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Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries

All entries are sorted in order by date of post, with most recent listed first. If you have parts for sale fill out this form and your entry will be added to this page. This is completely FREE!

Shipping cost is extra. I will be listing other manuals also.

Big Game Manual (back cover missing) Schematic,
Score & Info Cards. $15.00
Seawitch Manual & Schematic 15.00

Phoenix Schematic 15.00

Middle Earth Manual & Schematic 30.0

Goldball Manual & Schematic 15.00

Hollywood Man, & Schematic, Score & Info Cards Stained 10.00

Jurassic Park Man & Schematic, Score & Info Cards 30.00
Star Wars Manual & Schematic 30.00
Time Machine Man & Schematic (photo copy) 10.00

Sharpshooter II Mopdel 730 Instruction, Repair
and Parts Manual 15.00

Shoot Away Manual & Schematic (photo copy) 10.00

Contact me for some video game manuals that I have for sale.

Ernest D Hartt
voice: 915-584-4102
152 LA Mirada Circle
Elo Paso, Texas 79932
Posted: 24 November 2015


Shipping cost is extra. I will be listing other manuals also.

S/S Flipper Maintenance Manual Firepower & Later $15.00
Aztec Manual & Schematic 15.00
Black Knight Instruction Manual (water stained)
and a Partial Schematic. 5.00
Contact Man. & Schematic (small tear on front cover)
includes catalog supplement #482 10.00
F-14 Tomcat Manual & schematic 25.00
Fire Power Man & Schematic, inc. catalog supp. #497 20.00
Fire Power II Service Manual, inc. catalog supp. #497 10.00
Flash Man & Schematic Score & Info Cards
Adjustment & Diagnostics manual 25.00
Flash Manual & Schematic 20.00
Flash Manual only 15.00
Gorgar Man. & Schematic, Op Man. Score & Info cards 25.00
Gorgar Manual & Schematic 10.00
The Getaway Manual & Schematic, Score Cards
Operation Handbook COPY 25.00
White Water Manual & Schematic, Score Cards
Operation Handbook 25.00
Hay Burners Schematic (Pinball Resource) 15.00
High Speed Man. & Schematic Score & Info Cards 25.00
Hyper Ball Manual & Schematic 25.00
Laser Ball Manual & Schematic 15.00
Little Chief Man & Schematic Score & Info Cards 20.00
Police Force Manual & Schematic 30.00
Roller Games Manual & Schematic 30.00
Solar Fire Schematic (Photocopy) 10.00
Super Flite Manual & Schematic 20.00
Taxi Manual & Schematic 30.00
Triple Action Manual & Schematic 15.00

Ernest D Hartt
voice: 915-584-4102
152 LA Mirada Circle
El Paso, Texas 79932
Posted: 23 November 2015


Jumping Jack Head - repainted nicely (but no webbing), and no hardware.

Don Owen
voice: 4109130604
4119 Sharp Road
Glenelg, MD 21737
Posted: 22 November 2015

Shipping cost is extra. I will be listing other manuals also.
Bally Factory Service Bulletin Manual $15.00
1979 Parts Catalog 15.00
1980 Parts Catalog 15.00
1980-1 Parts Catalog 15.00
1981 Parts Catalog 15.00
1977 FO-560 Repair Procedures 5.00
1978 FO-560-1 Repair Procedures 5.00
1980 FO-560-2 Repair Procedures 5.00
1981 FO-560-3 Repair Procedures 5.00
1978 FO-601 Theory of Operations 5 .00
Baby Pac-Man Manual & Schematic (COPY) 10.00
Capt. Fantastic Manual (stained) & Schematic 15.00
Eight Ball Man. & Schematic (Copy Pinball Resource) 20.00
Evel Knievel Manual & Schematic 25.00
Elektra Man. & Schematic score & info card. 1 torn page 15.00
Fireball II Schematic only, loose pages from a manual 3,00
Flash Gordon Man. & Schematic (Pinball Resource) 20.00
Frontier Man. & Schematic, Score & Info Cards 25.00
Harlem Globetrotters Manual & Schematic 25.00
Lost World Man (Copy) & Schematic 20.00
Mata Hari Man. & Schematic Score & Info Cards 20.00
Mata Hari Manual only 10.00
Night Rider Man. & Schematic E/M 20.00
Night Rider Manual only S/S 15.00
Pac Man Manual & Schematic 25.00
Playboy Man. & Schematic (Pinball Resource) 20.00
Playboy Cabinet Painting Stencil Kit (Used) 50.00
Six Million Dollar Man Man. Schematic (stained) 15.00
Space Invaders Man. & Schematic (Pinball Resource) 20.00
Space Invaders 8 page Color Brochure 20.00
Spectrum Man. & Schematic Score & Info Cards 25.00
Supersonic SST Manual & Schematic 20.00
Star Trek Man. & Schematic (Photocopy) 10.00

Ernest D Hartt
voice: 915-584-4102
152 LA Mirada Cir
El Paso, TX 79932
Posted: 20 November 2015

For sale: Four used Williams stainless steel coin doors. This is the general style that ran from the mid-60s (example Magic City) to the mid 80s (Space Shuttle). If your current coin door looks like Attila the Hun was pounding on it, these doors could be for you. All doors have excellent skins.

Door 1: This is a two chute EM door with two 25 cent mechs. The male Jones plug has 8 pins. It came from a 70s shuffle. If you want 5 cent or ten cent mechs, I can include those at extra cost. $45

Door 2: This has solid state wiring and uses a 15-pin plug. The diagnostic switch setup has a toggle and one button. It came from an 80s shuffle. It is a two chute setup. It is set up for two 25 cent mechs. $40

Door 3: This has solid state wiring and uses a 15-pin plug. The diagnostic switch setup has a toggle and one button. It came from a '78 World Cup. It is a two chute 25 cent setup. $40

Door 4: This is basically a nice skin with a stripped backside. $30
Shipping from MT is extra on all doors.

Posted: 19 November 2015


Shipping cost is extra.

I will be listing other manuals also.

Installation and service manual for machines built after 1960 $15.00
System 80 Technical Service Manual 15.00
Service Manual for S.S. Pinball Games 2nd Edition (reprint) 15.00
Service Manual for S.S. Pinball Games Star Series 80 (copy) 10.00
"Baseball" schematic w/supplement for coin chute 12.00
"Black Hole" Manual w/Schematics 20.00
"Caveman" Manual w/schematics 20.00
"Cleopatra" Manual w/schematics 20.00
"Continental Cafe" Schematic (photo copy) 10.00
"El Dorado" Schematic 12.00
"Flying Carpet" Schematic 12.00
"Funland" Schematic 12.00
"Gaucho" Schematic (torn at the folds) 5.00
"Golden Arrow" Manual w/Schematic, score & info cards 20.00
"Golden Arrow" Schematic only 12.00
"Jack in The Box" Schematic 12.00
"Lawman" Schematic 12.00
"Magnatron" Schematic 12.00
"Play Ball" Schematic 12.00
"Pro Football" Schematic 12.00
"Royal Flush" Schematic 12.00
"Sheriff" Schematic, Instruction/OP Manual & Score Cards 15.00
"Spin Wheel" Schematic 12.00
"Surfer" Schematic 12.00
"Target Alpha" Schematic 12.00
"Volley" Schematic 12.00

Ernest D Hartt
voice: 915-584-4102
152 LA Mirada Cir
El Paso, Texas 79932
Posted: 19 November 2015

Have CASH and WANT to BUY - Uncommon or unique PINBALL FLYERS 1932-2015 and from any country.
I will buy entire collections or individual flyers - TOP PRICES paid for flyers ESPECIALLY for ones that I don't have yet. Send me a list OR photos of what you have available.

There are several rare variations of newer Stern Flyers - like Rolling Stones (with the big tongue), Metallica LE and Tron LE and that I'm looking for. Turn that flyer you picked up at a launch party or pinball show into cash!

I also have over 1,000 SPARE pinball flyers available for sale or trade in a DETAILED spreadsheet (.xls) with condition and prices listed - email me if you are interested in the list. I'm a collector and NOT a dealer. I'm flexible or sales/trades and easy to communicate with - having completed over 1,500 deals in the past 20 years in the pinball community worldwide.

Mike Minchew
Plano, TX
Posted: 19 November 2015

PINBALL FLYERS for SALE or trade from 1932-Present.

Email me for the complete list of over 1,000 pinball flyers that I have available for sale/trade in an Excel file (.xls) that has each flyer's CONDITION and asking price noted. I will also trade for other flyers.

As a long-time flyers collector, I have a wide range of spare German/European pinball flyers and a lot of mint Gottlieb/Williams flyers from the 40-50's.

I'm a collector - NOT a dealer. I'm flexible on sales/trades and easy to communicate with - having completed over 1,500 deals in the past 20 years in the pinball community worldwide. If you have flyers that I need in my personal collection - I'll make generous cash offers OR 2x-3x the value in other flyers in trade.

Small sample from full list (email for entire list):

Arkon Magic Picture Pin - German Text - Oversize
Atari Atari "Coin Connection" Newsletter - March 1977 - Vol 1 Number 4
Bally Alligator - EM - German Text - Lowen - Oversize
Bally Bally Hoo - EM - German - Lowen - Oversize
Bally Cirqus Voltaire - German - Nova - Single Sided - Oversize
Bally Karate Fight - German - Bally Wulff - Oversize
Bally Mercury - Pre-Flipper - EM
bally Power Play, Bobby Orr's
Bally Variety - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Bell Coin Hunter, The - Foldout - Oversize
Bell Games Cobra - German - Bergmann Automaten - Oversize
Bergmann Alarm - EM - German Text - Oversize
Coffee-Mat Star Battle - Cocktail
Electro-Sport Pinball Conversion Kits
Exhibit Supply Lone Star
Geiger Race Stars - German Text - Oversize
Gottlieb Arabian Knights - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Gottlieb Barnacle Bill - EM - Woodrail - Oversize - Factory Flyer - D. Gottlieb & Co.
Gottlieb Double-Feature - EM - Woodrail
Gottlieb Miss America - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail
Gottlieb Telecard - EM - Woodrail - Oversize - "Confidential Advance Distributor Copy"
Inder Hot & Cold - EM - EnglishText
Interflip Alaska - SS - EM with Digital Scoring - German Text - Foldout - Oversize
J.H. Keeney Red Hot - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Juegos Populares Aqualand - English - Oversize
Mr. Game Dakar - English Text - Foldout - Oversize
NSM Cosmic Flash - English Text - Lions - Conversion Kit
PAMCO Heavyweight - Pre-Flipper - Foldout - Oversize
Playmatic Rio - EM - Oversize
Professional Pro Pinball - Foldout - Presents Professional Conversion Kits - with Game Photo
Rally Rally Girl - German Text - Oversize
Recel Crazy Race - Oversize - German Text - Bergmann
Rock-Ola Across the Board - Pre-Flipper - EM
Sega Crazy Clock - EM - Foldout
Segasa Triple Action - EM - Spanish Text
Sirmo Golden Gate - Bingo
Spooky America's Most Haunted - Autographed by Ben Heck & Charlie Emery
Staal Ben Hur (Black Background) - French Text - 1 Sided
Stern Trident - German Text - Schneider - Foldout
United Bingo Caravan - EM - Bingo
Universal 5 Star - EM - Bingo - Woodrail - Oversize
Williams All American Quarterback - EM - Woodrail - Oversize - Brown/Yellow Version
Williams Domino - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Williams Monster Bash - German - Nova - Single Sided - Oversize
Zaccaria House of Diamonds - English Text - Oversize

Mike Minchew
Plano, TX
Posted: 19 November 2015

Parting out a Williams Big Guns. Complete, but MPU is dead.

Texas 77377
Posted: 18 November 2015

For sale: Nice used plastics set from a 1983 Bally GOLD BALL. Also have the gold ball. $35 plus shipping.

Posted: 17 November 2015

Williams Road Show X2 MS-31-900-DC X1 #03-8471 X1 #03-8470

Robert Scotter
voice: 0413118417
6 Morehead Street Bungalow
Cairns, Queensland 4870 Australia
Posted: 15 November 2015

Dr. DUDE playfield. New/NOS. Rare Diamond Plate! These DP versions were only used on the sample machines. Drop this pf in your game and make it a collectors item. I have been collecting/restoring playfields for 11 years, and I have never seen one in or outside of a game before. This lone has had a $550 KRUZMAN clearcoat process and is flawless. The colors are brighter than the Sys 11 version pf as well as the inserts are nice and clear. (not scratchy like Sys 11 inserts)
Price is $2000 or trade for game or pf, plus or minus cash.
Comes with a heavy duty wood shipping crate.
Contact me if you have any questions or interst
Kruzman Pinball Playfields

Ron Kruzman
Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 14 November 2015

Williams Indiana Jones Playfield. Restored to beautiful perfection by Kruzman playfields. It had very little wear before the restoration. Shooter lane and ball holes undamaged, and not painted to resemble wood. All of the inserts are perfect, there is no wear, and you can not tell what has been fixed and what is stock. The clearcoat has been sanded level and polished for over 6 hours. The back is sanded and sealed with polyurethane. This pf looks better than NOS.
Priced at $2500/best or trade for game or pf's plus minus cash.
Comes with heavy duty wood shipping crate.
Email for questions or interest. I have about 80 other NOS pf's in stock right now.
Kruzman pinball playfields

Ron Kruzman
West MI 49053
Posted: 14 November 2015

CFTBL Chase Lamp repro board (A-15541 Chase Light II PCB Assembly) - $75 + shipping

This board controls the animated chase lights on the "Creature Ramp" and the bowl located just above the right slingshot.

Controlling all those #86 lamps requires handling a lot of power, which generates a lot of heat. Over time, most of these chase lamp boards have become "cooked".

I remade this board because my original was not functioning properly, and the level of heat damage made repair work challenging.

The repro board is constructed with all new parts, and is a drop-in replacement for the old board. For home use, the board should last the lifetime of your game. If used on location, the new board should at least match the longevity of the original.

Bill Ung
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Posted: 13 November 2015

Funhouse Speaker Panel plastic
$45 shipped to CONUS

This was pulled from a Funhouse and is used. Has a couple of nicks, but otherwise pretty decent.

Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via check or money order.
Please email for pictures.

Jim Swenson
Nederland, CO
Posted: 12 November 2015

Funhouse used parts grab bag
$25 shipped to CONUS

All parts are used:
Rudy jaw.
7 standup targets (STEP and superdogs).
Scoop assembly A-13993. Has weld repairs.
2 yellow flipper bats.
Lock disk assembly A-14151.
Lampshade. Just the shade, no posts or lamp/wiring.
Mirror hole protector.

Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via check or money order.
Please email for pictures.

Jim Swenson
Nederland, CO
Posted: 12 November 2015

I have about 20 pinball machine back doors all sizes and some door channels these are all original back door and used in good shape $60.00 each shipping extra.
I also have a lot of pinball aprons and shooter gauges
5 cent coin mech $30.00 each
10 cent coin mech $25.00 each
25 cent coin mech $10.00 each

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 12 November 2015

Creature From the Black Lagoon promotional/display items
$20 shipped to CONUS

Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via check or money order.
Please email for pictures.

Jim Swenson
Nederland, CO
Posted: 11 November 2015

For Sale: Excellent condition Guns N Roses Topper. Original Data East topper with mounting brackets. $450 shipping extra or can be picked up at HAAG.

Alex Reynolds
voice: 801-230-9863
Utah 84117
Posted: 10 November 2015

We have lots of requests for the hard to find Sega 192 x 64 plasma dot matrix displays but there just are none to be found anywhere. So instead of ordering more than there is demand for we will be taking PRE-ORDERS for brand new factory fresh Vishay displays. These displays fit the following Sega games:
Maverick, Batman Forever, Frankenstein, and Baywatch. I am told that this display also fits some redemption games and slots. If you have any game other than the listed Sega pinball machines please check your game manual to make sure.

Because these will be manufactured to order, lead time (the time till they arrive) can be up to 20 weeks. The good news is that you will finally be able to replace your bad or missing display. They can also arrive much sooner as well. I am putting the 20 weeks out there just because I don't want anyone to be disappointed if it should take the full 20 weeks.

The price is a reasonable $596.87 plus shipping which also includes insurance. If you want one please give us a call and we will add you to the order list. Payment is due when order is placed and can not be cancelled. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, PayPal, checks, and money orders. Cash will work as well! We look forward to helping you get the displays that you need to get your games going again!

Pinball Prodigy
voice: 717-360-6286

Posted: 9 November 2015

Parting out a Williams 1980 Firepower. Game is pretty much complete.

John Carr
Centerport, NY 11721
Posted: 7 November 2015

Parting out a Gottlieb 1974 Magnotron. A complete game that could be a project if you wanted to restore it.

John Carr
Centerport, NY 11721
Posted: 6 November 2015

Parting out a Segasa 1976 Cannes pinball. Game is pretty much complete.

John Carr
Centerport, NY 11721
Posted: 6 November 2015

Parting out a Williams 1980 Firepower. Game is pretty much complete.

John Carr
Centerport, NY 11721
Posted: 6 November 2015

Parting out a Bally Blackwater 100. Everything is in very good to excellent condition, including the cabinet. I do not have the translite/backglass.

John Carr
Centerport, NY 11721
Posted: 5 November 2015

ABRA CA DABRA Playfield Plastics are now available in stock again, perfect as per original colours and artwork as normal. We also have the apron decal in stock.

Lee Feldwick

Posted: 4 November 2015

Glass for a vintage (1958?) Ballys brand Lucky Alley bowling game. Asking $100, please text, call, email.

Nicole Tyler
voice: 219-771-9626
Nixa, Missouri 65714
Posted: 3 November 2015

Pool Sharks, Gladiators, Game Show, Maverick, Strikes & Spares, Frankenstein, Apollo 13, Wipe Out, Golden Eye, Resue 911, Independence Day, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Viper Nite Driving, NBA Fastbreak, Lost In Space, Godzilla, South Park, Golden Cue, Harley Davidson (Sega), Striker Xtreme, Sharkeys Shootout, Austin Powers, Monopoly, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Harley Davidson 2nd Edition, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Terminator 3, Lord of The Rings, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Elvis, Sopranos, NASCAR, Grand Prix, World Tour Poker, Pirates of The Caribbean, Family Guy, Spiderman, Wheel Of Fortune, Shrek, Indy Jones, Batman Dark knight, CSI, 24, NBA & Big Buck Hunter, Avatar, Rolling Stones, Tron, Transformers, X-Men, The Avengers, Metallica Pro, Metallica Premium, Star Trek Pro, Star Trek Premium, Mustang Pro, Mustang Premium, The Walking Dead Pro, Wrestle Mania pro,
Kiss pro & Game of Thrones pro. Buy any 10 for $3.50 each plus shipping, or any 20 or more $2.50 each plus shipping.

Phil Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 1 November 2015

For Sale 1 Data East Jurassic Park jaw link NOS. Link goes from the jaw solonoid to the jaw itself. Data East #535-6640-00. Part of assembly #500-5667-00. $15 plus shipping.

Philip Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 1 November 2015

Fire reproduction playfield $675.00
Wipe Out NOS playfield $850.00
Elvira And The Party Monsters plastic set reproduction $195.00
Corvette reproduction plastic set $205
Dracula Williams reproduction plastic set $195.00
Millionaire partial NOS plastic set $28.00
Space Station reproduction Blue ramp complete assembly $165.00

Shipping extra.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

FREE Two used, empty lower Funhouse cabinets. Very solid but faded. Both still have the siderails. Take them away or I chop them up. They are what they are. I am not taking pictures.

Doug Huse
New Milford, CT 06776
Posted: 31 October 2015

Gottlieb Deadly Weapon NOS playfield $335.00.
Gottlieb Monte Carlo NOS playfield $335.00.
Whirlwind translite NOS $68.00
Shipping extra.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

Have the following backglasses:
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition used $95.00
Bally Harley Davidson translite NOS $160.00
Williams Big Guns playfield plastic set original NOS $150.00
Williams Comet playfield plastic set reproduction $135.00
Williams Whirlwind translite NOS $68.00
Williams Big Guns translite used $50.00
Shipping extra, local pickup good.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

New old stock Stern Monopoly playfield. $595.00
Drilled and dimpled.
Shipping extra.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

Sega Lost World Jurassic Park right ramp assembly fully populated $300.00 515-6561-00 new old stock

Sega Lost World Jurassic Park ramp assembly fully populated 515-6562-00 $275.00 new old stock

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

Sega Lost World playfield decal set $85.00 NOS
Sega Lost in Space playfield decal set $85.00 NOS
Stern NASCAR playfield decal set $75.00 NOS
Shipping extra.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

Wheel'm In (redemption game) backglass with protective mylar on back side. $38.00 This is used and in good shape. May make a nice wall art. Shipping is extra.

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

WMS Indiana Jones used $45.00
Fire NOS $65.00
Johnny Mnemonic NOS damaged $55.00 signed by George Gomez
Maverick NOS $50
F-14 Tom Cat NOS $65.00
Corvette used $48.00
Big Guns used $38.00
Bally Harley Davidson NOS $160.00

voice: 815-218-2324
Posted: 31 October 2015

All being sold for $7,400.00.

Here is a rough idea of my pinball / Jukebox / Dart Machine / parts inventory. I am gettimg too old for this anymore and would like to empty out my workshop of all aracde items. Some pictures available on request. Ernie

Working machines: Flash
Dolly Parton

Non-Working machines:
Big Game
Blue Max
Delta Queen
Jumping Jacks
Lucky Ace
Midle Earth
Night Rider
Red Baron
Rapid Fire
Super Sonic SST
Wild Wild West

Lots of pinball repair parts (New & Used), New & used displays, many used circuit boards, legs, coils, bumper rubbers, lamps, power cords, etc.

Some playfields and a couple of machines for parts.

Also have a few backglasses and 14 new translites.

Set of 4 Bally Circuit board testers, with manuals.

Jukeboxes (not working): (6) 45 RPM units & (1) old CD machine.
I also have about 3,000 45-RPM records (Jukebox pulls).

(1) floor standing dart machine; working but needs a monitor.

(12) Bar Brain counter top video games, each one has a choice of 16 games. Plus parts.

Ernest D Hartt
voice: 915-584-4102
152 LA Mirada Circle
El Paso, Texas 79932
Posted: 30 October 2015

Radical translite, Used but very use-able, $75.00 plus USPS shipping m.

Star Trek, The next Gen, Left Ramp, All opto's, brakets & wiring harness, Small crack that will not be seen once installed.
$50.00 plus USPS shipping .

SlugFest Bat Assy, Pitching motor & gearbox, Flap where it pitchs the ball out & a spare motor, $50.00 for all plus USPS shipping .

Checkpoint, Lite panel at the bottom of backbox, Pre-driver board, Flipper board included, $50.00 plus USPS shipping .

Williams System 11 Display panel, No display, But does include the wood on the back & speaker grills, $35.00 plus USPS shipping

South Carolina
Posted: 30 October 2015

WPC coin door assembly
$75 shipped to CONUS

This is a 2 slot coin door assembly pulled from a Funhouse. WMS #09-23002. It is wired but missing one lamp socket.

Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via check or money order.
Please email for pictures.

Jim Swenson
Nederland, CO
Posted: 29 October 2015

I have a real nice set of 1968 Williams Lady Luck Playfield Plastics
$150.00 with shipping in the US. I do not have the 1 point pop bumper cap.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 28 October 2015

NOS Bram Stoker's Dracula left ramp with the graveyard attached, $350 plus $25 shipping. As you know nobody reproduces them and they are not available anywhere.

Tom Test
voice: 240-818-7019
18722 Fountain Ter
Hagerstown, Maryland 217422607
Posted: 27 October 2015

I have tons of score reels for Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Chicago Coin. I also have score wheels for shooting galleries and parts, shuffle alley and some ball bowlers and parts.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 26 October 2015

1959 Gottlieb "Sweet Sioux" backglass

John Carniello

Posted: 25 October 2015

GUSHER playfield plastics are now available again, fantastic, colourful set with printing on top of the plastic as per Williams original system. All artwork and colours exact to factory originals as per usual.

Lee Feldwick
Posted: 23 October 2015

Available from KAHR. US circuits:

1. WPC Power Fix Daughterboard: This is the board I created that helps prevent resets in WPC era games by providing a separate, clean power supply for the WPC MPU. It works in all WPC, WPC-S, and WPC 95 games. $28 for the Classic version or $38 for the Pro version via my website -

2. Pinball 2000 H+V Sync Combiner: This is the no solder/no crimp solution to replacing your CRT with a VGA flat panel display in your Star Wars Episode 1 (SWE1) or Revenge From Mars (RFM). It works in conjunction with a GBS-8200 series video up convert board. Buy just the combiner for $25 or a kit that includes the USB card and the USB cables for power for $40 via my website -

3. Williams System 3-7 Sound Board Solutions: A collection of replacement potentiometers are available on my website compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 sound boards and the speech board.

4. Firepower outlane 3D Prints: Available in 3D printed metal or metallic plastic, you can now replace your beat up original lane guides.

5. Party Zone Dancing Dummy Limbs 3D Prints: The Dummy's arms and legs are now available for ordering.

Find all of this on my website ( or contact me.

Rob Kahr

Posted: 22 October 2015


Unknown if they work or not as I no longer have a machine to test these in. Used in machines such as:

Black Belt, Black Pyramid, Eight Ball Deluxe, Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition, Elektra, Fathom, Medusa, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, Speakeasy, Vector.

Both for 25.00 plus 5.00 Shipping. CHEAP CHEAP!!!

Pics available upon request. Just send an e-mail to if interested.


Posted: 22 October 2015

UPDATE 88, september 30

Playfields or parts from playfields

Batman DE playfield populated, ( batcave flugenheim right sling left 4 dome plastics sold)
BK 2000, playfields sold, left some under playfield parts+ custom interconnect boards 2pcs
Banzai Run NO PLAYFIELD, has left some under playfield parts + mag coil upper playfield
Blackout williams NO PLAYFIELD, have left :sound boards + plastics + some hardware
Cyclone,2 ferris wheel assy, stepper motor + spinning disc assy, no playfield, speaker panel
Dr dude playfield stripped is sold, little triangle playfield + motor is left, some parts left
Eight Ball Champ Bally, NO PLAYFIELD. hardware machinery drop targets ( playfield plastics sold )
Firepower Williams 1980: NO PLAYFIELD, flat playfield plastics only + bumper caps
F 14, playfield stripped + 2 sling plastics sold, rest of the parts are available
Fire playfield populated, some parts missing
Fun House, NO PLAYFIELD, playfield parts + plastics + some parts from inside head+ display speaker panel plastic
Genessis partially populated
Getaway coils of ball accelerator, traffic light plastic, supercharger cover,,ask for more
Indiana Jones plastic speaker panel it is NOS but is not perfect flat, it was bent a little during shipment
Jokertz, playfield stripped is sold some parts left ( no ramps no lift ramp & motor )
Laser War DE playfield water damaged some plastics OK
Last Action Hero playfield + some parts
Machine BOP, NO PLAYFIELD some parts only and head + motor, display assy + panel
Nip It playfield water damaged some plastics OK, the grabber mech is sold !
Operation Thunder, NO PLAYFIELD only some plastics left and some machinery
Pin*bot, stripped playfield, left some plastics & machinery +5 target assy, + original translite
Police Force: NO PLAYFIELD, some plastics + police car motor without gearbox
River Boat Gambler, NO PLAYFIELD, some parts,4 drop target assy, ask for other parts
Road Kings:NO PLAYFIELD, plastics & some hardware only, upper black L shape ramp and Y ramp
Secret Service DE, populated, some plastics sold
Simpsons DE : playfield populated and speaker panel
Special Force partially populated
Star Wars DE a few parts LEFT playfield is sold !
STNG, right cannon exit + 2 pair of optos assy,,, ask for more
Truck Stop Bally, populated
Time Machine DE, stripped playfield SOLD, some parts sold, ramps sold a few plastics left
TMNT playfield populated complete, no turtles


Bone Busters
Bride of Pinbot The Machine
Dr dude without holo
Fun House
Huricane disc sticker NOS
Jurassik Park
Last Action Hero
Lethal Weapon 3
Operation Thunder
Pinbot translite
Police Force
Playboy DE
Road Kings plastic backglass
Space Station
Star Wars DE
Surf'n safari
Simpsons DE translite
Truck Stop
For other titles please ask !


Batman DE
Simpsons DE

Operations Manuals

Bugs Bunny BB
Black Rose
Grand Lizard
Game Show
High Speed
Mousin Around
Machine BOP

Any PCBs from Williams: Sys 11, 11A, 11B,11C Williams: sound, power
supply, MPU, PPB, display boards, ALL TESTED.
Bally ' 90 th, displays left & right 16 digit alpha
Williams sys 6,7 boards with parts missing.
Williams sys 7 Black Knight complete CPU
sys 11c MPU rare board, SYS 11a mpu, sys 9 MPU
Data East: MPU version 2, version 3 TESTED, power supply tested alpha & dmd version, sound boards :BSMT only,
DMD driver board, fliptronic 2 & 3 flippers
6803 Bally MPU pcb & sound board + 6800 cpu

WPC boards available: wpc CPU, WPC power driver board, wpc sound std, fliptronic board, used DMD

Funhouse & BOP complete display assy 2 X alpha board tested
Bally 6803 displays + power supply 6803
Bally & Stern 6 digit numeric display assy boards
Gotlieb sys 1: 6 digit display assy
Zaccaria: 4 & 6 digit display glass only
Williams 6 digit master display board + 6 digit display + boards
various motors + gearbox or without

AS2518-35 & AS2518-17 NOT TESTED for parts only.

Gottlieb: Sys1 MPU not tested, Sys 80 A, B, sound sys 80, Sys3: audio analog
amplifier, regulator power supply
Feel free to ask for other parts not shown above !!
Please email for prices and pics, You will receive a very fast answer with all details.
I take PayPal.

Marius S
voice: 0040744863236, fax: 004031.1076880
Bucharest, Romania 011681
Posted: 18 October 2015

Pinball flyers for sale.
Here are the rare ones.
Haunted house
Tales From The Crypt
Banzai Run
Mystery Castle
Bride of Pinbot
Elvira and The Party Monsters
Pinball Magic
Make offer!

Others available
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Indy 500
Doctor Who
Cactus Canyon
Star Wars Episode I
Pinball 2000
Attack From Mars
South Park
Theatre of Magic
Monster Bash
Champion Pub
Tales of The Arabian Nights
Cirqus Voltaire
Medieval Madness
Johnny Mnemonic
Dirty Harry
Demolition Man
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Party Zone
Pinball Purr-fection
Harley Davidson
Twilight Zone
Revenge From Mars
Scared Stiff
No Good Gofers
$5.00 each or 3 for $10.00

Jan Svach
voice: 724-334-1743
Lower Burrell, PA 15068
Posted: 15 October 2015

I have a good condition Williams GRAND PRIX body with a very clean populated playfield. Part of chime unit is missing, Photos available if serious!

Tom Salvemini
voice: 774 275 4613
23 Lamplighter Drive
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Posted: 14 October 2015

I have a playfield for a Gottlieb RACK EM' UP for sale, It's populated on the top only. The plastics are in good shape as is the playfield.

Playfield is being sold as-is where-is. Photos available if serious.

Tom Salvemini
voice: 774 275 4613
23 Lamplighter Drive
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Posted: 14 October 2015

I have some parts for these machines
Chicago Coin Criss Cross Hockey
Chicago Coin Goalee 1964
Bally Undersea Raider 1946 head parts only
Bally ABC ball bowler head parts only
Chicago Coin Baseball
Williams Deluxe Short Stop complete head with bg playfield complete bottom board with all relays
Midway Deluxe Baseball
Hollycrane parts transformer motors relays and more.
Bally Flip Flop flip target assy.
Bally Cosmos backglass ball assy
Keeney shuffle alley parts
United shuffle alley parts for 1951
plus tons of other parts just too much to list.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St.
Wildomar, California 92595
Posted: 14 October 2015

EPROMS - All New - 27C256-55 32K x 8
Quantity = 132
Take all 132 for $160 - Free Shipping

Jeff Nalazek
Saginaw, MI
Posted: 12 October 2015

Judge Dredd playfield in very nice condition. Pretty much been parted out, still has the wiring harness. Great for a replacement for a worn playfield or an excellent wall hanger. $325

Darryl Anderson
Brooklyn Park, MN
Posted: 12 October 2015

Bally 70s metal 4-player back door. The approximate size is 25 1/4" high by 28" wide by 5/8" deep. Fits games like Wizard!, Capt. Fantastic and many others. $40 plus shipping from Montana.

Williams 60s wooden 2-player back door. This door came from a 1960 Viking. The approximate size is 26 high by 27 wide by deep. $30 plus shipping from Montana.

Posted: 9 October 2015

Lord of the Rings Palantir v5 from JaysPinball: $150
Limited stock available. The original LOTR Palantir sphere is plastic and has an ugly threaded hole passing through it. This upgrade is a complete replacement that can be dropped into place in a few minutes. Now includes the Dimming Fader Module. Video available.

Jay Robinson

Posted: 8 October 2015

1978 Atari SUPERMAN playfield and backglass. Also have the board the electronics are put on and an owners manual. These pieces need some touch up but not a lot.

voice: 858-342-8682
Wildomar, California
Posted: 7 October 2015

Attack from Mars Mini-Saucer LED Kit -- After-market add-on modifications from 'UFO Pinball'
The AFM-LED add-on kit that adds a set of animated lights to the six smaller saucers on your AFM game. Bring your fleet of flying saucers to life as they chase, animate, and display coordinated patterns during gameplay. The kit also ties in to the Mother Ship, so that the Martian fleet will respond when the Mother Ship is being attacked.

The AFM-LED Kit is $190. Insured shipping is only $15 to anywhere in the USA, or $45 to anywhere in the world.

You may combine shipping for multiple kits. California residents must add 8% sales tax.

Please send email for pictures and purchase information. Custom LED colors are also now available, but may require a surcharge or additional lead time.

Bill Ung
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Posted: 4 October 2015

Cabinet Hardware:
1970s-style Williams lockdown bar latch assembly (not the bar itself, just the latch), $5.00

Price does not include shipping.

Daina Pettit
voice: 801-277-6296
Salt Lake City, Utah
Posted: 3 October 2015

Williams WARLOCK backglass N.O.S. can bring to the York pinball show, also playfield apron for WARLOCK 125.00 for the glass 25.00 for the apron 125.00 for both
Also have a Gottlieb translite for BIG HOUSE 25.00 NOS.
Will also be bringing a Gottlieb CUE BALL WIZARD pin and a Stern STRIKER XTREME pin.

Ed Kelsey
voice: 860-794-7834
294 Reed Ave
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
Posted: 2 October 2015

Q-berts Quest backglass
Very nice near mint original
Located in Pittsburgh.

Keith Sadauskas
voice: 412 983 4837
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Posted: 30 September 2015

Super Soccer (1975 Gottlieb) parts for sale

Lock-down bar, playfield glass, pf plastics, legs, F mini-stepper relay, chime unit not available. Playfield paint is almost all gone but there's parts available from the playfield, cabinet, and head.

Let me know what parts you need.

David Hoover
Trivoli, Illinois
Posted: 29 September 2015

Grover silk screen for reproducing the lettering on the rear of back boxes. Re silk screening the back box will add the finishing touch to your restoration job. New, never used. Photo upon request. $295 shipped.

voice: 604 809 2887
Posted: 27 September 2015

Funhouse cabinet decal set by Treasure Cove. New and stored flat sandwiched in cardboard. Will ship in protective tube free of charge. If you pay for shipping you can opt for it to be shipped flat in cardboard. I sold my FH project. $295.

voice: 604 809 2887
Posted: 25 September 2015

I have used playfield plastics set and misc. plastics pieces. I also have almost everything for electro mechanical pinball machines and arcade machines--shooting gallery, puck bowler, holly crane, and more down to the screws and if I don't have it I will send you to my friend Rich and he might have it.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 24 September 2015

I have a tons of EM shuffle alley parts
baseball pitch & bat parts
EM arcade parts misc.
shooting gallery parts. Stylus boards carboard back ground targets assy., gun stock mounts doors
transformer - score motors
backglass pinball and shooting gallery.
score wheels assy.
Just email me and I will see if I have it in stock
These are all used and all the NOS parts were sold.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 22 September 2015

1963 Gaucho: unpopulated playfield, nice shape with a little flipper drag - $50

1962 Cover Girl: head only with poor backglass - $100

1934 Criss Cross: great parts game, can be restored --$200

Email me for pictures, I can bring the items to the York show.

Posted: 20 September 2015

Space Invaders Playfield - NOS
This is an original never used playfield. I purchased this many years ago for $1600. I don't see myself using any time soon so I willing to let it go for $1150. Let me know if your interested.

David Seidman
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
Posted: 10 September 2015

Tons of EM and some SS parts for sale. Email me what your looking for and I will see if I have it. Possible delivery to York show available for larger items.
Below is a partial listing of what I have:

Tilt bobs
Woodrail Flipper actuators and switches
Flipper links
Stepper unit drive arms, discs and wipers
Shooter Rods
Ball Lift Rods
Tons of Springs
Score Reels
Credit Reels
Coin mechs
Coin Slides
Coin Doors and Frames
Lock down bars
Coin entry plates
Ball troughs
Bumper bodies, skirts and caps
Relay banks
Drop Target Banks
Drop targets
Flipper bats
Coin Boxes
Ball Arches
Playfield Inserts
Jones Plugs
Bells and knockers
Ball gates
Back Doors
Displays and DMD's

Andrew Sneed
Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 9 September 2015

1--1100 Gottlieb SCORE TO BEAT CARD--------------------------$4.00

17--NEW--Playfield inserts-1 of each size and color---------$12.00
Yellow Opaque---1&3/16---1---3/4---5/8
White Opaque---1&3/16---1---5/8
Red Opaque---1&3/16---1
Purple Opaque---1
Red Transparent---1&3/16---1---3/4
Orange Transparent---1&3/16---1---3/4
Green Transparent---1


Gottlieb--Coin Box with Cover 1959-62 Fits-Universe Thru Rack a Ball also fits multi players of this era, Very Clean No Rust, $45.00

Gottlieb Woodrail Front Door (Painted Metal Door) fits 57 thru 60
single/multi player games 2 holes--Outside repainted Almond; $30.00

1 Illinois Pinball Complimentary Pocket Knife (stainless steel)sealed in the wrapper, with the original unused box, $9.00

1 PINBALL EXPO-1995 10th Anniversary Coin, $3.00
1 Williams SLUGFEST key Chain Knockout, $2.00

5-Old Blue Pop Bumper Skirts New Condition Appx 20 years old
These may be the correct old color you are looking for, $10.00
1-piece Clear Red Plexiglas 7&3/8 X 7&7/8-both sides sealed, $3.00
1-Piece Clear Red Plexiglas 10 X 15&1/2 both sides sealed, $9.00

5-SPRINGS-7/32nds outside diameter-9 & 7/8 inch long-plated
will easily stretch to 36 inches-can easily be cut to shorter lengths, clean, no rust, $5.00 EACH

Used Lane Guides-originals-round edges--Each, $1.00
2-1&1/2 red 2 sided
1-2 in. red 2 sides

Used MARBELIZED original lane guides, Each, $5.00
1-1&1/2 purple 2 sided
2-2&1/8in. green 2 sided
2-2&1/8in. green 1 sided
4-2&1/8in. yellow 2 sided

1 Used Tilt Bob Assembly (Bally/Williams), $3.00

USED Gottlieb Relays with Coils, Each, $5.00
2-With Coil#29(A-9735)
1-With Coil(A-9740)

1 Gottlieb New (A-9154) Coil, $7.00
1 A-4893 NEW (pop bumper coil), $7.00
3 A-1119 USED Coils, each, $5.00
2 A-9735 #29 USED Coils, each, $5.00
1 A-16890 USED Coil W/Diode, $5.00
1-Williams T-30-1500 Used coil, $5.00

Coleco-Battle Of The Gods-Home Player pinball-16 page manual-$6.00
GTB-CARD TRIX-original Post Adjustment/Sheet+Repro Schematic $6.00

USA (48) states sales only. Prefer payment by U S Postal Money Order, OR I will take a personal check and delay shipping till check clears. Shipping costs will be determined by destination and weight of order, plus tracking.
Photos can be provided for any item.

Dave Sorensen
voice: 262 652 3657
5634-46th Avenue
Kenosha, WI. 53144
Posted: 6 September 2015

Set of five daisy pop bumper caps for Gottlieb SWEETHEARTS: two red, two white, one blue. $35 + shipping.

Bob Thurman
voice: (516) F L I P P E R
Long Island, New York
Posted: 3 September 2015

Selling populated SPACE LAB by Williams playfield 80.00
Selling populated ROYAL FLUSH (EM) playfield by Gottlieb 100.00
Coin door for ROYAL FLUSH 75.00.
Located near Exit 12 off of I495 in Wilmington, Delaware.

voice: 484 843 0569
Wilmington, Del 19081
Posted: 2 September 2015

I have a small lot of Gottlieb coils new/unused (without sleeves) that I would like to sell off as one lot. Asking $175/OBO +shipping

6 x A-25959
3 X A-17876
3 X A-26450
1 X A-27642
3 X A-26451
3 X A-16570
3 X A-5195
3 X A-19300

Northampton, MA 01060
Posted: 29 August 2015

E.M. Parts galore! I have parts for ball & puck bowlers, bingos, driving & gun games, pinballs, oddball games, etc. All my parts are mostly things to keep your games alive like, coils, relays, contacts, motors, springs, transformers, brackets, plungers, linkages, score biscuts, etc. I have these parts for most manufactors like: Bally, exibit, gottlieb, chicago coin, Genco, midway, united, williams, etc.
I have some cosmetic parts like: bowling pins, score wheels, etc.
I also have some solid state pinball parts for: Atari, Gottlieb, Bally, Stern, Williams, etc.

Pinball Salvage
voice: 414-763-7604
4825 S. Kirkwood Ave.
Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110
Posted: 28 August 2015

Pinball 2 wheel cart - $150

Good working condition 2 wheel pinball cart. Handy to have to move machines around on hardwood and carpet. Two axle positions to cover the height of most games. I'm only selling because I have a pinball lift as well.

Mike re-manufactured these a few years ago but he's since passed away. Mine is the original 2 piece frame (body + handle) vs his 3 piece design.

Pickup in Louisville, KY, or I can bring to Chicago Pinball Expo 2015 for pickup.

Corey Stup
Louisville, KY 40299
Posted: 28 August 2015

Medieval Madness playfield from Illinois Pinball. Hand picked from first run. No flaws at all. 100%. Sold machine. No need for this any more. 1300 picked up in New Braunfels, Texas or 1450 shipped.

Derrik Dawson
voice: 630-936-7487, fax: 630-936-7487
New Braunfels, Texas 78132
Posted: 27 August 2015

I have over 3000 electro mechanical pinball parts
Playfield plastics sets and misc pieces.
Score wheels Bally Gottlieb Williams Chicago Coin
Replay units bonus units match units ball in play units
Bell assy. bells pop up post ball kick out units pop bumper assy.
pop bumper caps lane guides playfield post playfield inserts
ball gates plunger assy. misc. playfield assy. drop targets assy. Targets Transformer score motors coin doors coin mech.
Pinball coils Bally Williams Chicago Coin Gottlieb and misc coils
ball count units coin door plates playfield aprons shooter gauges
pinball manuals and schematics score cards replay cards and more parts.

voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 25 August 2015

Gottlieb Spring Break playfield, NOS, $250. I got this from Pinball Resource in 2013, but have since sold my game. Playfield is bare, no wiring, no parts, factory clearcoat.

Tim Showalter
voice: 408 480 2876
Newark, CA 94560
Posted: 21 August 2015

Williams Official baseball Deluxe New Backglass. 1960 2 player. Price is $250 plus shipping.

voice: 434-941-7888
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Posted: 17 August 2015

Williams Jungle Lord backbox, empty box with lamp board insert. Paint good on sides, missing some paint on top. $20

Austin, TX USA
Posted: 15 August 2015

'61 Gottlieb Aloha parts for sale

Cabinet and parts are all there except playfield, lockdown bar, and legs
Complete head with poor backglass available

David Hoover
Trivoli, Illinois
Posted: 12 August 2015

The Addams Family replacement knockers available. I had a few of these made - complete and ready to install. $115 shipped.

1540 Meadow View Ln
Lebanon, OH 45036
Posted: 10 August 2015

Jurassic Park topper. Never been installed, perfect condition $175. I can ship anywhere except Australia, because it is just way too expensive.

I also have over 70 NOS/new playfields available. If there is a title you are looking for, check with me.

Ron Kruzman
West MI 49053
Posted: 9 August 2015

Playfield plastics set for 1974 Gottlieb "Sky Jump" or "Free Fall".
These are cleaned up and Novus polished, and are in good condition.
Missing the two slingshot plastics but has all the others. Will not sell individually. Partial set: $35 plus shipping.


Posted: 8 August 2015

KISS Pinball Topper and Other Accessories Now Available for Pre Order!

We are now taking Pre orders for Official Stern KISS Accessories, Including Topper, Shooter Knob, Armor Kits, and Inside Art Panels

Email for more information

J.J. Babich
voice: 303-962-4666
2650 W 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
Posted: 29 July 2015

Williams Defender CPR Plastic Set Brand, new never opened.
Price 100.00 U.S.

Posted: 23 July 2015

I have a Riverboat Gambler very rare NOS playfield. Not only is it NOS, but it's one of the few DiamondPlate versions that were made.

In addition, it has been professionally auto-cleared by HSA pinball.

This is probably the nicest Riverboat Gambler playfield on the planet. If you are a System 11 fan, you'll love it.

Pictures available

$950 / Or Best Offer

MA 01430
Posted: 21 July 2015

Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball machine cabinet artwork/decals.
I have been approved to sell a limited amount of these. This is a complete 5 pc. quality set for $275. PayPal accepted.
They are printed on the exact type of paper used by Bally/Williams back in the day, with Cured UV inks and a laminate coating.
***These will not fade like the originals.***
I will ship ANYWHERE in the world, but the buyer pays shipping cost.

Brian Moyes
voice: 909-518-6506
Corona, CA 92880
Posted: 20 July 2015

Doctor Who pinball machine cabinet artwork/decals.
I have been approved to sell a limited amount of these. This is a complete 5 pc. quality set for $275. PayPal accepted.
They are printed on the exact type of paper used by Bally/Williams back in the day, with Cured UV inks and a laminate coating.
***These will not fade like the originals.***
I will ship ANYWHERE in the world, but the buyer pays shipping cost.

Brian Moyes
voice: 909-518-6506
Corona, CA 92880
Posted: 20 July 2015

Original manuals - 12 each - Big guns, Space Shuttle, Supersonic, Hollywood Heat, Fireball Classic, Cyclone, F-14 (last page detached),
Fire (hole punched for notebook), Black Pyramid, Sorcerer, Power Play, Big Guns, 15 each Dr Who, Junkyard, 8 each - Bally Electronic Pin Game
repair manuals blue and yellow covers, these came in early Bally electronic games

Em Gottlieb Score motor and Assembly for parts 20, four drop target banks for a Gottlieb High Score with targets 30 each, Bally electronic
drop target bank four targets wide 25, Gottlieb and Williams EM
coils, Gottlieb and Williams ball shooter mechanisms 25 each

Gary Brewer
Posted: 15 July 2015

Invisiglass - Standard and Widebody

$ 295 plus actual cost of shipping.


Joe Newhart / Pinballstar Amusements, Authorized Jersey Jack Pinball distributor
voice: 570-357-0042
Dallas PA
Posted: 13 July 2015

We have reproduced the Drive Link (01-9730) for the Diverter ramp on Rollergames. Ours is made out of stainless steel and has been successfully installed in many RG machines.

The drivelink is $15 plus shipping. US shipping is $3.50 and International is $8.50.

Email me if you are interested.

Jason Bauer

Posted: 10 July 2015

Top blue ramp with flashers for a Pinbot Pinball 35

plastic playfield with small plastics at top right corner of playfield for a Bride of PInbot machine 25

For Countdown - two drop target banks, green and yellow one target broken on the green set 30 each

Em parts Gottlieb score wheel holder mechanism, have a four player unit with all four players togeter, a four score wheel and a two wheel mount as used on a Gottlieb Baseball, 25 for each set

Old bronze Gottlieb bank sets, one a 17 coil and one a 14 coil
40 each

Two drop target banks from as used in a Gottlieb Big Hit machine 35 each

Vari target units from a Big Hit and a Gottlieb Airport 20 each

Gary Brewer
New Hampshire
Posted: 9 July 2015

Announcing my new Jurassic Park pinball topper. It features custom art, lighting and molds. I started designing this topper quite a while ago because of so many people asking me to make one. I have never really liked the original Data East game topper that much and wanted to give a facelift to an otherwise great game.

I am making one run of these and will be taking orders for 2-3 weeks only. Please contact me with any questions and for pics and video.

Dan Toutant
144 W. Warburton St.
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Posted: 8 July 2015

nice condition Williams front door, probably from a Firepower 2, with all interior hardware other than coin mechs 35

Bally drop target unit with targets in a line behind each other, bonus multiplier type 20

Bally side by side drop target unit five targets 20

Parting out playfields Jungle Lord no plastics; Eight Ball no plastics; Night Rider, all mechanicals available

Williams 70s EM score unit assemblies seven dollars each for parts

Backglass ball trough as used on Gottlieb Top Score/300 and soccer

Various aprons, most with vendor stickers on them, Meteor and others 20 each

Gary Brewer
New Hampshire
Posted: 7 July 2015

I have a backglass for a 1967 Bally Trio. There are 4 very small spots that could use a touch up "smaller then the eraser on a pencil", but besides that it is beautiful with extremely vibrant colors. This glass is from an add a ball version which I believe makes it very rare here in the U.S. The pin was version 768-C, which was for export to Italy ONLY. Looking to get $250 for this very hard to find beauty. Pics sent upon request.

Prefer local sale, will pack and ship for actual shipp rate.

Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
Posted: 5 July 2015

Party Zone Silkscreened Playfield Plastic Sets Now Available at Bay Area Amusements $139 full set.

Bay Area Amusements LLC

Posted: 4 July 2015

1966 Williams 8 Ball backglass, send photos front & back.

Karl Meyer

Posted: 3 July 2015

For Sale: Gottlieb GOLDEN ARROW backglass
This "original backglass" is in very good to excellent condition with only a tiny bit of flaking. I have close up detailed pictures of the glass. Backglass came out of my Golden Arrow which has only 17,000 original plays on it. I purchased the game with a NOS backglass and do not need to hold on to the original backglass. I really do not want to ship but will consider. Seek local buyer.

Vic Camp
34 Luisser St
Clifton, NJ 07012
Posted: 1 July 2015

I have many electrical boards & no way to test anymore. Ashamed to say 10 years after selling my last machine I needed help to even identify some of these now & I lived for repair at one time. Buy these "as is", no refunds but I'll be as reasonable as possible price-wise knowing the risk. Also do your research on game usage - I have no idea what I pulled these from a decade ago let alone the cross ref usage...I can help a serious buyer a little but I'm only working from printed material widely available (can someone say Thanks Marvin/cfh!).

I do know there are some real gems in here...some of these were my precious "perfect" test boards I used to help troubleshoot almost 200 other games. Contact me & I'll provide any #s you help me locate & pics of anything you need to made a decision.

Data East Solid State Flipper Board. 520-5033-03 Rev -C. Looks great except the F1 fuse is gimmickly replaced with a fuse holder but continuity checks. $125 online, asking $75.

Williams Coin Door Interface board. A-14102. (5768-12716-00 Rev -). Perfect looking. $29 online, asking $15.

Williams Dot Matrix control board. A-14039.1 (5760-12710-12) Looks fine except for light heat discoloration on the underneath side opposite 3 heat sinks on top.
$90-$130 online, asking $60.

Williams WPC CPU board. A-12742. (5410-12426-00). One 4 bank row of simple resistors re-soldered. Light acid damage around the resistor rows for the switch I/O's. I remember this level never frightening me too badly. I'll bet the farm this is the test board I paid over $200 way back when I graduated to "newer games". You will just need the actual game chip as it can run over 25 games from the early 90's. I have the battery holder out but I have plenty of new ones I will supply. Online $170-$265. Good gamble here at $100 & if I have your game chip I'll throw it in.

Bally MPU A4 (-17 First Generation). AS-2518-17. Let's call it a parts board. There's one corner that's obviously seen some amatuer hour repair. $10

Bally/Stern MPU-200. Again label this parts board since it does need work. $10

Bally Solenoid Driver A3. AS-2518-22. Looks great. I think this was my Mack Daddy test board. $110-$150 online, $75 FIRM.

Bally Lamp Driver. AS-2518-14. Again I believe this board to be perfect. $100 online, $75 FIRM.

Combo deal: buy the Bally solenoid & lamp driver boards for $150, I'll toss in both parts MPU's for FREE! I'm calling them "parts" but I've made much worse looking Bally MPU boards work - they're hard to kill.

Displays. Although I did keep a full set of good displays (Bally/Stern & Williams) of each machine brand around for troubleshooting you must treat this as a total crapshoot. I can not verify, considering its 4 and 4, there's hope!

Two Bally 6-digit (AS 2518-15) & Two Stern 6-digit (interchangeable I just never bothered to figure out Stern's board nomenclature). $90/ea online, chance it @ $25/ea or 4 for $75 - if even 1 works you're money ahead lol!

4 Williams 6-digit (1B-2001-132-1) $90/ea online, chance it @ $25/ea or 4 for $75!

1 Gottlieb 4 digit Credit/Ball display. PB00-D150. Says "tested - good" and was found wrapped in static proof envelope. I know I didn't purchase this. $40-$65 online, yours for a crisp $20 bill.

A risk yes, but I didn't keep non-working displays around long! Repaired a lot of these over the years. More board #'s & pics if interested, but sorry all sales final this time around for me.

Joe Phillips
voice: 309-360-5569
Apex, NC
Posted: 28 June 2015

Lot of 25+ Owners Manuals plus tons of original service literature, schematics, etc. Too much to list. What's in the list below (& the pics I'm willing to send) is what I have - no more, no need to ask. Will not separate - need one quick sale not a drawn out affair. Looks like the cruddy reproductions are $23-$40/ea online. Asking well less than half at $225 for the real deal and not even factoring in the repair manuals. Buyer pays shipping or pick up in Apex, NC. Manuals for these games:

The Addams Family, Gorgar, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blackout, Terminator 2, Earthshaker, World Cup Soccer, Black Hole, Johnny Mnemonic, Grand Lizard, Flash, Harley Davidson (Bally), Funhouse, Barb Wire, Twilight Zone, Silverball Mania, South Park, White Water, Slug Fest, Tommy, Banzai Run, Monopoly, Cue Ball Wizard

Joe Phillips
voice: 309-360-5569
Apex, NC
Posted: 28 June 2015

NOS Fire! Translite $50
NOS F-14 Tomcat Translite $50
Star Wars Darth Vader topper - never opened $50

Johnny Mnemonic plastics. Used but good conditions. 4 ramps, 20+ pieces total. Take all. $150 + shipping.

Playboy plastics (The old Bally). Used but very solid, no breaks. 9 pieces. $65

South Park repair & promotional set - flipper links, character springs, 8 plastic pieces & 15 or so decals. NOS game with game. Still have protective clear plastic film on them. $40

Rocky & Bullwinkle the large backglass character plastics he pulls randomly from the hat. Rabbit & Rhino in good shape, Lion is badly abused & repaired. Who knows, might get someone back in the game! $25

Joe Phillips
voice: 309-360-5569
Apex, NC
Posted: 26 June 2015

New Pitch and Bat ball flap unpainted. Cut from .006 spring steel. No holes drilled as each bracket may be different. Specify which shape you need. Standard size is 7 1/4" x 2" rectangle. Custom size upon request. $20.00 each plus shipping, which is $5.80 Priority Mail within the USA.

Los Angeles, CA
Posted: 25 June 2015

Gottlieb pinball coils for sale $5.00 each + shipping.
A-5193 COIL
A-15259 SCORE
A-17876 COIL.

Rich Bednarcik
28 Steele Ave
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Posted: 21 June 2015

I recently talked to Lee at Pinball Rescue about making plastics for Gottlieb's Gemini. Please email me if you'd be interested in a set. Lee gave me a tenative price of $110 per set if enough interest present to run a set.

Chris Andrews
Holton, Michigan
Posted: 20 June 2015

Gottlieb lockdown bar - pn A10054 - used from Oct'66 through Nov'72.
Measures 22-3/4" from outside end to end, 22-3/16" from inside end to end, 16" from center of hold-in screw to center of hold-in screw, 3-3/32" from inside end to center of each hold-in screw.

voice: 562.591.3700
Long Beach, CA 90806
Posted: 18 June 2015

I've been trying to trim back some of my spare pinball parts pile. Below, I've listed some parts that I've got for sale or trade:
1979 Bally Coin Door Coin Entry chutes [2] & Holder brackets for coin acceptors [2] - make offer,

Three early/mid 70s Williams Stepper Units (one is a coin Unit) - $5 each,

Three early/mid 70s Williams "Single target" drop target assemblies (targets missing) - $5 each,

Bally early 70s Credit Unit (one coil missing) - $15,

1970s Bally Coin Box with lid - $20,

Williams early/mid 70s Switch Bank (with 115V coils) - $15,

Two 1970s Williams EM Coin Box lids - $5 each,

Two Switch Bank Assys (appear to be Gottlieb design, but black steel finish, not annodized gold finish or steel, like Gottlieb usually is) - $10 each,

Numerous relays, including a light box 10s/100s/1000s relay board with relays mounted (Complete assy) - $15,

1973 Gottlieb Hot Shot Wiring Diagram - $5,

1948 Bally Yanks light box (no backglass) - $175,

1970 Gottlieb "Snow Queen" light box (backglass excellent shape, and guts complete, but Light box only. Light Box exterior painted white) - $200,

1976 Bally "Flip Flop" Light Box (this is the wood cabinet only, all guts are removed) - $50,

1977 Gottlieb "Jungle Queen" Light Box (Complete guts, No Back Glass. Wood surface of exterior gouged/scarred from unit being slid around on ground. Again, Light Box only) - $150,

Four sets of black 28" legs - $20 per set of 4,

Two Gottlieb 1961 Flying Circus backglass (poor condition) - $10,

Gottlieb 1979 Countdown backglass (OK condition, flaking of tan color) - $10,

Williams 1975 Pat Hand backglass (OK condition, has heavy chipping along bottom edge) - $10,

...and some project machines...

1974 Williams Strato-Flite machine (Playfield very good shape, BGResto backglass, missing back door and Playfield glass) - $250,

1961 Gottlieb Flying Circus (BGResto backglass, back door missing) - $375,

1961 Gottlieb Oklahoma (Backglass very poor shape, no lockdown bar) - $250,

1962 Gottlieb Liberty Belle (Backglass missing, no lockdown bar) - $250,

...and 1 complete machine that is being scrapped due to playfield totally shot (let me know what part you need)...

1975 Williams Pat Hand machine (Playfield paint severely chipping, back door and Playfield glass missing, otherwise intact) - $175,

Pics available. Prices do not include shipping.

Parts located in Muskegon County, Michigan. Can deliver to Northern Michigan or Chicago, IL.

Will consider trade offers for complete Gottlieb EM machines, project machines, or parts.

Chris Andrews
Holton, Michigan
Posted: 9 June 2015

ICE REVIEW / ICE SHOW Playfield Plastics are now available and turned out just great, screen printed as per original and colour matched to perfection. Apron Decal available also.

Lee Feldwick

Posted: 6 June 2015

1975 WMS Star Pool backglass, or whole game for parts.

Brian Walker
voice: 847-815-1202
2918 Virginia Ave.
McHenry, Illinois 60050
Posted: 3 June 2015

Original Bally WPC95 speaker panel
Some damage to edges but main part including Bally logo excellent
Used on games like Attack From Mars, Scared Stiff, and Champion Pub
$95 or good offer. Includes free worldwide insured shipping. Photos available.

Steve Pagett
Birmingham, UK
Posted: 31 May 2015

Real nice, completely wired and ready to insert, Bally HOCUS POCUS playfield, 300.00 plus freight. Has 2 of the original top hat spinners and 1 replacement. It is in very nice condition with all original plastics. Plug n Play. Also have the backglass available. 200.00

voice: 1 506 634-7111
Saint John, New Brunswick (beside Maine) E2J 2J3 Canada
Posted: 29 May 2015

Selling a few of my NOS Flintstones parts
NOS village bedrock: $40 shipped
NOS lot of plastics (plus one used worn plastic) $95 shipped
*All prices include free shipping within the USA only
I can ship international but at an additional cost

I can easily text you pics 810-922-4730

Posted: 28 May 2015

I'm selling 8 NOS translites (& used NGG)
All prices include free shipping in the USA, overseas shipping available but at an extra cost
AFM: protective film intact, has storage damage (check pics) $100
The Shadow: protective film intact, has storage damage (check pics) $115
No Good Gofers: weird reverse printed, unknown if original (but has the Williams logo and stuff) appears used, lots of wear $45
Congo: protective film intact $150
Whirl Wind: protective film intact $55
Metallica: $90
Star Trek: $90 (x2 available)
TWD: signed by someone from the show who plays as some of the zombies $100

Again, all of these prices have the shipping and handling costs included in them for free

Text 810-922-4730 for photos.

Posted: 24 May 2015

Original Artwork reproduced for Fire!, Jackbot, Timewarp and No Good Gofers translites - we ship worldwide -

Harry Allison

Posted: 22 May 2015

Original Cabinet Artwork reproduced for Attack From Mars

Harry Allison

Posted: 22 May 2015

F-14 parts. I have a lot of F-14 parts left after restoring a couple from several donor games, plus I have a lot of NOS parts and assemblies that work on all Sys 11 games. Just to name a couple parts I have a NOS translate, a ramp and a diverter assembly that I think is NOS, new plastics and used plastics. Ball save assembly, credit knocker, flipper assemblies.

Email if you are looking for anything.
Kruzman Playfields Galesburg

Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 19 May 2015

Jurassic Park Topper. Unused. flawlwess, no dents or cracks. $190 will ship.

Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 19 May 2015

List of new/NOS playfields for may, for sale or trade. Also looking to buy any new/NOS pf's.
Here is what is available currently:
Indy Jones Williams
Kings and Queens
Quberts quest
Wizard of OZ
Terminator 3
Xenon CPR Gold
Xenon NOS cleared by Kruzman
Xenon restored and cleared by Kruzman. Better than NOS and repro!
Simpsons Stern
Strikes and Spares Bally CPR repro Gold
Game Show
Chicago Cubs
Evil Knieval CPR Gold
Road Kings
Judge Dredd
Bad Cats CPR Gold
Bally Star Trek CPR Gold
Star Trek Stern
Lights Camera Action
Kicker/Team One
Wild Fyre
Star Wars Episode I
Dragon EM
Pirates of The Caribbean
Flight 2000 CPR cleared by Kruzman
Flight 2000 CPR no clear
Monte Carlo
Junk Yard. Shooter ln corner damage
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
Spiderman Stern
Wheel of Fortune
Harley Stern
Sting Ray
Liberty Belle
Car Hop
World Champ repro

also: new complete plastic sets:
Tales of The Crypt
Evel Knieval
Mata Hari
Black Knight
Strikes and Spares

Complete beautiful used set of Stern Viper plastics (also pf turret)
used set for Middle Earth
used partial TZ
Used partial TAF
used partial Pool Sharks
Used partial F-14

Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 19 May 2015

Lord of The Rings flat playfield plastics set, N.O.S. and complete except for two pieces.
All N.O.S. pieces still have protective coatings.
I bought this set last year and paid nearly $300.00 for the entire set but only needed two pieces. The two pieces are in the set now but are broken. One I didn't even notice was broken until I removed almost everything from the playfield. The two broken pieces are the Arwen plastic where the Path of The Dead drops, and the piece under the tower in the back right. Only this under tower plastic has any pieces missing, which is just a corner which I didn't notice until the game was taken apart.
$150.00 for the set.
Price does not include shipping.

Daina Pettit
voice: 801-277-6296
Salt Lake City, Utah
Posted: 17 May 2015

Electro-mechanical score reel decals.
Sensible relief for those flaking, faded, or yellowed score reels on your prized machine. Made of 3 mil pressure sensitive vinyl with solvent ink which penetrates the vinyl and will not fade. Scratch resistant and cleanable with light solvents such as Windex.
Available for Gottlieb, Williams, and Bally games from 60s and 70s. Works on Gottlieb round 4 inch diameter reels, will not work on Gottlieb faceted reels due to number sequencing. Those will be available if the demand is there. Bally and Williams score reels 3 inch diameter. Can be easily installed with reel still attached to machine.
Sold in player sets; four score reel decals and a dummy zero.
$25/player, includes shipping.
Short video available.

Posted: 17 May 2015

Game Plan test fixture and board assortment. $1500.00

voice: 630-960-2880
1908 Ogden Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532
Posted: 17 May 2015

Original Artwork reproduced Gorgar and Blackout backglasses (w/Mirror and blocking layer) - a few still left - we ship worldwide -

Planetary Pinball
voice: 408-891-7878
West Coast, CA/NV
Posted: 16 May 2015

Williams "Blue Chip" Backglass
Original in very good condition with metal bottom trim.
$175.00 + shipping

Gottlieb "Outer Space" Backglass
Original with only a couple flaws.
$175 + Shipping

Gottlieb "El Dorado" Backglass
Original in decent shape.
Very light flaking in the red of the title.
Very small area missing paint on the bottom edge-Not backlit.
Easy touch up $125 + Shipping

Kent Anderson
voice: 612-226-2527, fax: 952-470-4311
1900 Moline Circle
Excelsior, MN 55331
Posted: 13 May 2015

Perfect backglass from SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Also have backbox lightboard, transformer/rectifier board, pop-up button assembly. Can ship or bring to Pin-A-Go-Go.

voice: 707-631-4266
Fairfield, CA
Posted: 10 May 2015

QUINTETTE Playfield Plastics are now available, Reproduced screen printed as per original with correct colours and artwork. Drop us a line for full details.

Lee Feldwick
Posted: 1 May 2015

Several miscellaneous ball shooters of different lengths #10.00
60s wedgehead complete ball elevator lift rod assembly $20.00
Beehive ball shooter cover white $15 and red $20 available
Bally ball shooter chrome cover 10.00
Large lot of 1960s pinball posts, pf inserts, etc
3 red pinball machine stationary targets, $5.00 ea
1 yellow pinball machine stationary target 1960s, $5.00
1 marblized blue pinball machine stationary target 1950s / 60s, $10.00
Box loaded with 100's of assorted pinball switch parts $15.00
60s Williams pinball machine TRANSFORMER - 6 and 24V outputs $10.00
Bally BALL SHOOTER $15.00
Williams pinball BALL SHOOTER 1970s metal housing $15.00
WILLIAMS pinball BALL SHOOTER 1960s GRAY PLASTIC exc. with no cracks $25.00

Posted: 1 May 2015

SING A LONG Playfield Plastics are now available, reproduced screen printed as per original with correct colours and artwork. Drop us a email for more details.

Lee Feldwick
Posted: 1 May 2015

One unused reproduction Gottlieb 1952 QUEEN OF HEARTS backglass. This was a back-up for a game I no longer have. The glass looks perfect and has great colors/artwork. It is a Herb Silvers glass. The glass has been stored wrapped since purchase. $225 plus shipping.

Bozeman, MT
Posted: 30 April 2015

Terminator 2 NOS playfield, rare no DiamondPlate and it's Mint $1200

Ken White

Posted: 30 April 2015

Space Invaders Playfield Overlay for sale. The overlay comes with insert decals. I also have a playfield to go with it. The playfield is complete with no issues, except for one slingshot plastic missing. It has new hotstamped 'Space Invaders' bumper caps. I would be willing to trade for a Capt. Fantastic overlay. I'm looking for $100 for the overlay and $50 for the playfield.

David Lougy
voice: (619) 248-9365
San Diego, CA 92104
Posted: 28 April 2015

Gottlieb Guys and Dolls playfield. Missing a couple parts but overall a populated playfield. Playfield is in very nice useable shape. $150 plus shipping.

Darryl Anderson
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Posted: 25 April 2015

1951 Williams JALOPY backglass, $225 plus shipping
Can deliver to Allentown.

Bob Hollingshead
voice: 908-938-3263, fax: 908-938-3263
31 Winding Way
Hillsborough, New Jersey 08844
Posted: 22 April 2015

Laminated, clear, legible photocopy of schematic for Bally Bounty (1963) bingo. $20 from verified PayPal account only. Includes shipping to US address; contact me for a shipping quote if outside of the US. Local pickup welcome -- save $6.

Robert Medl
Loveland, OH 45140
Posted: 21 April 2015

NOS Rolling Stone Playfield for sale. Very rare and I don't plan to give it away. May do trades for other NOS or CPR playfields.

voice: 602-931-8658
Chandler, AZ 85249
Posted: 20 April 2015

I've been trying to trim back some of my spare pinball parts pile. Below, I've listed some parts that I've got for sale or trade:

I am attending the Allentown pin show on Friday, May 1 and can bring any items listed below. Thanks for looking !

1979 Bally Coin Door Coin Entry slots [2] & Holder brackets for coin acceptors [2] - make offer,

Three early/mid 70s Williams "Single target" drop target assemblies - $10 each,

Three early/mid 70s Williams Stepper Units (one is a coin Unit) - $10 each,

About ten Williams early/mid 70s Score Reels - $5 each,

Four sets of black 28" legs - $20 per set of 4,

Bally early 70s Credit Unit - $15,

Williams early/mid 70s Switch Bank (with 115V coils) - $20,

Numerous relays, including a light box 10s/100s/1000s relay board with relays mounted (Complete assy),

1948 Bally Yanks light box (no backglass) - $200,

1977 Gottlieb "Bronco" playfield (un-populated). I would give it a "B" to "B-" condition rating - $50,

Two Williams EM Coin Box lids - $5 each,

1970 Gottlieb "Snow Queen" light box (backglass excellent shape, and guts complete, but Light box only. Light Box exterior painted white) - $200,

1976 Bally "Flip Flop" Light Box (this is the wood cabinet only, all guts are removed) - $50,

1977 Gottlieb "Jungle Queen" Light Box (Complete guts, No Back Glass. Wood surface of exterior gouged/scarred from unit being slid around on ground. Again, Light Box only) - $150,

Four early 1970s Bally Pop Bumpers assys (3 complete, 1 disassembled with most/all parts present. Each assy has one or more plastic tab that's holds light cap broken) $10 for all,

Two Switch Bank Assys (appear to be Gottlieb design, but black steel finish, not annodized gold finish or steel, like Gottlieb usually is) - $10 each,

Two Gottlieb (Large style) Coin doors - $20 each,

Early 60s Gottlieb Cabinet, lockdown bar and wedge head light box (Cabinet is a mechanical uplift, Light box is the inverted door type and door is present) - $125,

Gottlieb 1961 Flying Circus backglass (poor condition), make offer,

Gottlieb 1979 Countdown backglass (OK condition, flaking of tan color), make offer,

Williams 1975 Pat Hand backglass (OK condition, heavy chipping along bottom edge), make offer,

...and some project machines...

1974 Williams Strato-Flite machine (Playfield very good shape, missing backglass, back door, and Playfield glass) - $200,

1975 Williams Pat Hand machine (Playfield paint severely chipping, backglass severe chipping, back door and Playfield glass missing) - $175,

1961 Gottlieb Flying Circus (BGResto backglass, back door missing) - $375,

1961 Gottlieb Oklahoma (Backglass very poor shape, no lockdown bar) - $250,

1962 Gottlieb Liberty Belle (Backglass missing, no lockdown bar) - $250,

...and 2 complete machines (ready to plug and play) available for sale or trade...

1975 Williams "Star Pool" - $600,

1970 Bally "See Saw" - $500,

Pics available. Prices do not include shipping.

Parts located in Muskegon County, Michigan.

Will consider trade offers for complete Gottlieb EM machines, project machines, or parts.

Chris Andrews
Holton, Michigan
Posted: 15 April 2015

Less than 2 weeks ago, a parcel full of my all-in-one PI-1 X4 boards was stolen at my consignee's place in southern France.
A claim for stolen property was filed at the police.
I would like to warn the community now about those stolen boards, and ask for kind feedback should anyone see them on sale or in a game.

The stolen boards' serial numbers are JE145 thru JE156.
Their manufacturing color is red, the PCB release is v2.5 and the copyright mention next to my name is "2012".

Thanks a lot for any information you can provide!

Pascal Janin
Posted: 9 April 2015

Champion Pub NOS and clearcoated playfield. This playfield is real nice and looks to have additional clearcoats. Extremely smooth(cannot feel inserts). This was definitely a high end multiple clearcoat playfield. $700 OBO

voice: 216-316-0012
Lakewood, OH 44111
Posted: 7 April 2015

Monster Bash playfield. Brand new from Illinois Pinball. Went through a bunch to find this one. Very nice all around. $750 OBO

voice: 216-316-0012
Lakewood, OH 44111
Posted: 7 April 2015

Earthshaker speaker panel, in great shape. 65.00

voice: 912-667-1878

Posted: 3 April 2015

Parting out Bally Space Invaders pinball machine:
As of right now everything is there minus the sound board

Major Parts Available:
Playfield - Populated without Plastics
Outer Glass
Inner Glass
Circuit Boards - minus Sound Board
Power Transformer

Dallas, TX
Posted: 1 April 2015

Very rare find!

New old stock Gottlieb JAMES BOND 007 pinball backglass artwork
In excellent unused condition.
Still has distributor label on front

Perfect for use in a machine with missing or damaged glass or a fantastic piece of arcade / movie memorabilia to frame.
Size is 26 x 26 inches
Screen printed glass
Original Gottlieb factory NOT repro
Fully licensed.
Pictures available.
Will post in bespoke shipping box via UPS
$300 insured shipping to USA/Canada
Anywhere else please ask as shipping costs vary.

Steve Pagett
Birmingham, UK
Posted: 27 March 2015


All parts present incl game specific ALADDINS ALLEY relay and counter, no hacks. Incl. both male and female ends of jones plugs. some surface rust on bracket holding score motor but motor moves freely by hand. Labeling intact and easy to read. I've never powered this up, took it in with a trade. Pics available. Can take to Allentown show if paid in full in advance, will be there all three days. Also willing to ship if paid in full plus shipping and 10.00 boxing/processing fee.

AS IS 90.00

voice: 908-202-0687
Middlesex, NJ 08846
Posted: 24 March 2015

Gottlieb Spin Wheel complete game missing lockbar and broken stepper disk
good playfield $125.

voice: 401-871-5715
14 Teakwood Dr
Johnston, RI 02919
Posted: 21 March 2015

I have a 1955 Williams Snafu woodrail that I am parting out. Backglass is in good condition. Steppers and relays also good. Plastics and coin door available also. Let me know what parts you need and I will respond with a good price.

Flint, Michigan 48502
Posted: 20 March 2015

Williams GRAND PRIX complete body
Nice cond, small wear spot at kick out nice cabinet $100.
Gottlieb TWIN WIN complete game needs lock bar an stepper disk good cond $125.

voice: 401-871-5715
14 Teakwood Dr
Johnston, RI 02919
Posted: 20 March 2015

Battle of the Gods by Coleco. Needs a power supply. Worked fine in the past when power supply was working. Needs some minor tlc but a functional unit. Want to sell to serious collector or newbie.

Steve Deutsch
voice: 717-533-9505
Beech Avenue
Hershey, PA 17033
Posted: 18 March 2015


Replacement Servo and Arm assembly to operate the blinders for Data East Tommy. This is a drop in replacement, no mods required to the mounting bracket in your game. The price is $89.00 Shippoed to the USA. International shipping available. Check or money order, Paypal add $3.50

I changed brands from the original servo used to get a stronger gear train, after reading that the original servo had gear train failure. The maker of the servo I used says that their Karbonite gears are 4x stronger stronger than the standard white nylon gears and even after hundreds of thousands of cycles it will not show any signs of wear.

The arm is made from 6061-T6 aluminum fitted to the servo's heavy duty servo arm. The roller assembly is a hardened and ground steel pin with a glass filled resin, sleeve that is free running operation. This arm will not fit the original Airtronics 94102 servo, the spline shafts are different.

I tested it out in a working game at the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum. The New Servo and Arm works great! Travel adjustments may be required to the servo's movements using the potentiometers on the servo driver board. Further tests using a Hangar 9 Digital servo current and volt meter. I found the servo I used drew about half the current, than the original servo, while moving the blinders. And one fourth the current while holding the blinders open & closed. My first production arm and servo is now in operation at the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum. The original plastic arm had a crack in it by the pin and roller.

A second servo and arm assembly has been installed along with a replacement driver board in my friends game. The replacement driver board from Pinnovations was purchased from Pinball Life. Plug and play! No adjustments were needed on this installation.

The price is $89.00 Shipped to the USA. International shipping available. Check or money order, Paypal add $3.50 to cover fees.


Bob Eckel
437 Moon Ridge Drive
Milford, MI 48380
Posted: 17 March 2015 domain for sale. This is a huge domain and I was going to build the world's largest pinball auction site, but don't have the time now. Asking $5000 or trade for super nice pin. Currently hosted at go daddy and it set up for Wordpress and auction plug in. Will transfer all assets upon payment. Currently is worth 292,000.00 if you type it in at Estibot at
Estibot is the world's pricing authority on domain names.

voice: 206-250-6001
WA 98058
Posted: 15 March 2015

1991 WMS Terminator 2 Playfield NOS mint. $1200 or trade for Diner playfield.

Ken White

Posted: 14 March 2015

Fish Tales Monster Fish MOD
Each figure is fitted w/ 3mm red LEDs for the eyes that match the flash sequence to the monster fish "hurry-up" insert on the playfield. The wedge socket on the other end includes a frosted cool white LED bulb.
This is a plug and play mod and takes less than 5 minutes to install.
$39/shipped in lower 48 US. Contact with your postal code if outside USA for price.

Wake Forest, NC 27587
Posted: 11 March 2015

Wood rail cabinets for sale.
I have three unidentified wood rail cabinets in good condition. I know one is a baseball theme with complete top and bottom cabinet. the others I am not sure of an dare only bottom cabinets. Contact me for photos. I am looking for reasonable offers or a possible trade on the entire lot for a project E.M. game (preferably Gottlieb) and can deliver to the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival.
I also have a bottom cabinet for a Williams Big Ben in Good condition for sale.

Ken Hall
voice: 6i8-713-3138
Marion, Illinois 62959
Posted: 11 March 2015

I am parting 2 Atari Pins. SPACERIDERS and MIDDLE EARTH. Both games were 9 of 10 condition, but have no boards.
I have all of the plastics, Playfield assemblies, and cabinet parts. Plus the cabinets are in beautiful condition as well as the backglasses. I can't ship the backglasses or cabs, but if you are driving distance from Kalamazoo, it is worth your drive.

Atari heads are wired with 5 regular 112 volt bulb sockets, and many people mount an extension cord, and hang on the wall with the backglass installed, and they look super cool.

Shipping is no problem except for outside the US, and as mentioned before, the cab and backglass. Contact me for any info.

Ron Kruzman
Kalamazoo, MI 49053
Posted: 10 March 2015

LED FLASHERS: I Have the newest technology in pinball flashers. (I am sold out of regular LED lights, like 555 and 44 bases)
Here is a description of the 3 models I have in stock:

89 base: the first style shines straight forward or up from the base. It is extremely bright, and has 23 LED elements. My favorite place for these is under large inserts (like in the middle of the 3 popbumpers, and there is a large insert in the middle) Available in Green, Blue, Red, and White

Also in the 89 base I have flashers that shine straight up from the base as well as 360 all around. Perfect for flashers above the pf and under domes. They have 8 large elements. They are super bright, but not too much to blind you during play. Colors are Green, Blue, White, Red, and Purple

Both styles of the 89 base flashers are 10 for $35 shipped in the US. You may mix and match colors.

I also have a 906 style flasher (which is the wedge base) They shine forward, as well as 360, all around. They have 12 elements, and come in Red, Blue, Green, White. They are not as bright as the other flashers I offer, but that is mostly because the others with the 89 base are insanely bright. So they are perfect for their job if you don't want too much distraction. Price is 10 for $25 and you may mix and match colors.

Further discounts are available for larger orders.
We also have a lot of LED mods for individual games, like under cab lighting, as well as light strips for shooter lanes, and above pf back boards. Currently we are working on lighting that is mounted inside the playfield apron and lights up the flipper area. All mods plug in, and don't involve any soldiering (or tape, wire nuts or anything jankey)

Please contact me for any info.

Ron Kruzman
Kalamazoo, MI
Posted: 10 March 2015

NOS/NEW playfields for sale or trade
Indiana Jones Williams
Xenon NOS cleared
Xenon CRP reproduction
Road Kings
Simpsons Pinball Party
Wheel of Fortune
Star Trek Stern
Star Trek Bally
Harley latest Stern
Car Hop
Flight 2000 cleared
Team One
World Champ
Strikes And Spares
Game Show
Star Wars Pin 2000
Judge Dread
Bad Cats
Pirates of The Caribbean
Dragon EM

If you are looking to do your own restoration, I have about 200 used titles that are all in restorable condition

NEW Plastic sets available:
Mata Hari
Black Knight

Ron Kruzman
Kalamazoo, MI 49053
Posted: 10 March 2015

Stern VIPER 1981 parts For Sale
I stripped a beautiful VIPER playfield for restoration, and I am selling all of the parts. Everything is in amazing condition, including the plastic set (sold as one) the turret, and all of the pf assemblies.
You can email me for info if interested.

Ron Kruzman
Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 10 March 2015

F-14 parts for sale: I have 2 F-14 donor games that I used to make one nice one left, so I have a lot of parts left over. I also have a lot of F-14 nos parts that I didn't need that I want to sell.
Here is a list of some of the parts:
all of the ramps.
New plastic set
Basically all of the under playfield assemblies
sound board, and aux board
Very nice cabinet for pick up in Michigan.
new translite

Sorry I don't have a topper, CPU, score display, or apron.
But feel free to ask. Also many of the pf assemblies are good for all Sys 11 games.

Ron Kruzman
Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 9 March 2015

I have designed a high efficiency, accurate replacement for and LM323K regulator used in many pinball machines. It provides 5V @ 3A and does not need a heatsink. It fits on the same mounting holes as the original TO-3 LM323K. There is a small trimmer to fine tune the voltage around 5V +- 0.5V. It is a good replacement for machines with a marginal 5V power supply.

Daniel Debeer
268 Chateau LA Salle Drv
San Jose, California 95111
Posted: 7 March 2015

Several Williams metal coin boxes with lids from the 60s to early 80s. $15 each.

Also have just the lids alone for Williams coin boxes. $10 each.

Darryl Anderson
Brooklyn Park, MN
Posted: 5 March 2015

A replacement for the expensive Stern 520-5252-04 quad opto target drop board. This board is extremely repairable, has troubleshooting LEDs, and the optos are mounted with regular hardware.
Next, a KISS light board that replaces the center cluster with 555 sockets.
And a 2532 to 2732 socket conversion board.
If anyone has the 520-5252- single or triple opto boards broken, send them to me and I will replace them with 2 newly designed ones. First come only.
I am also trolling for new design ideas. Preferably (1) not produced by other valuable vendors, (2) in demand, ie not something that will sell 3 pcs, and (3) hard to get / expensive. Please send me your novel ideas.

Chris Eddy
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Posted: 3 March 2015

For Sale: Brand New Game Plan MPU boards. This is a direct replacement in form, fit, and function, for the original MPU used on ALL Game Plan pinballs (upright and cocktail models). Please call for details and/or to place an order.

Echo Lake Pinball Service & Sales
voice: 330-278-2228
925 Marwin Dr.
Hinckley, Ohio 44233
Posted: 20 February 2015

For Sale complete Head Only for a Bally Touchdown Bingo pinball machine. Complete with good glass. This is the Head only. VERY CLEAN 450.00 360-473-7104

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA
Posted: 20 February 2015

1949 Gottlieb "College Daze" for parts or restoration. Asking $100. Please call.

Virginia Mirabal
voice: 575-434-2301
711 Maryland Ave
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
Posted: 19 February 2015

FUNHOUSE WDB089 - original Williams Driver board with some issues. It will boot, but the power is not fully getting from the right hand side to the left hand side. I have lots of pictures to show the trouble spots. If you have some time and can fix boards, this is probably a great board to work on. Sold as-is for $150.

SCARED STIFF WAV095 - original Williams Audio/Video board with some issues. As it stands now, it will not drive the DMD properly, but the audio and other functions work. I have lots of pictures to show the trouble spots. Sold as-is for $150.

WHITEWATER Chase Light Board (A-15761) from the right side. This board works, but not well. There are two spots that need fixing. See pictures for a better view of the issue areas. Sold as-is for $50.

Email me and I can send you picture of one or of all the boards.

Jim Corkrey
voice: 703-728-8839
Purcellville, Virginia 20132
Posted: 12 February 2015

Jungle Queen 4 player in exec elect condition. Best offer.

Louis J. Scanapieco
voice: 413-519-7818
4 Dove Hill
South Hadley, MA 01075
Posted: 11 February 2015

Hyperball Backglass. Excellent condition.
Best reasonable offer. Ships from Canada.

Aaron Lewis
voice: 204-292-2437
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Posted: 10 February 2015

Terminator 2 NOS playfield, $1200 firm

Ken White
San Mateo, CA
Posted: 9 February 2015

1961 Chicago Coin Pro Hockey Original Paper
Service manual and parts list, 41 pages $20 Schematic - $15
Shipping not included

Bob Herbison

Posted: 6 February 2015

1971 Midway Manufacturing Stunt Pilot Flying Game Original Paper
Schematic - $15
Shipping not included.

Bob Herbison

Posted: 6 February 2015

Turnpike Tournament By Capitol Project Corporation Original Paper
I have not been able to date this driving arcade game. It uses a conventional film projector for video and a tape machine (Message Repeater Junior by Mohawk) for sound.
Schematics, two sheets. Service instructions, 16 pages. $10 for both.
Shipping not included.

Bob Herbison

Posted: 6 February 2015

1940s Photomatic Photo Booth by International Mutoscope Corporation Original Paper
One service bulletin, one set of maintenance suggestions, 3 pages total. $2
Shipping not included.

Bob Herbison

Posted: 6 February 2015

I have a complete NOS Indy 500 very large right, and left combo ramp. It is fully populated with harness, flashers, and so forth. Plug and play.

Mike Chestnut
voice: 615 - 824 - 6116
129 Grassland Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066
Posted: 5 February 2015

NOS T2 playfield, rare, mint, No DiamondPlate
serious offers only. Will consider trading towards a project Centaur.

Ken White
voice: 6504000207
San Mateo, CA 94401
Posted: 2 February 2015

Original and copies of pinball manuals $15 for the originals and $10 for copies S-H in the USA will be $4 buy 2 or more and S-H is free in the USA

Arena, Atlantis, Batman, Baywatch, Bazarr, Big Brave, Big Game, Big Wheel, Black Night, Black Night 2000, Blue Chip, Break Shot, Check Point, Cinema, Coney Island, Contact, Cyclone, Disco Fever, Dolly Parton, Dracula, Eight Ball, Escape From The Lost World, Flash, Freedom, Game Show, Ground Shaker, Hardbody, Hearts And Spades, Hollywood Heat, (Harley Davidson Sega), High Speed, King Kool, King Tut, Laser Ball, Laser War, Last Action Hero, Light Camera Action, Lost World, Maverick The Move, Magic, Meteor, Miss American Deluxe, Motor Dome, Nba Fast Break, Night Club, Night Rider, Oh Boy, Phantom Of The Opera, Phenox, Pin Bot, Playboy, Pool Shark, Radical, Rescue 911, Road Kings, Robocop, Secret Service, Spring Break, Shaq Attaq, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Stellar Wars, Straight Flush, Striker, Strikes And Spares, Super Score, Super Sonic, Tag Team, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ted Nugent, The Games, Time Warp, Title Fight, Tommy, Torpedo Alley, Trident, Tri-Zone, Truck Stop, Quarterback, Wipeout, World Cup, Viking, X's & O's.

James Richards
Posted: 2 February 2015

My new Iron Man pinball topper--It is a Limited edition run. I have been working on the art and prototypes of this one on and off since 2013. I wasn't sure if I was ever even going to make it. I really wanted this one to be different and special. This topper was designed to accent both the IM Classic and Pro Vault pinball machines. The IM topper has multiple lighting sources for a bright and dynamic effect. It features:
1) 3 levels.
2) Center clear acrylic and edge lit with blue lighting.
3) Glowing blue illuminated back panel.
4) Hot Rod red trimmed panel.
5) Gold front molding.
6) 3D front chest light with 2 color pulsating illumination.
7) 2 side black power cables.
Red "top and bottom" front illumination.

This topper will be a limited edition with only one run ever produced. Each topper will be signed and numbered. Unlike my other projects, I chose to do the limited edition run because of the complexity of this design. I will be taking orders for 2 weeks only and then that will be the number produced.

Please email me with any questions, pricing, and photos.

Daniel Toutant
MN 55075
Posted: 2 February 2015

Williams Strato Flight 3- Green Pop bumper caps 100 points is on the top of the caps.
Fair condition. $13.00 includes shipping within 48 states

John Giannini
voice: 910-262-3506
Wilmington, NC 28412
Posted: 29 January 2015

Gottlieb Star Race NOS playfield. Very nice rare playfield. $450 plus shipping.

Doug Huse
New Milford, CT
Posted: 26 January 2015

1971 Williams Klondike and Gold Rush--playfield slot-type reel image strips--part numbers: 30C-397-11 and 30C-397-12 $12.00/set of 3 uncut.
Some other Williams playfield slot-type reel image strips--part numbers: 30C-397-9 and 30C-397-10 $10.00/set of 3 uncut. I believe these are for WMS Jackpot
All these reel strips are laminated (unlike the originals) to make them easier to clean and have a sharper look.
Prices on all items do not include shipping.

Daina Pettit
voice: 801-277-6296
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
Posted: 26 January 2015

Bally Supersonic playfield mostly complete some of the plugs have been cut in decent shape $150.00

Tom Taylor
6531 Tall Oaks Trl
Charlotte, North Carolina 28210
Posted: 25 January 2015

1992 Williams Fish Tales reel ball shooter, compete with switch. This is the fishing rod handle that is mounted on the front of the cabinet. $100.00 + actual shipping.

Pinball DMD Large Display 64 x 192 Sega Used Fits Batman, Baywatch, Frankenstein, Maverick, All lines and dots working $200. plus shipping

voice: (920) 565-3021
WI, USA 53020
Posted: 19 January 2015

1953 Genco Night Fighter Gun Game Original Paper

Score & Instruction Card, very clean and nice - $5

Shipping not included. Continental U.S. sales only.

Bob Herbison

Posted: 16 January 2015

New reproduction Capcom Breakshot translite. Gorgeous artwork with stunningly rich color and sharpness (photos on request). Translucent mylar film is 26-1/8"W by 19-3/4"H and is 7 mil thick. Shipped rolled in a rigid mailing tube. $85 + shipping.


Posted: 16 January 2015

Original Williams/Bally DCS sound board PCB in perfect working order and excelllent condition.
Tested fully working in my Theatre of Magic
$300 or good offer. Includes free worldwide insured shipping. Photos available.

Steve Pagett
Birmingham, UK
Posted: 3 January 2015

Lots of New Reproduction backglasses for sale. Lots of hard to find vintage glass. United, Chicago Coin, Genco, Evans, etc. Also Bingo style pins. Contact me with your needs. I can do one on one reproductions of your bad original if you can get it shipped to me. Fast turn around time.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 2 January 2015

Complete set NOS of Big Brave/Big Indian playfield plastics.

voice: 908-380-3683
Pittstown, New Jersey 08867
Posted: 1 January 2015

Williams System 3 to 7 Bench Tester for repairing System 3 to 7 games. I have a spare tester that can be used for testing all boards and displays. It was made by Williams to be used by distributors to test and repair System 3 to 6 games. I have also booted System 7 CPUs with it but it only has 6 digit displays. $650 firm. Will ship if you pay for professional packaging, but pickup preferred. Email or call for pictures and more info.

Mark Hooks
voice: 850-519-3232
305 NW 28yh Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Posted: 8 December 2014


I have a nice AP backglass, probably a 7. It was Professionally framed in a beautiful black frame with red matting - amazing. It's on the wall right now in my game room, looks great. Asking $220 as art or for your AP.

I have a nearly complete body with all the wiring, playfield, plastics, bumpers, the whole kit and kaboodle. It is NOT in perfect working condition. It is currently being used as a coffee table with a plastic playfield glass on top (safety reasons). I do not have a playfield glass for it. Make me an offer on the playfield, on the plastics, on the body. I have pics of everything. Plastics are going to be approximately $15-$20 each depending on size. A few have cracks, but all are in rather nice condition. $199 for the entire set.

Playfield has some typical wear above the flippers, but most of it is in dang nice shape.

I also have a tremendous frame piece of art with two of the original Alien Poker fliers that for A, K, Q, J cards. Very cool looking frame in black wood frame with red, black and white matting. Very professional just plain cool looking. $220

I have a head, but there is nothing in it except for the inner door.

Pics available for serious inquiries.

Jim Corkrey
Purcellville, VA 20132
Posted: 5 December 2014

Parting Game Plan Sharpshooter. Everything available, CPU is acid damaged.

John Clements
voice: 919-633-1824
2833 Glade Aster Ct
Raleigh, NC 276045468
Posted: 3 December 2014

I parted out a Bally Star Trek and Supersonic. Most playfield parts are available (including the playfield plastics).

I have the following parts and assemblies for sale:
Arch Rail (M-1774)
Rail Post (C-907)
Rail Post Cap (C-908)
Bottom Arch (P-5871-53)
Shooter Gauge (P-6359-19)
Ball Gate Assembly (Right) (A-1475-9)
Ball Rebound Assembly (Left)(ASE-493-6)
Top Mounted Ball Kicker (Outhole) Assembly (ASE-2694-3)
Miscellaneous Rollover Wires (ASE-2806-3, ASE-2806, ASE-2806-1)
Guide Rail Assembly (A-3032-26)
Ball Gate Assembly (Right) (AS-2250-24)
Spinner Gate Assembly (AS-2250-53)
Spinner Assembly (A-3460-11)
Spinner Switch (ASW-A1-151)
Round Target Switch (Red) (ASW-A10-48, ASE-2911-3)
Sling Shot Kicker and Coil Assembly (ASE-2593-4)
Sling Shot Switch (ASW-A1-47, ASW-A1-167)
Free Ball Gate Relay Assembly (AS-2308-21)
Saucer Assembly (AS-428-44)
Saucer Hole Switch (ASW-A1-154)
Saucer Hole Switch (ASW-A1-166)
5 Bank Drop Target Assembly with Switches (AS-2795-56)
Knocker Assembly (AS-2404-12)
Rollover Button Switch (ASW-A1-162, ASW-A1-189)
Display Tray Assembly (A-3843)
PC Board Mounting Brackets
Various Switches (ASW-A1-155)
Thumper Bumper Assembly (ASE-2222-4)
Thumper Coil and Bracket Assembly (ASE-1567-13)
4 Bank Drop Target Assembly (Left)(from Power Play) (ASE-2795-43)
Right Flipper Assembly (ASE-1587-102)
Left Flipper Assembly (ASE-1587-101)
Playfield Apron for Supersonic

Most parts are $2 to $25 (playfield plastic sets for Star Trek and Supersonic are $50). Prices do not include shipping. Pickup in the Los Angeles area is fine. Checks or money order accepted (add 3% for PayPal).

Los Angeles, CA
Posted: 30 November 2014

I have an Official Baseball backglass for sale. has flaking, but not horrible, and its in areas that I think would be fairly easy to repair. I was going to repair it myself, but due to a cancellation of a concert I bought expensive tickets for, the refund was burning a hole in my pocket and I bought a glass from Shay. Pics available.
I'd like to get 125 (OBO) for it. Located on Long Island.

Mike Hooker
voice: 516 662-3949
NY 11782
Posted: 30 November 2014

NOS Jackbot Playfield. Clearcoated, beautiful.
Buyer will need to dimple undersurface

Judge Dredd playfield (pulled from project game)
Some poor previous touch ups, but I think salvageable.

NOS Stern Elvis playfield
2nd. some poor touch ups, nice playfield though

voice: 708-268-5604

Posted: 27 November 2014

If you were unable to find what you are looking for you may want to contact one of the suppliers listed below.

Mayfair Amusement carries many parts, and has many more backglasses than anyone else.

Steve Young of The Pinball Resource--We recommend Steve to everyone. There are very few parts that anyone has that Steve does not have.

For Amusement Only, has machines, books, translites, and lots of other parts. The have been in the business for 25 years.

Marco Specialties carries almost everything and is very knowlegeable. They sell parts, machines, documentation, and promotional material.

S & B Amusements located at 9705 Burnet Road, Suite 417, Austin, Texas 78758. Phone: (512) 339-3227. Steve Bronson is one of the head guys there. He is a real nice guy to talk to and do business with.

Barry Engler, 4 Play Amusements, Inc., PO Box 87934, Carol Stream, IL 60188. They offer solid state repair along with restored pinball, video, and dart machines for sale. They also carry Tournaments, and Million Dollar Man Fooseball Tables.

Gemini Technologies--Manufacturers of cleaners, polishes, and waxes. They are most famous for CP-100 (the blue playfield cleaner). 1-800-397-3112

WICO claims to beat all prices with it's large inventory of parts and supplies for pinball, billiards, darts, foosball, shuffle board, jukeboxes, phono, vending, and amusement. For more information give them a call at 1-800-367-9426, or send email.

Bay Area Amusements - Internet Pinball Parts Superstore - thousands of new, used, reproduction, one of a kind NOS, etc - shop and buy on-line great customer service. Focused on providing all that you need for your game repair or restoration.

Mad Amusements - Over 500 game specific parts categories for simple shopping--great on-line ordering for parts and supplies.

Lakeside Pinball Parts - Offers free shipping to the Continental US (48 states) on orders over $100.00.

K's Arcade - The pinball board specialists with over 700 pinball boards, displays and electronic parts. Secure online ordering. Board repair services. Order toll free: 1-877-775-5399.

If you have a vote for another supplier to add to the list send us email and we will add them.

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