda, Mrs Juliet Amandajulietamanda@gmail.comFri May 1 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be from Sierra Leone, but may be in Ivory Coast.
Gary Apr 29 2009Claims to be in UK.
James Markjames_mood002@yahoo.comTue Apr 28 2009Claims to be in Holland.
Dominic, valleypsi@googlemail.comMon Apr 27 2009Claims to be in Korea. Fake shipping company: Jet Service & Shipping Logistics, Contact Name: Karla Bailey, Houston, TX 77019.
Jim Moorejimoore89@gmail.comFri Apr 24 2009Claims to be from PA.
Anderson Cooperandersonstore001@gmail.comFri Apr 24 2009Claims a New Zealand order, but shipping to Australia.
Bob Terrybob_terry002@yahoo.caTue Apr 21 2009
David Peter, David & Susan Peter, David & Susan Peter's, Fred,,, tudorfreight01@live.comThu Apr 16 2009Claims to be a "christain missionary in africa" with "International Teams Missionary USA", with wife and "3kids". Sends "Greetings to you from the house of the lord". Wants money sent by Western Union to: TEMI GEORGE; Address: 13 ODE AVE,IKEJA, LAGOS,NIGERIA, 23401; Security question: "Who is the greatest?"; Answer: "God".
Fake shipping company: TUDOR FREIGHT COURIER COMPANY. Fake phone number in africa :+2348080803772.
[Please be aware that there is a legitimate shipping company Tudor International Freight Limited that is not affiliated with these scams.]
Mr. Vincent, Mr.Akoko.@inmail24.comThu Apr 9Trying to sell gold dust from Ghana.
Paul, ileerushipping@deliveryman.comFri Apr 3 2009
Mrs. Sharon Oneil of Sloan Lending Tree a 'registered financial company'urgentfinance@hotmail.comWed Apr 1 2009Runs a loan scam or identity theft--not sure.
Fake phone and location: 210-973-8339, Law Way, CA 95051 USA
Sherman Klumpshermank004@live.comTue Mar 24 2009Wants stolen money wired sent by Money Gram to: Maria Ianitti, 200 East Parkcenter Boulevard, Boise ID 83726.
Claims address of: Sherman Klump, 1461 constitution lane, Emmett ID 83617.
Fred Colefredcole_1980@yahoo.comMon Mar 23 2009Preys on craigslist ads.
Sandra Thomas, Latty Williams, Robert Wallace, Susan, Sarah Williams, Peter Cole in Illinois, Pamela Kerry, Bobby Frey, Mueenat Shittu, Sandra Burnson, Johnson, Mr Andrew, Anna,,,,,,,,,,, johnsoncol@yahoo.comMon Mar 16 2009Another winner of a name! Wanted money 'Western Unioned' to Sandra Burnson, Moratti Bingerson, Mabel Gates, or Anna Gillson, 101 Academy Street, South Orange, NJ 07079.
Also claims to be from Staten Island, NY.
Wanted money Western Union'ed to Paul Jean Baptiste 1401 NW 116th Ter, Miami, FL 33167-3239 and faxed WU receipt to 206-338-3229.
Another time wanted money Western Union'ed to scott jean baptiste, 1695 W. 49th Street #1504, Hialeah, FL 33012 and faxed WU receipt to 206-339-6649.
Also uses Internet Relay for the hearing impaired. [If you ever get one of these calls, tell the operator you do not accept anonymous calls and hang up. Almost no deaf people need this service. It is widely abused.]
Claimed "Delivery Service": Mike Jones 101 Academy St. South Orange NJ 07079. Referred to (a malware site) as the shipping company and then used a gmail account for the shipping contact!
Sent counterfeit check via UPS Overnight (tracking #K0272184773).
Wanted stolen money wired to Michel Jean Cheramy, 900 West 49th Street, Hialeah 33012 Florida, and the WU receipt faxed to: 206-339-6649.
John Owise, Owise Company Limitedowisecompany11@yahoo.comWed Mar 11 2009Claims to be located at: #23 Kanda Rd., Kanda, Ghana 00233; phone: 233205313024
Mr. Nketia Richard, Richison Freight International, Mr. Richard Nketia, Fast Freight Internationalrichison.shiping1971@gmail.comWed Mar 11 2009Claims to be located at: 186 Silver Star Ave., Accra, Ghana 00233; Phone: 233244570968
Henry, collins@yahoo.comMon Mar 9 2009Claims to be in Amsterdam, NY 12010.
Evelyn Posey, Smith, Smith Joe of Electrical Supplysmithelectrical.joe4@gmail.comMon Mar 9 2009Fake address: 17 Stuyvesant Oval, Apt 7H, New York, NY 10009.
Mel, Melphis Collins, Marketing Manager, Liberty, Libertygames.coliberty.game_uk@yahoo.comFri Mar 6 2009Not the real Liberty Games.
Mr. Gary Paltongarypal23@yahoo.comFri Mar 6 2009Claims to be from Madrid Spain, but lives in London. Phone: +447035905181.
Julio Mar 6 2009
williamsjhnsn.williams@gmail.comMon Mar 2 2009Claims to be in New Zealand.
Greg Mooregreg_moore01@ymail.comSun Mar 1 2009
Mikky, Michael, mikky_collins_47@yahoo.comFri Feb 27 2009Claims to be a Real Estate developer.
george_pritchardgeorge_pritchard30@yahoo.comFri Feb 27 2009
Dimitiri Williamzinidimiti.williamzini@live.comThu Feb 26 2009
Jason Perryjason.perry59@ymail.comThu Feb 26 2009Claims to live in Atlanta, GA, but writes like he lives in Africa or England.
john.lewis2000john.lewis2000@gmail.comThu Feb 26 2009Pretends to have recently moved from Glendale AZ. Also pretends to be deaf so he can anonymously call using hearing impaired relay services.
James Cole, james c, Dr.James Cole, Dr. James, Dr.Cole, Mark,, mrjamespc@yahoo.comMon Feb 23 2009Claims shipper address: Atlas Freight Shipping, 47 Riverdale ave., Yonker.Ny. 10701
Claims shipping address: 54 kanda highway st., kanda accra, ghana.
Claims wife works at the United Nations.
Patrick Banyamulenge, Mr Patrick, Mr.Patrick Banyamulenge,, patrickbanyamulenge4@gmail.comSat Feb 21 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Phone?: 00233-205210176. Pretends to be 40 years old, a Gambian in the Republic of Congo.
BEN STEFARIb_stefari@rediffmail.comWed Feb 18 2009Claims to be from "london uk" with phone: +447031952786. And claims to use "scarlet deliverycourier".
Lanyi Lemolanyi.lemo@yahoo.comTue Feb 17 2009Standard Nigerian 419 type scammer. TEL:+228-917-85-39
Andy Broxtonandybroxton@yahoo.comTue Feb 10 2009Claims to have parts advertised as wanted. Steals photos from eBay. Claims to live in Canning City East London, England.
williams jennyjenny.williams58@gmail.comMon Feb 9 2009Claims to be based in UK at "Newcastle Upon Tyne, near the airport."
Jack Lawsonjacklawson52@yahoo.comFri Feb 6 2009
Mary Holy, Ms Mary, Feb 3 2009Claims to be in Abidjan. Probably a Nigerian 419 type scammer.
Mr. Daniel Boateng, Branch Manager, International Commercial Bank, Kumasi Branch Ghanadanielboateng@live.comTue Feb 3 2009Standard Nigerian 419 scammer.
Jeff ParkerSTILLJENNYSKY009@YAHOO.COM, betawayshipping2477@gmail.comMon Feb 2 2009Claims to be in Australia.
Also claims to be in "UNITED STATE OF AMERICA" and name is now "JEFF PARKEREUROSOURCESUPPILY LTD90661 N. Black Canyon Hwy.Phoenix, Arizona 85023, USA
Claims fax: 404-336-980.
Bin Husaine Feb 1 2009Claims to be from Malaysia.
Mr Smith Samloveme.smith@yahoo.comFri Jan 30 2009Phone?: 5036653195
Kandi Powellquick2service@aol.comThu Jan 29 2009Claims to be located in Dorchester MA.
Miranchamimira@yahoo.comTue Jan 20 2009Claims to be located at: Johanesberth, South Africa, po box 1423. Tried to sell a non-existent pinball machine with stolen pictures. Offers to sell drugs too!
Dave Lucianodluciano4@gmail.comMon Jan 19 2009Claims to be in Australia.
tom Hillstomhills32@yahoo.comTue Jan 6, 2009Claims to be in Atlanta, Georgia.
Emma Iteeg, mr Emma Iteegoemmaiteego3@yahoo.comSat Dec 13 2008Invites others to 'WesternUnion'. Pretends to have called but never actually called. Pretends to have a Western Union payment by 'this Unn governemnt' for you to pick up. Phone?: +229 98731082. Contact person Mr Thomas Harry Email: The Western Union information to pick up the money: MTCN: 9774380393, Sender's Name: William Saint, Text Question: God, Answer: BLESS, Amount: USD5000.00. [These crooks rely on people's greed!]
helen cokerhelen.coker010@gmail.comWed Dec 10 2008Claims to be in United kingdom. Claims to want to ship 'item' to a 'client' in roro port in coutonou, the republic of Benin.
olamiji shittuolaspart001@yahoo.comWed Dec 10 2008
MACUS JACKmacus_jack_danddy@yahoo.comTue Dec 2 2008
Penelope Brownbrown2381@gmail.comMon Dec 1 2008Claims to be in Australia.
Frank Geddins?Mon Dec 1 2008Claims to be from the UK. Pretended to have a pinball machine backglass, received payment, and never shipped it.
Sgt.David Abottdavidabott4@yahoo.comTue Nov 25 2008Claims to be a master sgt. of The US Marine Corps in Iraq. Very similar scam to Nigerian 419 scam. Can't even spell own name correctly.
Alissa Nov 25 2008Claims to be from Abidjan with an inheritance for investment.
Frankmanama.frank@yahoo.inSun Nov 23 2008He says: "I AM CONTACTING YOU TO ASSIST TO MAKE CLAIM OF $12.7 FROM MY BANK AND GET 30%.GET BACK FOR DETALS". This guy is a moron! It looks like he's offering $3.81!
Edward Chapman Jredchapmanjr1_8@yahoo.comSat Nov 22 2008Claims to be dying and wants to donate to charity through someone he does not know.
John Ericjoheric.eric@yahoo.comWed Nov 19 2008
Dr. Usman,, usmanbelloproject@walla.comSat Nov 15 2008Claims to be a member of the Federal Government of Nigeria Contract Award and Monitoring Committee in the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). He is funny!
Desmond Eyademadeyadema58@yahoo.comSat Nov 15 2008Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be in Ghana.
Solomon Dacosta, Mr D. Solomonsolomon_dacosta@yahoo.comWed Nov 5 2008Claims to be in Dublin, Ireland with address: 146 Drayton High Road, NR8 6AN; and phone: 01375851705.
Martins Bakermbakeraviation@yahoo.comTue Nov 4 2008Claims address: 443 Morea Street Oceanside, TEXAS. Fake phone 516-609-4000.
Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Ellis Jonathan, Director or Executive Director, Mutual Consulting Servicesmutualconsults@consultant.comMon Nov 3 2008Claims to be in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Business Avenue Building, Ground Floor, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Road, Dubai. P. O. Box: 44992
Cell Phone: +971508753597, Tel: +971-45550028, Fax: +971-45550028
Mr. Sam Brown, Mrs. Sandra Williams, Fedex Courier Company, Paul, Nov 3 2008Falsely claims to be with FedEx, Nigeria Head Office 70 International Airport Road Mafoluku, Lagos Nigeria. Tel:.+234-7086501297.
Mr Oleg, olegivanovich09@yahoo.inMon Nov 3 2008Claims to be seeking 'partnership' to invest.
Phillip Smiles, Warren, oneandonlyexpresscargo@gmail.comTue Oct 21 2008Claims to be from Harvard Illinois, but wants stuff shipped to Australia.
Adam Lancasterradion33on@gmail.comThu Oct 16 2008Running lots of Craigslist ads for items well under market value. Claims to be away on vacation in Canada.
Mark Nostrodamus, Mr. Nostrodamusnostrodamusfamily@yahoo.comWed Oct 15 2008Claims address of: Coker Read, SW4. Phone: +447035916387 or 07035916387.
James?james_carllo21@yahoo.comTue Oct 14 2008
Jill Levinejill_store01@yahoo.comTue Oct 14 2008Claims to be in Australia.
MRS Mrs. Julian Oct 10 2008Claims phone: 02084781433. Claim to 'have a little hearing problem' so you have to use email.
Davedavepato@rocketmail.comTue Oct 7 2008Might be in the UK.
Smith Klin, Office Cool, officefileus101@gmail.comThu Oct 2 2008Claims to have store located in Mississippi, USA and UK. Addresses: Office Cool Ltd, Smith Klin, 300 Campway Street, Hudson Falls, NY 12839; (fake) phone 523 478 3789. Also: Office Cool Ltd, 475 Townsend St, Dublin 2, Ireland; phone +447031841769.
Dr. Tommy Sitholetommy1_sithole@yahoo.comSun Sep 21 2008Standard Nigerian 419 scammer with phone: +27-83-983-5788 and claims to be in South Africa. How do these guys make up these names? This one is definitely a winner!
John Lorryjn.lorry771666@yahoo.comSun Sep 14 2008Claims to want to order 'post hole drills' and pay with a stolen credit card. Claims fake address: 1 abor lea circle, Doylestown Pa 18901.
Stanley Tiipsstanleytips5@yahoo.comSun Sep 7 2008
Jerry Flowersjerrychristlike@yahoo.comSun Sep 7 2008Shipping information: JERRY FLOWERS/CEO, KELEBOSHKI HOLDINDS LLC, 20 SABKAH ROAD, BUR DUBAI,DUBAI, UAE.97150, CONTACT NUM:+971501503506
Polopoloadsbuyer@aim.comSat Aug 30 2008
William Emnacoemnacowilliam2@gmail.comThu Aug 28 2008
mories mooregoodnews1001@rocketmail.comThu Aug 28 2008Running counterfeit check scam. Wants overpayment wired to: Amy Devereaux, 102 Transportation Road, Dixon, MT 59831.
Claims to live at: 343 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230 (which is a non-existing address.)
Dorathy Septontrustgod112@yahoo.comWed Aug 27 2008
Tarren Suttergudeg_workshop@hotmail.comWed Aug 27 2008Shipping address used: Aldino Miosky Blk 1815 Geyland Bahru #01-05, Kallang Distripark,SG 339716, Singapore; Phone: 628 122 708 0001
Richard Junker or Tonia Tella, T&S International, toysjones@gmail.comFri Aug 22 2008Claims to be located in Philippines and also with stores in England. Claims address: Sales & Marketing Office, Unit 708b City&Land Megaplaza, ADB Ave. cor. Garnet Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. Claims also Phone #:+632-6356080, phone#+4407031800932, Fax #:+632-6356081.
Davies Aug 12 2008Claims address: 1, Mill Way, Bushey, Hertfordshire WD23 2AF; and phone: 01375851705.
David Richarddavid_richard78@yahoo.comMon Aug 11 2008Claims address: 81, Mill Way, Bushey, Hertfordshire, WD23 2AF, UK; phone: 0781489010
Jeffrey Tanfutura99@gmail.comFri Aug 1 2008Claims address: Fastran F.S, 115 Airport Crg Rd. #01-30 Crg Agent Building C, Changi, 819466, Singapore; Phone 65-56517372. Uses stolen credit cards: Mastercard #xxxxxxxx71725016, Exp 07/2010; Visa #xxxxxxxx28864384, Exp 09/2009; Visa #xxxxxxxx12016073, Exp 04/2009.
Mr Alan Aug 1 2008Claims telephone 07024032818.
Dennis, denparts7777@gmail.comFri Jul 25 2008Claims to be in Australia.
Mr Tom Brucetom.bru1011@gmail.comTue Jul 22 2008Claims to be in Korea.
charlescharple@gmail.comcharlescharple@gmail.comThu Jul 17 2008Claims to be in Australia and wants to pay by stolen credit card.
Kelly Timkellytim20001@gmail.comSat Jul 12 2008Wants to use stolen credit card. Claims to be in West Africa (Nigeria).
Mr. Kelvin Woodardkwpuxdard2@gmail.comSun Jul 6 2008Claims to be in Malta.
Marc, marc.miller12@yahoo.comThu Jul 3 2008
Mr. Paul Zulupaulzulu2007@hotmail.comWed Jul 2 2008Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be Senior Auditor (African Bank) in South Africa. Tel: 0027 833 377 292, Fax: 0027 865 406 775
Helen Edwardedwardhelen45@yahoo.caTue Jul 1 2008Standard Nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be in Sierra-Leone with Tel:00225 07 59 8653
James Lynsatsupplier09@gmail.comTue Jul 1 2008Claims to be located at SAT Supplier Co, Unit 6, 11-21 Underwood Road Homebush NSW 2140 Australia
larry garisonlarrygarison@yahoo.comSun Jun 29 2008
Karibe,, Jun 25 2008Claims to be in London, UK
Mariah Robertamarbertastore@yahoo.comMon Jun 23 2008Can't spell. Claims to be in UK with phone: +447024063955. Uses return address of Pat-techne inc, 3 Terri Lane, Burlington, NJ.
?, tosibe1@letmecheckanotherplace.bizMon Jun 23 2008Claims to be in Australia.
Andrew Kienmanager@generalinventory.comTue Jun 17 2008Claims shipping address: FASTRAN FORWARDERS SERVICES Pte.Ltd. QQ FREYA, inventory Company Pte Ltd, 115, Airport Cargo Road. #01 - 30 Agent Building C, SINGAPORE 819466, Contact Person: Reiman. Billing address: Company: FREYA inventory Company Pte Ltd, Name: Andrew Kien, Address: 152, Paya Lebar Road #02-01 Citipoint, Industrial Complex, City: Singapore, Country: Singapore, Zip: 409020, Phone: +6598704873. Stolen credit card: Mastercard, Expires 02/11, Number: 5407070008274871, CVV2:671
Shaun T., tiegate@yahoo.comTue 10 Jun 2008Like most scammers, calls himself by his last name 'Gate'.
Ken Scotknsct8444@gmail.comSat Jun 7 2008Claims to be in Australia.
Tom Jun 4 2008
Mr. & Mrs. Williams, Mr Sunny Mall, or Engr Sunny Mail (he can't spell his own name!), Jun 2 2008Claims to be an engineer based in Dublin Ireland. Phone: 02084781433 (most certainly fake.) Also uses phone: 02089207391. States they are family from West Yorkshire but uses a London number. Postcode is Central Bradford. Pretends to have a hearing problem.
Tony Billtonybill09@yahoo.comSat May 31 2008Calls himself Rev Tony!
paul walkerpaulwalker41@yahoo.comThu May 29 2008
Mark Clarnmark_clarn01@rediff.comThu May 29 2008
brayant connel or May 24 2008
Mark Larrytshirtretailerca@gmail.comThu May 22 2008Claims to be in Califonia.
MR SCOTT SMITHscottsmith1211@yahoo.comSat May 17 2008Claims address: 43 GBAMGBOSE STREET, LAGOS ISLAND, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA, ZIP CODE;23401, PHONE....23414192536, world.moves@hotmail.comTue May 13 2008Claims address: 139 MILBURNAve, MELBURNE, NSW, AUSTRALIA
still natty cool, Steenvent Alex, Alex Steenvent (can't seem to figure out his name)stillnatty@yahoo.comFri May 9 2008Claims to be from united State of America
Dr. Ken Martins, Mike Hamclose324@yahoo.comFri May 9 2008Writes like a west african. Claims to be in Africa, yet has US address and phone number: 3244 Salem Court, Apt# 12, Michigan city, Indiana, 446360, Tel: 2198781315
Cliff Klesserklesser102117@yahoo.comThu May 8 2008Stupid enough to not fill in all the blanks on the form letter scam email!
Mrs Shena Whiteshenawhite@gmail.comMon Apr 14 2008Claims to live in Cameroon, and to be from USA working as a US PEACE CORP volunteer.
Donald Bradykatnotail@charter.netSat Apr 5 2008Claims to be Manager/CEO EuroSource Supplies Inc., a US company operating a sourcing and distribution business in Europe.
Phemmy Jonespjones1010@yahoo.comSun Mar 16 2008Used overpayment with counterfeit check scam.
david hamiltondavidhamilton121@live.comMon Mar 10 2008Claims to be in Canada.
Unknownduane_th070@yahoo.comTue Feb 19 2008
Robert Feb 2 2008Claims to be in the United Kingdom.
John Jan 13 2008Claims to be in the United Kingdom.
Ansen Philip, Jonathan Kings, Bright Smith, Mark Bowell, Jeff,,,,, bright_00845@yahoo.comThu Jan 3 2008Claims a phone: +447024017961. Probably the same scammer as Cyril Sanwo, Cyril Philip, and Donald Ann below.
Joanna Millerj.millly@yahoo.comFri Dec 28 2007
Mrs Sandra Santossantos200777@yahoo.comSat Dec 8 2007Called him/herself Mrs Santos.
Kingsley Neonkingsleysleek047@yahoo.comWed Dec 5 2007Claims to be located in East ridge, tn 37412 and have a phone of 423-544-3772.
Shalane Hunter, Richard Scottshalane_hunter64@yahoo.comWed Nov 7 2007Names are probably fake just like just about everyone here. Phone: +447011129599, +447024013019 (this one might actually work.) Claims to be in UK, but is not.
Jeremy Robertsanydayuptodatefreight@gmail.comSat Nov 10 2007Phone: 206-309-0509. Wanted money sent to Rosemary Penley, 124 Pittsburgh Mills Cir, Cheswick, PA 15024. Phoney check sent from 62 Stonehedge Drive Glenmoore, PA 19343.
Tony Brinkstony_bricks@hotmail.comSat Nov 10 2007Fake check sent from PA area.
Markson Eddy, Eddy, or Mr Oct 31 2007Claims to be from UK. Can't decide on fake name.
Aaron Garcia, or Garcia of Images Auctionb_moore1313@yahoo.comSat Oct 27 2007Claims Residence in United Kingdom. Also claims to live in NYC and to have a financial agent in Florida.
Richard,, richardhutchings0001@gmail.comFri Oct 19 2007Fake phone: (571) 748-3588. Calls himself Richards or Jerry.
Williams Smithwillysmith65@uymail.comWed Oct 10 2007
peter drinkwalterspeter_drinkwaters@yahoo.comSat Oct 6 2007
olayinka alliyoungesstdodondawa@yahoo.comFri Oct 5 2007
Mr Collins Brown Beshir, or Collins Browncollinsbrown21us@yahoo.frSun Sep 30 2007Claims mailing address of: Mr Collins Brown Beshir, (Beshir Family), Rue 15 Paris Village, Abidjan Cote d Ivoire. Claims to be a 19 year old male and a student at University of Abidjan, Cocody campus, and some sort of prince, and due to wealthy father's death, blah, blah.
David Goodluckd.goodluck01@yahoo.caFri Sep 7 2007
Janet Stramrood, Jerry Lungujerrylungu1@yahoo.comFri Aug 10 2007Claims address of: 4A, Kingswood Rd, Bromley, London SE-7BN UK.
Smith Whittenburgsmith.whittenburg@gmail.comSat Aug 3 2007Fake phone: 206-309-0509. Calls himself Smith.
Lloyd Jacksonlloydjackson089@gmail.comMon Jul 30 2007
John Jul 28 2007Calls himself Mr. John.
Stacy Antokasstacyantokas@yahoo.comSat Jul 28 2007
Anderson Marymary_angel147@yahoo.comFri Jul 13 2007
Charles Martinscharles2martins_01@yahoo.comFri Jul 13 2007
Mr Falls Scott, but seems to go by Scott, uptodate_freight@hotmail.comThu Jul 12 2007Fake phone 206-600-4367 and 206-309-0509.
Jerry Poolejerrypoole107@yahoo.comTue Jul 10 2007May be associated with BTP Manufacturing.
Tony Nevilletonyneville107@yahoo.comTue Jul 10 2007
Tina Fowlertina_fowler05@yahoo.comMon Jun 25 2007
Cyril Sanwo, Cyril, justadonald@graffiti.netSat Jun 23 2007Claims to be at least 2 different people. Claims to have a phone: +447024015860
Abraham Cooktheguycook@yahoo.comThu Jun 21 2007
Michael Bankermichael_banker2008@yahoo.comThu Jun 21 2007Non-native english speaker located outside the USA, probably in a west African country like Nigeria. Note that this person is unrelated to Michael Banker in Mobile, AL which we believe is NOT a scammer, but just happens to have the same name.
Jeff Billjeffbill103@gmail.comSun Jun 17 2007
bill chadwickchadwick61@gmail.comFri Jun 15 2007
williams earlwillearl_1@yahoo.comFri May 25 2007Claims to be in UK. Trys to get people to reveal their bank details.
jeff willsonflamingo_lord@yahoo.comFri May 25 2007Has lots of bad or stolen credit cards!
Georginageorgina_gary2000@yahoo.comSun May 20 2007
Tyra Browntyra_brown09@yahoo.comFri May 4 2007
Tim Bonneautbonneau23@yahoo.comThu May 3 2007
Donald, Apr 14 2007Calls himself Mrs Donald Ann, but goes by Donald! This person has the classic 'two first names' type name that scammers use. Claims phone number: +447024025657. Wanted money 'Western Unioned' to the 'shipping company': First Name CAMILA, Last Name TRAJBER RIBEIRO, Address C Valle de Ayora, 3. 46015 Valencia (Valencia) Spain. (The shipping company is probably the actual scammer.)
M.Croft.mellisa_1970s@yahoo.comTue Apr 10 2007
Elizaberth Apr 3 2007
Caron, caronhanscom1@yahoo.comWed Mar 28 2007Recently changed email because he was caught. Claims phone number (850) 391-3333 which is located in the Florida panhandle. Also claims address of 20 N. Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Claims buying gift for pregnant wife who is on a trip!
Jim Mar 24 2007
Karen Nelson or Ken Thomaskarennelsonusa@yahoo.comSat Mar 24 2007Calls herself 'Ken Thomas by name.' Also includes statement 'NO SCAMMING...NO FRAUD'.
Jeff, jfpelchen2@yahoo.comFri Mar 23 2007Claims to be 'Jeff Pelchen by name form Morrisville, NC 27560'.
Pedro Buesopedrobueso35@yahoo.comTue Mar 20 2007Claims to be located in 'hazleton PA 18702'. Tried to sell a non-existent 1977 GTB Centigrade 37 using stolen photos. Also tried to sell a 1979 Valley Spectra IV with no photos.
Martins Austinemartins_austine002@yahoo.comMon Mar 19, 2007Claims to have phone number: +447024055475. Please call it often!
Tracy, tarcy_holland@racemail.comMon Mar 12 2007Claims to 'reside in new york city usa,I am tracy holland by name a business woman,married,i am 40 year old.'
James Waltertwinpinegtpgj@yahoo.comMon Mar 5 2007Claims to be located at Twin Pine Group, Liberty sue 107, Dakar-Senegal, with a non-existent telephone number: 221-314-2571.
Mark BesonMark_kelly205@yahoo.comSat Mar 3 2007Claims to be selling a machine. Store: Warley Agum Dar (HK) Ltd, Unit 1006, 10/F, Gee Tuck Bldg, 16-20 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Phone number: +85262529965.
Williams Moorewmds1960@yahoo.comMon Feb 26 2007Claims to be from Tuscon, AZ. Uses Internet Relay to call seller on the phone, preserving his anonymity.
Jimmyly Frankylyfrank_jimmystore@yahoo.caThu Feb 8 2007Calls himself 'Mr Frank' but then signs his email 'Frankv'. Claims to be from Canada, but doesn't write like a Canadian.
Alselem Feb 8 2007Pretends to be in Italy and writes very bad English. Writes like a Nigerian accent would be spelled.
Frank Etonconel001@yahoo.comTue Feb 6 2007Obviously non-native English (probably Nigerian as misspellings follow the Nigerian accent!), spelling and grammar are poor--methode, execces, comeing, chash, immedeiatly, reamening, reaplied, adress, and informations.
Adam Lincolnadamlincoln1@yahoo.comTue Feb 6 2007Calls himself Adam Lincoln from St. Charles, MO 63304, but then says he'll pay with a 'cashiers cheque drawn from a bank here in the states.' Only someone outside the US would say it that way. Acts like his first name is Lincoln.
Bruce Williesbwillies01@yahoo.comMon Feb 5 2007
Mark Benmark_ben004@yahoo.comSun Jan 28 2007
Ryan Gloverryanglover450@yahoo.comSat Jan 27 2007Listed cell phone as +447011137484. Please call it often!
Kerry, kerry_thomas@operamail.comWed Jan 24 2007Claims to be with Brilliant Trade Company located Europe.
Mark Benmark_ben004@yahoo.comWed Jan 24 2007
Mandy Jonesrattles@azillo.netWed Jan 24 is a German free email service like
Waterwatertravis@myway.comTue Jan 23 2007Really! He calls himself 'Water'
Williams Krugerwilliamskruger@yahoo.comFri Jan 19 2007Calls himself 'Mr. Williams Kruger'
Joe Billjoe_bill2@yahoo.comFri Jan 19 2007
Malolar Kallanm_kallan01@yahoo.comFri Jan 19 2007
Brown Marybrown_mary60@yahoo.comFri Jan 19 2007Calls herself Mrs Brown Mary.
Michael Williamssealord4real2@yahoo.comFri Jan 19 2007Can't seem to decide on his name. Signs email with Bryan Adams.
Bussiness Manbussman_2007@yahoo.comSat Jan 13 2007
Dr. Yong Jacquesbatho22@yahoo.comThu Jan 11 2007Also goes by Jacques Yong. Claims to be from Cameroon. Tried to sell a '80 Black Knight using stolen photos.
Joy Donnajoy_donna_000@yahoo.caThu Jan 11 2007
Mcpeters Jan 10 2007Backwards McStupid!
Tom Gabrieltom_gabriel218@yahoo.comWed Jan 10 2007
Cleon Bentlerclebentler@yahoo.comWed Dec 27 2006Claims to be from Pittsburgh, but fake check was mailed from London and drawn on a Florida bank. Wanted money wired by Western Union to a name in London that did not match his name.
Terry Johnsonterry_johnson_01@yahoo.comFri Dec 22 2006Has an 'associate in Europe that is oweing' him money.
Wants money 'Western Unioned' to ALLEN RON, 1155 30th St NW, Washington, DC
Using TEST QUESTION 'my wife name?', and TEST ANSWER 'linda'
Corey Dyess,, donaldjerrem@myway.comThu Dec 21 2006Changed name and email partway through the scam!
Carlos Javiercarlos_jv1@yahoo.comWed Dec 20 2006Claims to be 'Carlos Javier by name form Maple Lake in MN'
Wants money sent to:
Mcpeters Marcusmarcus_peters1@yahoo.comFri Dec 15 2006
Charles B. Hargreave, Charles Brownbrownchsellers@yahoo.comWed Dec 13 2006
Mark Wrightmarkwright2366@yahoo.comSat Dec 2 2006
John Belljohn_bell009@yahoo.comThu Nov 30 2006
Cleon Bentlerclebentler@yahoo.comThu Nov 30 2006
Daniel Hughesd_hughes2006@yahoo.comFri Nov 17 2006
Larry Goldlarry4golden2000@yahoo.comWed Nov 15 2006
Micheal Jamesmikejames_111@yahoo.comWed Nov 8 2006
John Nov 6 2006
John Belljohn_bell009@yahoo.comSat Oct 28 2006
Rasmussen Polopolorasmussen_0608@yahoo.comThu Oct 26 2006
Escalade Thomasgibson_bab@yahoo.comWed Oct 25 2006
Backbriand Jonesbriand4j@yahoo.comSun Oct 1 2006Located in Cameroon.
Bhgu Ogerboyz@dogmail.comFri Sep 1 2006Located in Cameroon.
Doddy Gsuziee_85@dogmail.comFri Sep 1 2006Located in Cameroon.
Henrick Dukemachineduke76@yahoo.comFri Jan 20 2006
Tonka Theodopretheodorequeen@yahoo.comSun Jan 1 2006Located in Cameroon.

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