Made by Gottlieb in February, 1978. This is one of Gottlieb's earliest solid state machines. Rumor has it that they produced a few 2-player electro-mechanical versions of this machine under the name Eye of the Tiger in June of that year. I don't recall much about this machine because I only owned it for about 30 minutes! Some other collector wanted it much more than I did. It is a four player machine with drop targets and an asymmetrical playfield.

In the short time I owned the machine I did get to play test it and found the game play quite good. The problem with this and many other Gottlieb early solid state machines is the poorly engineered electronics. Many of these machines' electronics broke early in their lives. This explains why it is common to find stacks of mint condition playfields and backglasses for this machine.

When the time comes that a pinball collector enthusiast comes up with better inexpensive components for this and other Gottlieb System One machines then this machine will actually be worth something to the collecting and playing community. NEWS FLASH--Now that the Ni-Wumpf board is available, GTB System 1 machines are being resurrected! Contact me or any vintage parts supplier for more information about this board.
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