Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries
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Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries

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I am reproducing the classic Stern standard-body pinball machine cabinet and head. These are all CNC cut from the highest grade baltic birch plywood available (no MDF!!) The cabinet looks identical to the original design on the outside, and uses modern joinery on the inside allowing you to assemble the entire cabinet using only ratchet straps and a phillips screwdriver. $795

Available for pickup at our Temecula warehouse, or can be shipped flat-packed anywhere in the USA or Internationally. Most shipments in the USA are $250 or less. You can ship up to five cabinets on the same pallet for almost exactly the same shipping cost. Group buys are an especially good shipping value.

Contact me directly for further details and bulk pricing.

Temecula, California 92589
Posted: 12 April 2021

Pool Sharks, Gladiators, Game Show, Maverick, Strikes & Spares, Frankenstein, Apollo 13, Wipe Out, Golden Eye, Resue 911, Independence Day, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Viper Nite Driving, NBA Fastbreak, Lost In Space, Godzilla, South Park, Harley Davidson (Sega), Striker Xtreme, Sharkeys Shootout, Austin Powers, Monopoly, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Harley Davidson 2nd Edition, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Terminator 3, Lord of The Rings, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Elvis, Sopranos, NASCAR, Grand Prix, World Tour Poker, Pirates of The Caribbean, Family Guy, Spiderman, Wheel of Fortune, Shrek, Indiana Jones, Batman Dark Knight, CSI, 24, NBA & Big Buck Hunter, Avatar, Rolling Stones, Tron, Transformers, X-Men, The Avengers, Metallica Pro, Metallica Premium, Star Trek Pro, Star Trek Premium, Mustang Pro, Mustang Premium, The Walking Dead Pro, Game of Thrones Pro, Spiderman Vault, Ghostbusters Pro, Batman 66 Premium Aerosmith Pro, Premium, LTD Edition, Starwars Pro, Guardians of the Galaxy Premium, Iron Maiden Pro & Premium, Deadpool Pro & Premium, Munsters Pro, Premium & LE,
Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro & Premium, Jurassic Park Pro, Stranger Things Pro, Premium & LTD, TMNT Pro & Premium.
Buy any 10 for $3.50 each plus shipping, or any 20 or more $2.50 each plus shipping.

Philip Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 11 April 2021

I'm selling the Playfield from a Gottlieb Premier Touchdown. All coils are there.
Nice overall condition. Asking 200. I am willing to ship. Buyer pays for all costs in shipping. Pics available.

Ron Messner
voice: 330-201-5171
1122 S Jefferson Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Posted: 10 April 2021

1977 Eight Ball NOS playfield Unpopulated. $950 OBO

Robert Linscott
voice: 425 232 2040
9622 48th Dr NE
Marysville, WA 98270
Posted: 9 April 2021

I'm selling the Playfield from a Gottlieb Premier Touchdown. All coils are there.
Nice overall condition. Asking 200. I would be willing to ship. Buyer pays for all costs in shipping. Pics available

Ron Messner
voice: 330-201-5171
1122 S Jefferson Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Posted: 8 April 2021

Gottlieb Monte Carlo playfield only loaded with parts.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.262.1325
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, KS 67213 USA
Posted: 6 April 2021

I have a once in a lifetime collection of NOS Bally Williams playfields.
All are 8 of 10 condition or better. All are not dimpled unless stated. dimpling is a service I do, as well as clearcoat.
Shipping 1 pf in cardboard is $80. Options are wood crates, and shipping more than one for savings. Please contact me for info.

Attack from Mars. proto, drilled and dimpled 1900
Champion Pub 1100
Shadow 1500
Doctor Who 1250
Theatre of Magic dimpled 2000
Star Wars Episode I 800
Hurricane 800
NBA Fastbreak 800
World Cup Soccer 1500
Tales of The Arabian Nights 1900
Creature From The Black Lagoon/light pink 1500
Star Trek: The Next Generation proto 1000
Demolition Man 1300
Corvette 1000
Jackbot 1200
Bram Stoker's Dracula dimpled 1650
Road Show 1300
No Fear 900
Scared Stiff dimpled 1850

I have about 50 other NOS and repro pf titles in stock from all of the other manufactures, so if you are looking for something, please feel free to email me.
Kruzman pinball playfields

Ron Kruzman
Galesburg, MI 49053
Posted: 31 March 2021

For Sale--1 Data East Jurassic Park jaw link NOS. Link goes from the jaw solenoid to the jaw itself. Data East #535-6640-00. Part of assembly #500-5667-00. $10 plus shipping of $10.

Philip Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 30 March 2021

As of yesterday, I located the Premier Ice Fever backglass, and is near perfect. Very nice glass.

Daniel Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 26 March 2021

Derby Day - Williams 1967
Lightbox door w/lock - $40
Lightbox animation assembly, complete (horses running) - $100
Stainless steel cabinet trim - $50
Coin door & frame - $70
Backglass (5/10) - $80
Bank reset assembly w/relays - $50
Score wheel assemblies (8) - $30 ea
Rotating target assemblies (2) - $50 ea
Oscillating ball shooter assembly, complete - $100
Replay unit (common to most Williams games) - $40
Power transformer - $50
Total play meter - $20
Shipping charges additional based on size and weight of order.
Contact me for Williams steppers, relays, leaf switches, flipper assemblies etc. - prices/photos on request.

Neil Worthen
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Posted: 17 March 2021

Unrestored and used CANADA DRY playfield.

International Overseas DHL Shipping cost and insurance are INCLUDED
for USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Pics on demand.

USD 850

Lyon, France
Posted: 14 March 2021

SKYLINE plastics are now available, all artwork, size and holes matched to factory and screen printed as always. Nice bright set with original colours.

Lee Feldwick

Posted: 12 March 2021

1944 United Streamliner complete head with backglass in great shape
$500.00 OBO.

Richard Wright
voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 11 March 2021

ROBOCOP PLASTICS are now available, full set minus the large plastic across the back of the playfield to keep the price down, All color matched and sized and drilled as per factory and screen printed. Limited sets available.

Lee Feldwick

Posted: 10 March 2021

2018 Stern THE BEATLES pinball machine game topper #502-7074-00! Official Beatles fully interactive pinball topper that will elevate the overall playing experience on any game model. $750.00. Same day shipping - credit cards accepted.

voice: 203-877-0348
145 Pepes Farm Rd.
Milford, CT 06460
Posted: 6 March 2021

Stern JURASSIC PARK pinball machine game TOPPER #502-7111-00 for sale - IN STOCK!


voice: 203-877-0348
145 Pepes Farm Rd.
Milford, CT 06460
Posted: 6 March 2021

Lots of Rare hard to find Backglasses for sale. Email me with your wants. Genco, Chicago Coin, Exhibit, Scientific etc. and lots of others.

Gary Conway
Silverdale 98383
Posted: 5 March 2021

I have parts from a few orphaned '81 Williams Hyperball playfields including:
- alphanumeric playfield displays used only on Hyperball - $100
- swinging target banks - $20
- new targets and repro target stickers - $15
- playfield tubes, switches, bulb socket racks, etc.

I do not have plastics, augers, handles, or anything else not on the playfield.

The displays worked fine in a game in 2015 but I no longer have the game or a way to test them. I will refund returns if they don't work when they arrive.


Posted: 2 March 2021

For Sale: Chicago Coin "Baseball Champ" Backglass. New reproduction.
225.00 plus freight. I have lots of rare backglasses. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: Chicago Coin "Batter Up" backglass in new reproduction.
235.00 plus freight.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction backglasses for most all the Bally Bingo Pinball Machines. 245.00 to 250.00. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction Backglass for Bally Ballerina Bingo Pinball Machine. 250.00 Plus Freight.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction Backglass for Exhibit "Air Circus"
235.00 plus shipping. I ship Via USPS REGISTERED MAIL to avoid breakage problems.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction Backglass for Midway Captain Kidd Gun Game.
235.00 plus Shipping. I ship glass Via USPS REGISTERED MAIL to avoid breakage problems.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction backglass for Scientific Machine Corporation "Baseball" 225.00 plus freight.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction backglass for "Scientifics" Batting Practice. 225.00 plus freight.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: New reproduction backglass for Chicago Coin "New Style" Baseball Champ. 215.00 plus freight.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

For Sale: Reproduction backglass for Genco "Baseball" pin game.
I have lots of rare backglasses. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 1 March 2021

I've got the following parts for sale or trade:

Playfields available: (note: some of these have some plywood chipping on the ends from being stood on end. Not horrible, but I wanted to mention it. I consider most of these suitable for a playfield swap, as the overall playfield surface condition is pretty nice. Several have some components removed from the reverse side.

Gottlieb "Basketball" [1949] [$250] [includes a new set of "Pinball Rescue" plastics],
Gottlieb "Soccer" [1975] [$150] [pretty much all components removed],
Williams "Slugfest" [1952] [$200],
Gottlieb "Contest" [1958] [$100 ea] [Quantity=2],
Williams "Dew-Wa-Ditty" [1948] [$100],
Williams "21" [1960] [$100],
Bally "Sky Divers" [1964][$100].

These playfields are a bit more beat up. More suited as wall hangers or spare parts (in my opinion.)

Gottlieb "Flying High" [1953] [$125] [good shape, except for 2 scratches in upper PF area],
Gottlieb "Target Alpha" [1976] [$100] [no plastics],

Incomplete plastics sets for the following machines, price is $10 per piece (Shipping included):
Gottlieb "Soccer" or "Super Soccer" [1975],
Gottlieb "Dancing Dolls" [1960],
Williams "Dealer" [1953],
Gottlieb "Cleopatra" - "Pyramid" [1977] (no center piece behind drop targets, or sling shots),
Gottlieb "King Kool" - "King Rock" [1972] (no center piece behind stationary target),
Gottlieb "Abra Cadabra" [1975],
Bally "Freedom" [1976],
Gottlieb "300" - "Top Score" (some "yellowing" present, both slingshots gone) [1975],
Williams "Swinger" - "Fun Fest" (some "yellowing" present) [1972],
Bally "Future Spa" [1979],
Gottlieb "Jacks Open" - "Lucky Hand" [1977], (no center piece behind drop targets),
Williams "Defender" [1982],
Gottlieb "Gemini" [1978],
Gottlieb "Jack in the Box" - "Jumping Jack" [1973], (no center piece behind drop targets),
Bally "Captain Fantastic" [1976], just the 2 clear pieces are available.

I've got several Light Boxes [these have the guts] that I've picked up over the years. I keep hoping to run across someone who has a cabinet for these missing heads, so I keep them. None have backglasses or back doors. Price is $125 each (unless listed different).

Gottlieb "Kings And Queens" [1965] [3" bell assembly missing] [insert only, wedge-head missing],
Gottlieb "Lite-A-Card" [1960],
Williams "Yanks" [1948],
Williams "Soccer" [1964],
Gottlieb "Target Alpha" [1976] [has backglass - Price = $175]

Bally "Delta Queen" [1974] Motor Board [complete, board with score motor mounted]. $50,
Gottlieb "Bronco" [1977] Motor Board [complete, board with score motor mounted]. $100,

One empty cabinet [note: I purchased this cabinet for a future project. But, the condition is not bad, to the point of me not desiring to sand the exterior paint before I offer it for trade here. The cabinet is not for sale. It is for trade only :

Gottlieb "Spot-A-Card" [1960],

Paperwork [Make offer]:

Bally "Delta Queen" Schematic [1974],
Williams "Solids 'N Stripes" Schematic + Instruction Manual [1971],
Williams "Spanish Eyes" Catalog Supplement "P-P" [1972],
Williams "Darling" Schematic [1973],
Williams "Klondike" Schematic, Instruction Manual, & Score Cards [1971],
Williams "Fast Ball" Schematic & Instruction Manual [1972] [Baseball Game].

Note: I plan on making a trip to Allentown if Pinfest is held in early May. If not, I'm still going!

Chris Andrews
Holton, MI
Posted: 28 February 2021

On my PI-80 All-in-One board, both BONUS and TIME versions of JAMES BOND game are now available for sale and for System80 software updates.

A special mode 'Super Multiplier' (switchable) has been added!

and the PI-FX/80 sound add-on board will be available soon!

on top of all, stay safe and healthy


Pascal Flippp Janin
Posted: 25 February 2021

Still cleaning out. Found the following

20 boxes 555 $25 plus shipping
3 1/2 boxes 47 $3 plus shipping
14 count 906 bulbs $3
1 new Gottlieb A 4893
2 New Gottlieb A17875
5 New Gottlieb A18318-ss
2 new Gottlieb A18102-ss
2 New Gottlieb A19208-ss
2 new Gottlieb A 18642
3 new A 1496
All 17 coils $25 plus shipping

Please call or text John 910-262-3506 Will give discount if you buy everything

John Giannini
voice: 910-262-3506
Wilmington, North Carolina 28412
Posted: 18 February 2021

Coney Island (model 180) Installation & Repair Manual, Parts Catalog
Wiring diagram for Model 130 Sharp Shooter

Jerry Williams
voice: 620-717-1021
2606 Oak
Parsons, Kansas 67357
Posted: 15 February 2021

UPDATE 124, FEB 06-2021
Playfields or parts from playfields

Batman DE some parts left, no playfiled
BK 2000, playfields sold, left some under playfield parts+ custom interconnect boards 2pcs
Banzai Run NO PLAYFIELD, has left some under playfield parts
Blackout williams NO PLAYFIELD, have left: sound boards + plastics + some hardware
Cyclone, ferris wheel assy without motor, no playfield, speaker panel
Dr Dude playfield stripped is sold, little triangle playfield + motor is left, some parts left
Eight Ball Champ Bally, NO PLAYFIELD. hardware machinery drop targets (playfield plastics sold)
Firepower Williams 1980: NO PLAYFIELD, flat playfield plastics only + bumper caps
F 14, playfield stripped + 2 sling plastics sold, rest of the parts are available
Fire playfield populated, some parts missing as sold.
Fun House, playfield stripped with water damage lower side is left and some parts + display speaker panel complete, new jaw motor
Genessis partially populated
Getaway coils of ball accelerator, traffic light plastic, supercharger cover, ask for more
Indiana Jones plastic speaker panel it is NOS but is not perfect flat,
Jokertz, playfield stripped is sold some parts left (no ramps) lift ramp without motor
Laser War DE playfield water damaged some plastics OK
Last action Hero playfield + some parts like double scoop, some plastics
Machine BOP, NO PLAYFIELD some parts only and head + motor, display assy + panel
Nip It playfield water damaged some plastics OK, the grabber mechanism is sold.
Operation Thunder, NO PLAYFIELD only some plastics left and some machinery
Pin*bot, stripped playfield, left some plastics & machinery + 5 target slide assembly
Police force: NO PLAYFIELD, police car motor without gearbox
River Boat Gambler, NO PLAYFIELD, some parts, 4 drop target assy, ask for other parts
Road kings:NO PLAYFIELD, some hardware only, upper black L shape ramp
Simpsons DE: only display assembly is left
Special force partially populated, playfield stripped is sold + ball through assy+plastic trees, some parts left.
Star wars DE a few parts LEFT playfield stripped is sold. BALL LAUNCH HANDLE assy
Truck Stop Bally, populated
Time machine DE, stripped playfield SOLD, some parts sold, ramps sold a few plastics left
TMNT, no turtles figures, stripped playfield is SOLD. ramp sold. some parts are left, pizza motor assy


Bride of Pinbot The Machine
Dr Dude without holo
Fun House
Hook / new topper
Huricane disc sticker NOS
Jurassik Park
Last Action Hero
Lethal weapon 3
Operation Thunder
Pinbot translite
Police Force
Road Kings plastic backglass
Star Wars DE
Surf'n safari
Simpsons DE translite
Truck Stop
For other titles please ask.


Batman DE

Operations Manuals

Bugs Bunny BB
Black Rose
Grand Lizard
Game show
High speed
Mousin Around
Machine BOP
Police Force

Any PCBs from Williams: Sys 11, 11A, 11B, 11C Williams: sound, power
supply, MPU, PPB, display boards, ALL TESTED.
Williams sys 6, 7 boards with parts missing.
Williams sys 7 Black Knight complete CPU working OK.
sys 11c MPU rare board, SYS 11a mpu, sys 9 MPU
Data East: MPU ver. 2 TESTED, power supply tested alpha & dmd, sound boards: first version & BSMT
Data East PPB driver board, fliptronic 2 & 3 flippers
6803 Bally MPU pcb & power supply pcb
128X16 plasma display used: Batman, Hook, Checkpoint, TMNT, ST

WPC boards available: wpc CPU, WPC power driver board, wpc sound std, fliptronic board, used DMD's 128x32 and 128x16 for DE

NEW PINLED 2x16 alpha for sys 11b including police force taxi riverboat NEW.
192 X 64 used display for Sega

Funhouse & BOP complete display assy 2 X alpha board tested
Bally & Stern 6 digit numeric display assy boards
Gotlieb sys 1: 6 digit display assy
Zaccaria: 4 & 6 digit display glass only
Williams 6 digit master display board + 6 digit display + boards
Various motors + gearbox or without
Motor - CIRCUS VOLTAIRE Ringmaster #14-8035 & DR WHO Mini playfield motor
Motor (motorcycle movement) NOS 041-5072-02 for Harley Davidson Stern
Stern coin door from the 80's without frame, very good condition
AS2518-35 & AS2518-17 NOT TESTED for parts only.

Gottlieb: Sys1 MPU not tested, Sys 80 A, B, sound sys 80, Sys3: audio analog
amplifier, regulator power supply
Feel free to ask for other parts not shown above.
Please email for prices and pics, You will receive a very fast answer with all details.
I take PayPal. Doctor Pinball


Statement for some curious people: I do not part machines to sell them in parts all parts are bought from other people, which have parted them for various reasons.

Marius S
voice: 0040744863236, fax: 0040311076880
Bucharest, Romania 011681
Posted: 10 February 2021

Gottlieb World Champ Backglass - New repro backglass for this classic woodrail. Excellent glass with one small chip on right edge. Photos on request. Continental U.S. sales only. $125 cash plus actual shipping.

Bob Herbison
Posted: 6 February 2021

I have the following Backglasses for sale.

2-- Williams Line Drive Flaking but better than no back glass

1-- 6 Million Dollar Man

1-- Firepower (flaking)

1-- Williams World Cup

1-- Wild Life

$10 each for the Line Drive
$25 for the 6 Million Dollar Man
$10 for the fire power
$20 for the world Cup
$15 for the Wild Life.

You must pick up in Wilmington NC I will not ship them.

Call or text 910-262-3506 John

John Giannini
voice: 910-262-3506
5916 Saltaire Village Court
Wilmington, North Carolina 28412
Posted: 5 February 2021

Electro Mechanical pinball machine parts, score wheels, transformers, knockers, replay units, kick out units, coils, chime units, drop targets, score motors, Playfield plastics, pop bumpers and caps, coin doors, back Doors, Used Backglass misc. baseball parts, em arcade parts, only, Just to much to list email or text with what you are looking for and I will see if I have it also send picture if you can this helps a lot when I am looking for the parts I also have some Pinball Machines 4 sale 1 bingo 2 other machines like Stream Liner parts machine, Surf Queen works missing some parts.

Richard Wright
voice: 951-203-7307
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595-9743
Posted: 2 February 2021

Williams Jalopy Backglass
$250 plus shipping

Robert Hollingshead Jr

Posted: 30 January 2021

Three 1978 Zaccaria Strike MPU boards. Also used in Ski Jump and Space City. This game uses a production Zaccaria MPU that is completely unrelated to the Gen1 (1b1110,1b1110/0, 1b1110/1, 1b1110/1a) board set. It's based on a different CPU (the National Semiconductor 8060 instead of the Signetics 2650a), and combines CPU, Driver, and Power Supply functions all into one huge board. $45 plus shipping for all three boards. Pictures available.

Mike Tolley

Posted: 27 January 2021

The following new backglasses are now available:

Continental Cafe
Heat Wave
Four Roses
3 Coins
Sea Jockeys
King Arthur

Four Roses (plastics)

Next Up: Card Whiz and Pink Panther

Shay D Assad
voice: 508-944-5237
31 Cove St
Marion, MA 02738
Posted: 26 January 2021

Bally Wizard 1975 Chime Unit

John Hill
voice: 00447788208896
Sutherland Lodge Shrewsbury Rd
Edgmond, United Kingdom Tf108ht
Posted: 25 January 2021

Williams Road Kings sound board, untested, no hacks or solder work, 100.00 with shipping included in USA.

Posted: 23 January 2021

I bought out a pinball collection. Included in the collection were a number of new rescreened backglasses. I only have one each of them. Price is $165 plus shipping. Here is the list of what is available.

Bowling Champ
Gin Rummy
Diamond Jack
Flipper Pool
Hearts and Spades
Ice Show
Moulin Rouge
Pin Up
Tropic Isle
Turf Champ
World Fair

Fireball (glass)
Skill Pool
Golden Gloves

Shay D Assad
voice: 508-944-5237
31 Cove St
Marion, MA 02738
Posted: 19 January 2021

Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz light boards version 1.75 completely working

Tim Flynn
Jefferson, NJ 07438
Posted: 19 January 2021

Have the following mint/new playfields for sale. They are all flawless and otherwise absolutely mint:

NOS Capt. Fantastic $1000
NOS Close Encounters $750
New Gtb Gold Strike $800
New GTB Knockout $1000
New GTb Kings and Queens $850

NOS Williams Pokerino $700
New Bally Fathom $850

Shay D Assad
voice: 508-944-5237
31 Cove St
Marion, MA 02738
Posted: 18 January 2021

Gottlieb Chips for System 1 and System 80 games. Have the System 1 spider chips, most are NOS still in the original plastic shippers. System 1 game chips, some NOS and some pulls, but over the years have used at least 20 with no failures. System 80 game chips, some are NOS and some pulls, still the ones I have used were good. These all came from a Gottlieb distributor, so guessing they would not put bad chips back on the shelf. Too many to list. Let me know what you are looking for and will go from there.

Posted: 10 January 2021

Paper Items for Sale:
COPIES: free shipping within USA
Parts Catalog 1953 in in 3 hole soft cover folder notebook $7.00
Parts Catalog 1957 in in 3 hole soft cover folder notebook $7.00
Gottlieb 1971 Play Ball 'Installation Procedures and Game Operating Instructions' Manual stapled top $5.00
Gottlieb 1974 Sky Jump 'Installation Procedures and Game Operating Instructions' Manual paper clipped $5.00

COPIES (only 1 or 2 of most, variable as made from old originals): 1964 Majorettes, 1964 Bowling Queen, 1961 Egg Head, 1955 Gypsy Queen, 1965 Kings and Queens, 1958 Roto Pool, 1974 Sky Jump, 1962 Tropic Isle, 1952 China Town, 1967 Diamond Jack, 1960 Spot-A-Card, 1972 Flying Carpet, 1970 Card Trix, 1971 Four Square, 1975 Fast Draw, 1966 Central Park, 1952 Coronation, 1966 Cross Town, 1974 Big Brave, 1954 Green Pastures, 1965 Harbor Lites, 1954 Hawaiian Beauty, 1948 Jack 'N Jill, 1958 Sittin' Pretty, 1963 Slick Chick, 1963 Sweet Hearts, 1964 World Fair $5.00 each Free shipping within the USA.
ALL items: Email me with any questions or if you want a photo.
I would prefer being paid via PayPal.

Marie Niemkiewicz
Coopersburg, PA 18036
Posted: 5 January 2021

Brand new Evel Knievel hardtop from Outside Edge 275, free shipping in U.S.

Belleville, MI 48111
Posted: 31 December 2020

I have a Gottlieb Count-Down backglass and frame for sale. Prefer buyer pick up and not ship due to the thin fragile glass. BG is in good shape. Asking $250

Paul Goforth
voice: 316-775-7150
11194 SW 64th St
Augusta, KS 67010
Posted: 19 December 2020

Selling off my flyers. EM flyers are sold individually. I'd prefer to sell the SS flyers as a lot but will consider individual offers. All SS flyers are mint unless noted otherwise. Many are signed as well. Ask about specific EM flyers but most are mint or near mint. Taking offers on anything/everything.

EM flyers:

Captain Fantastic
Heat Wave, B & W, letter from S. Kordek
Hot Shot
Jack In The Box
Jumpin’ Jacks
King Kool
King of Diamonds
Mystic Marvel
Shuffle Alley Express
Space Time

SS Flyers:

Al's Garage Band Goes On a World Tour
Attack From Mars (3)
Austin Powers
Cactus Canyon
Champion Pub (2)
Circus Voltaire, signed by John Popadiuk and Cameron Silver
Circus Voltaire, unsigned
Congo signed by John Trudeau
Congo unsigned (7)
CFTBL signed by John Trudeau
Cue Ball Wizard signed by David Moore
Goldeneye, signed by Paul Faris
High Roller Casino
Illinois Pinball (Pool Player)
Indianapolis 500 (2)
Indiana Jones, bifold (2)
Jackbot, signed by Larry DeMar, John Youssi, Louis Koziarz
Jackbot signed by John Youssi
Jackbot, unsigned (9)
Judge Dredd, bifold
Medieval Madness
Monopoly (3)
Monster Bash signed by George Gomez, Kevin O’Connor, Lyman Sheats
Monster Bash signed by just Gomez
Monster Bash unsigned (5)
NBA Fastbreak, (2)
No Fear, (2)
No Good Gophers signed by Pat Lawlor, Louis Koziarz, John Youssi
No Good Gophers, unsigned (3)
Phantom of the Opera, signed by Paul Faris
Pinball 2000, one folded and one not folded
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean signed by Dennis Nordman
Pistol Poker
Playboy (3)
Revenge From Mars, signed by Greg Freres, George Gomez, Dwight Sullivan (2)
Revenge From Mars unsigned (2)
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Road Show signed by Pat Lawlor (2)
Road Show signed by John Youssi
Roller Coaster Tycoon signed by John Youssi
Roller Coaster Tycoon unsigned
Scared Stiff, signed by Kevin O’Connor (not sure why) (2)
The Shadow, signed by Brian Eddy
The Shadow, unsigned
Silver Slugger (3)
Silverball Mania
Sorcerer signed by _____ R_____ (unknown who)
South Park
Space Invaders cocktail table (2)
Star Wars Episode I, Tips and Tricks (3)
Star Wars Episode I, signed by Kevin O’Connor, Cameron Silver, Duncan Brown (2)
Star Wars Episode I, unsigned (3)
Striker Extreme
Super Mario Bros. signed by David Moore
Super Mario Bros., unsigned
Tales of the Arabian Nights (7)
Ticket Tac Toe signed by Cameron Silver, Steve Kordek
Twilight Zone signed by Pat Lawlor, Larry DeMar, John Youssi, bifold
Wipe Out
World Challenge Soccer

Marvin Giesting
Connersville, Indiana 47331
Posted: 17 December 2020

Pin Game Journals & Gameroom magazines lots of back isssues.

Medford, Oregon
Posted: 13 December 2020

Williams Sound Board A-16917-50031 from World Cup Soccer, I bought this years ago as working but never tested it or installed it. No ROMS are installed. Very clean, no previous work on it. 275.00 plus shipping.

Posted: 12 December 2020

Chicago Coin South Pacific, 1964

Have most of the guts of this machine including...
Entire bottom board
Board from the head including score reels
Ball lift internals (no plunger)
Some of the playfield mechanical parts.

Email me for prices and availability.
Shipping at your cost.

Also have backglasses in fair to good condition. Mostly flaking in reds. All are presentable but with obvious flaws. $75 each but will negotiate. Will NOT ship.
Gottlieb Sky Line, Sing Along and Kings & Queens

Todd Engle
voice: 732-642-1185
54 Park Street
Bordentown, NJ 08505
Posted: 8 December 2020

I have Williams Upper Deck
target decals die cut sheet of 2 sets $70. plus shipping

voice: 401-871-5715
14 Teakwood Dr
Johnston, RI 02919
Posted: 30 November 2020

I have 7 used stripped playfields, 2- Night Riders, Air Aces, Old Chicago, 8 ball, Harlem Globetrotters, Skateball. $500 for all
Shipping no problem but is not included.

Ken White
voice: 650-400-0207
San Mateo, CA 94401
Posted: 27 November 2020

Taking offers for the following - combined shipping available at your cost.

Parts still available from a Williams Dealers Choice
Knocker - $20
Lock down bar $25 (will include the mating cabinet part if you want it)
Credit unit - $25
Transformer - $20
Score motor and cam unit - $35
Score wheels - $20 - Each set of 4 (10,000, 1,000, 100, 10 and the fake digit)
Player stepper unit - $15 (From backbox)
Match stepper unit - $15 (from backbox - the large type Williams Match unit)
Coin stepper unit - $15 - (from main board in the cabinet)
Ball Count stepper unit - $15 - (from main board in the cabinet)
Relays - $2 each - including the coil (from the backbox or main board in the cabinet- just tell me which ones you want)
Cabinet side rails - Make an offer and I'll carefully get them off.
Tilt board - $5
Empty Cabinet / Head - $20 - must be picked up.

Gottlieb parts available from a Jumping Jack
Transformer $20
Credit unit $25
Score wheel parts - depends what you need
Relays - $2 each including the coil
Bally parts available from a Boomerang
Score wheel parts - depends what you need
Relays - $2 each including the coil

Peter McDonald
1889 Grayslake Dr
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Posted: 27 November 2020

Capt. Fantastic Playfield, Silkscreened, CPR Silver, $925 + shipping

Posted: 16 November 2020

Bally Bingo Machine parts for sale.
Coils, Motors, switches, Sorry, don't have any United parts

William Somplatsky
voice: 724-729-7224
110 Whippoorwill
Burgestown, Pennsylvania 15021
Posted: 12 November 2020

Have a 4 target complete assembly for Bally Xenon.

Daniel Tiemeyer
voice: 316-262-1325
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 4 November 2020


My unique all-in-one PI-80 board is now available for JAMES BOND (System80 series).

It works in TIME game mode at present (bonus game mode will come next).

Email for questions.

Pascal Janin (flippp)

Posted: 2 November 2020

I have a Premier/Gottlieb Ice Fever that is mostly all there, but the back box is separated from main cabinet, due to breakage, and there is no backglass. Except for some bits and pieces, is mostly complete. Cup has NO battery damage, despite years of storage.

Daniel Tiemeyer
voice: 316-262-1325
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 25 October 2020


voice: 859-685-5911
704 Autumn Ct
Richmond, KY 40475-9825
Posted: 21 October 2020

Lots of new reproduction backglasses for almost all the Bally Bingo pinball machines. Also, lots of Chicago Coin machines.
Also Genco pinballs.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 20 October 2020

Thinning out my playfields, I have a Spy Hunter NOS restored by Ron Kruzman it's gorgeous, also have Wade Krause Sky Jump, cash or trades
Email me then let's talk.

Ken White
voice: 650 400 0207
San Mateo 94401
Posted: 26 September 2020

I stripped 3 cocktail pinballs
Roy Clark The Entertainer
Foxy Lady
All coils switches plastics displays
No CPUs. All for $100. I can send pics.

voice: 401-871-5715
14 Teakwood Dr
Johnston, RI 02919
Posted: 21 September 2020

2004 Stern Elvis NOS playfield. Has a small dent in 2 corners that will not be visible when installed. Please text or give a call and I can text pics. $500

James Jensen
voice: 503-446-0445
Portland, OR 97222
Posted: 13 September 2020

Bad Girls parted out; let me know what you need, I may have it. An example is a refurbished fully working system 80B brainboard for $150.+ shipping.

Also have a Bally Squawk 'n Talk board, replaced all capacitors, $100. + shipping.

Steve Hopper
voice: 503-929-8875
15770 NW Perimeter Place
Beaverton, OR 97006
Posted: 11 September 2020

Eight Ball Deluxe bumper cap set. 3 brand new- $30. + shipping. Bottom ring only- also new $5. each + shipping.

NOS MM dragonwings- $15. + shipping

NOS TZ powerball- $25. + shipping

Steve Hopper
voice: 503-929-8875
15770 NW Perimeter Place
Beaverton, OR 97006
Posted: 11 September 2020

Parts for a Judge Dredd; for example: complete wiring harness for $50. + shipping. Let me know what you're looking for. I might have it.

Steve Hopper
voice: 503-929-8875
15770 NW Perimeter Place
Beaverton, OR 97006
Posted: 11 September 2020

Gottlieb System One MPU to Driver Cable NEW - $39.95
Gottlieb System One MPU Power Cable New - $7.50 to $13.00
Gottlieb System 80 3" MPU to Driver Cable Rebuild Kit NEW - $24.00
Gottlieb System 80 5" MPU to Driver Cable Rebuild Kit NEW - $26.00
Gottlieb Williams /Bally WPCSystem 80 7" MPU to Driver Cable Rebuild Kit
NEW - $28.00
Gottlieb System 80 MPU Power Cable New - $7.50 to $13.00

Gottlieb Board connectors, One and 80 a/b starting at $1.50

Williams /Bally WPC Driver Board Critical Upgrade - $45.00
Williams /Bally WPC MPU to Driver PCB J211, J113 - $5.00
Williams /Bally WPC MPU,
Fliptronic, SND, DMC J202, J903, J505, J60 - $14.00

Williams /Bally WPC Many more cables available.

Williams I / O Driver, Sys. 3, 4, 6, 6A, 7, 7A
Full Connector Upgrade Kit with
Lamp Resistor Upgrade Kit and Spacer. $19.95

Eric Spain
voice: 937-963-8442
1616 Darst Ave.
Dayton, OH 45403
Posted: 4 September 2020

For sale,
Pinball cable and repair kits
Gottlieb, Williams, Bally and even Zaccaria.
A full line of WPC cables

I also have Gottlieb System 1 and 80 MPU to Driver cables and kits.

Cheap parts for repairs all types of pinballs

Eric Spain
voice: 937-963-8442
1616 Darst Ave.
Dayton, OH 45403
Posted: 3 September 2020

Zaccaria drop targets for Pinball Champ and maybe other games. I have the "C", "H", "A", "M", "P" letters. They are red targets with white letters and are approximately 8.5 inches tall. They are NOS and asking $25 USD each or $100 USD for a set of five. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. Pictures available. I also have other various NOS and used playfield parts for Zaccaria games. Let me know what you need.

St. Louis, MO 63114
Posted: 3 September 2020

Large selection of original pinball flyers, vintage shuffle alleys, bowlers, gun games, and more for sale.
Also pinball coils, parts, promo plastics, posters, manuals, schematics, translites, and more. Write for inventory list.

Joe Iozzia
Posted: 31 August 2020

Bally Stern and Gottlieb PCBs for Sale

Gottlieb Sys80 Driver Board all solenoids on Haunted House working. Can't verify all lights. $70 shipped

Gottlieb Sys1 Driver Board working 100% tested on a Totem. $50 shipped.

Bally -35 Clean, doesn't boot up with J5 Test Card. $50 shipped

Bally and Stern Lamp Driver Boards, tested 100% working on a Bally Factory Tester, also known as Bally Brown Box. Can be used in any Bally or Stern pinball machine from 1979 (solid state) up until 1985 (pre 6803 models like Dungeons and Dragons) Several for sale, have both Bally and Stern. Your preference. $65 shipped


Posted: 12 August 2020

Brand new White Water playfield. Comes completely dimpled and drilled, ready to install, protected with a special ceramic clearcoat.

Shipping to Canada is included.

voice: 209-643-2488
980 N LA Cienega
Los Angeles, California 90001
Posted: 11 August 2020

Here are 3 new White Water ramps that I have had sitting around for a while and no longer need. They may have a few minor marks/scratches from being moved around a few times but they were never used. Includes the decals you see in the pictures.
shipping is possible

voice: 209-643-2488
Los Angeles, California 90069
Posted: 8 August 2020

Have a Bally Home Model lock down bar (Capt. Fantastic)..and PF glass. Glass will have to be picked up in person. Can ship lock bar. $20 each.. Real shipping.

McMinnville, OR 97128
Posted: 29 July 2020

Data East Jurassic Park original topper in pristine condition. Pictures available.
$150 plus shipping.

Jim Jackson
voice: 517 290-3594
1043 W Dill Rd
Dewitt, Michigan 48820
Posted: 28 July 2020

Gottlieb System 1 CPUs and power supply boards. For parts or repair.
Power supply boards $20
Power supply with plate $30
CPUs $25 each.
Will ship at cost.

Mike Tolley
voice: 540-461-3519
405 McCorkle Dr
Lexington, VA 24450
Posted: 26 July 2020

The Beatles Topper - FOR ANY MODEL - FREE SHIPPING - $425.00
Official Beatles fully interactive pinball topper that will elevate the overall playing experience on any game model.
Same day shipping - Credit cards & PayPal accepted.

voice: 203-877-0348
145 Pepes Farm Road
Milford, CT 06460
Posted: 20 July 2020

PINBALL FLYERS for SALE or trade from 1932-Present.

Email me for the complete list of over 3,000 pinball flyers that I have available for sale/trade in an Excel file (.xls) that has each flyer's CONDITION and asking price noted. I will also trade for other flyers.

As a long-time flyers collector, I have a wide range of spare German/European pinball flyers and a lot of mint Gottlieb/Williams flyers from the 40-50's.

I'm a collector - NOT a dealer. I'm flexible on sales/trades and easy to communicate with - having completed over 1,500 deals in the past 25 years in the pinball community worldwide. If you have flyers that I need in my personal collection - I'll make generous cash offers OR 2x-3x the value in other flyers in trade.

Small sample from full list (email for entire list):

Alben 1961 Samba
American Pinball 2018 Oktoberfest Pinball on Tap - Prototype - King Pin Games Version (w/Monkeys)
Atari 1977 Atari "Coin Connection" Newsletter - March 1977 - Vol 1 Number 4
Atari 1977 Airborne Avenger - German Text - Lowen - Foldout - A4 Oversize
Bally 1981 Bally High Score - German - Bally Wulff - Kit for High Score Recognition
Bally 1992 Addams Family, The - German Text - Nova - Foldout - A4 Oversize
Bally 1932 BallyHoo - Mechanical - Countertop - Foldout
Bally 1970 Camelot - EM - Oversize
Bally 1934 Champion - Pre-Flipper - Mechanical - Oversize
Bally 1985 Eight Ball Champ - Spanish Text - Bally Maibesa - Foldout - A4 Oversize
Bally 1940 Fleet - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail - Oversize - Factory Flyer - Bally Mfg. Company
Bally 1934 Fleet Jr. - Color Version - Pre-Flipper - Mechanical - Oversize
Bally 1979 Kiss - Foldout
Bally 1958 Skill Roll - EM - Oversize
Bally Bingo 1954 Big Time - EM - Bingo - Oversize
Bell Coin 1980 White Shark - Oversize
Bell Games 1985 Dark Shadow - English Text - Single Sided - A4 Oversize
Bergmann 1968 Silver Cup - EM - German Text - Oversize
C.E.A. 1977 Timothyt - English & French Text - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Century Games 1978 Star Battle - Foldout
Chicago Coin 1952 Big Hit - EM
Chicago Coin 1949 Golden Gloves - EM - Woodrail - Postcard
Chicago Coin 1939 Sports - Pre Flipper
Daval 1934 American Beauty - Pre-Flipper - Mechanical
Exhibit Supply 1948 Circus - EM - Woodrail - Large Postcard
Exhibit Supply 1948 Magic - EM - Woodrail - Large Postcard
Geiger 1992 La Retata - German Text - Conversion Kit - Single Sided - A4 Oversize
Genco 1949 Camel Caravan - EM - Woodrail - Postcard (Jean-Pierre Cuvier of France)
Genco 1958 Fun-Fair - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Genco 1939 Natural - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize - Factory Flyer - Genco Inc.
Gottlieb 1953 Arabian Knights - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Gottlieb 1960 Captain Kidd - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize
Gottlieb 1962 Cover Girl - EM - Single Sided - Oversize
Gottlieb 1957 Flag-Ship - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize
Gottlieb 1975 Gold Strike - EM - Large Postcard
Gottlieb 1952 Hit 'n' Run - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Factory Flyer - D. Gottlieb & Co.
Gottlieb 1967 King of Diamonds - EM - Oversize
Gottlieb 1969 Mini Pool - EM - Large Postcard
Gottlieb 1940 Score Card - Pre-Flipper - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize
Gottlieb 1958 Sittin' Pretty - EM - Woodrail - Oversize
Gottlieb 1952 Skill-Pool - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize - Factory Flyer - D. Gottlieb & Co.
Gottlieb 1979 Totem - French Text - FDF - Single Sided - A4 Oversize
Gottlieb 1990 Vegas - Prototype - Missing Text "Play the Slot Machine!!!..." on back - Double Sided
Haggis 2019 Celts Let The Games Begin - Pre-Producton Flyer - Double Sided
Hankin 1979 Dennis Lillee's Howzat - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Homepin 2018 Thunderbirds - "Shipping Now" - Obscured Playfield - Single Sided - A4 Oversize
Inder 1977 Shamrock - EM - 4 Player - English Text - Double Sided
Interflip 1977 Cherokee - EM - English Text - Single Sided - Oversize
Interflip 1977 Dragon - EM - Oversize - Smooth Paper
Jersey Jack 2017 Dialed In! - Standard Edition - Double Sided - King Pin Games Version
John Goodbody 1932 Toboggan - Mechanical - Pre-Flipper - Oversize
J.H. Keeney 1938 Big Ten - Pre-Flipper - EM - Single Sided - Oversize
J.H. Keeney 1962 Rainbow - EM - Bingo
KD 1975 Invasion Stratogy - Double Sided
Mills 1937 Flasher /Many Other Games - Pre-Flipper - EM - Fouldout - Oversize - Factory Flyer
Nordamatic 1977 Saturn - EM - English Text - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Petaco 1979 Swashbuckler - Spanish & English Text - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Peyper 1987 Wolf Man - Spanish Text - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Playmatic 1978 Big Town - German Text - ENV - A4 Oversize
Quetzal 2012 Captain Nemo - English Text - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Quetzal 2019 Super Canasta - No Text - Single Sided
Recel 1979 Cavalier - Spanish/English Text - A4 Oversize
Recel 1975 Check Mate - EM - English & Spanish Text - Single Sided - Oversize
Recreativos 1990 Bingo-Bombo - Bingo - All Lauguages - A4 Oversize
Rock-Ola 1938 Across the Board - Pre-Flipper - EM
Sleic 1992 Bike Race - English Text - Single Sided - A4 Oversize
Spinball 1996 Vern's World - Oversize
Spooky 2018 Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle - Single Sided - Solid Rock Editions - Alice Cooper Pinball
Spooky 2018 Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle - Solid Rock Editions - Alice Cooper Pinball - Postcard
Staal 1978 Ben Hur (Black Background) - French Text - 1 Sided
Stern Pinball 2014 AC/DC - LED Pro Version - Double Sided
Stern Pinball 2017 Batman 66' - Super Limited Edition Model - Double Sided
Stern Pinball 2002 Playboy - German Text - Bergmann Automaten - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Suncoast 2019 Cosmic Carnival - Pre-Production - $5995.00 Order Yours Today! - Single Sided
United 1948 Major League Baseball - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize - Factory Flyer
United 1948 Rondevoo - EM - Woodrail - Single Sided - Oversize - Factory Flyer
United Bingo 1951 3-4-5 - EM - Bingo - Single Sided - Oversize
United Bingo 1951 A-B-C - EM - Bingo
Universal Japan 1979 Harem Cat - Foldout
Williams 1991 Williams/Bally/Midway "Coin-Op Insider" Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 1
Williams 1951 Arcade - EM - Woodrail - Double Sided - Oversize
Williams 1977 Big Deal - EM - Single Sided - Autographed by Steve Kordek
Williams 1980 Black Knight - 6 Page Foldout - French
Williams 1995 Dirty Harry - German Text - Nova - Kurzbeschreibung - Double Sided - A4 Oversize
Williams 1962 Friendship "7" - EM - Single Sided
Williams 1967 Shangri-La - EM
Williams 1963 Skill Pool - EM - Single Sided
Williams 1988 Taxi - Marilyn - Double Sided
Williams 1979 Tri-Zone - Prototype Flyer - Red Cabinet - German Text
Zaccaria 1978 Aerobatics - EM - English Text - A4 Oversize
Zaccaria 1978 Winter Sports - English Text - A4 Oversize

Mike Minchew
Posted: 16 July 2020

Bally The Addams Family Reproduction Playfield. Sold my game so this is up for sale. Email for info or pictures. $750.00 U.S.

Posted: 12 July 2020

Set of Gottlieb Flipper Button Finger Guards. These are reproduced from 304 Stainless Steel with a weave design. Will not rust from moisture from your fingers. These are not plated metal as originally used. They are polished to chrome like finish. They are the exact shape as originals. Come with spiral nails or stainless screws, your choice.
$22 per set plus shipping.

James Seay
voice: 434-941-7888
Lynchburg, VA 24501 USA
Posted: 8 July 2020

Backglasses for sale:
301 Bullseye (Grand Products one, only 150 conversion kits made) $300
Hyperball $50
Flash, nice condition minor flaking in red dress. $150

Posted: 5 July 2020

Super collectors quality Arcade and Billard boards. Most of our boards have been serviced and come with new upgrades, Topper, coin mechanism and lots more. You need to take a look at our store inventory and after you look at some of the great collection we have, you will agree it's the nicest machines you will ever see.

Here is a sample of few Arcade, jukebox and Billards boards available;
- Billard Pro
- Playboy
- Disco Forever
- Cactus Canyon
- PAC-Man Delux
- Royal Rumble

And a lot more. We offer 12 months service warranty on all items purchased and also do free shipping to designated regions. Contact us today for a quote.

Trish Meghan
Los Angeles, California 90001
Posted: 5 July 2020

Large selection of original pinball flyers, vintage shuffle alleys, bowlers, gun games, and more for sale.
Also pinball coils, parts, promo plastics, posters, manuals, schematics, and other hard to find original parts. Write for inventory list.

Joe Iozzia
New Jersey
Posted: 4 July 2020

1962 Friendship 7 EM Pinball.

I'm looking for either the coin mechanism or the entire coin door.
Also, if anyone has decent backglass, I'd be interested.

Vince Filak
voice: 9202167907
127 Sunset Court
Omro, WI 54963
Posted: 30 June 2020

Have a 1977 Gottlieb credit unit in good cond but dirty. $20 plus real shipping. Flat rate box, approx $15.

US 07128
Posted: 19 June 2020

Harley Davidson pinball playfield wall art. Holes not drilled
$700 plus shipping. Will consider offers

Samantha Brown
voice: 775-686-9085
1115 Farm Lane
Fernley, NV 89408
Posted: 17 June 2020

I have a complete original set of Bally 1978 KISS pinball machine.
It's certified Bally original parts in used condition but a complete original set.

Harry Allison
voice: 408-458-0002
2125 Mantelli Dr
Gilroy, California 95020
Posted: 3 June 2020

For sale: slingshot plastic for Bally POWER PLAY: # M-1330-142-5. Canadian flag. 100% intact. No cracks or warping. $10 + shipping.

Bob Thurman
voice: 516-354-7737
Long Island, NY
Posted: 1 June 2020

Selling two Bally backglasses, both in near-mint condition with metal lift-out channels attached: Night Rider (electronic) and Six Million Dollar Man. Call for info, evenings.

Bob Thurman
voice: 516-354-7737
Long Island, NY
Posted: 1 June 2020

I have several new cabinet speakers (8 ohm) for Alvin G pinballs. I use them in early Williams and Bally games. No modifications needed perfect fit and sound great. Pics available. $12 each. Shipping based on quantity and zip code.

Posted: 27 May 2020

I have several NOS Alvin G 3 bank drop target assemblies complete with micro switches and coil. Targets are white. Shipping based on quantity and zip code. $15.00 + Shipping. Pictures available.

Posted: 27 May 2020

For sale. Pinball flyers, posters, coils, manuals, promos, translites, playfield plastics, paperwork for old shuffle alleys, bowlers, baseball games. Email for list. Free US shipping 30.00+ month of May.

Joe Iozzia
Collingswood, New Jersey
Posted: 26 May 2020

For Sale: Several excellent NOS score and instruction cards that look like they spent most of their life in an operator's filing cabinet. Prices vary, but reasonable.

Olympics: Inst Cards (8), Score Cards (3), Post Adj Card (1)

Melody: Inst Cards (double-sided) (2), Score Cards (2)

Flipper Pool: Inst Cards (8), Score Cards (6), Coin Switch Adj (1),
Tilt Card (1), PF Cleaning Card (1)

Fun Park: Inst Cards (double-sided) (2), Score Cards (2)

Delta Queen: Inst Cards (7), Pricing Inserts (9), Score Cards (10), Yellow Bally Card (1)

Big Show: Inst Cards (4), Score Cards (8), Rec Scores Card (1),
Pricing Inserts (8)

Hang Glider: Inst Card (1), Score Inserts (9), Yellow Bly Card(1)

Space Mission/Odyssey: Inst Card (1)

Bozeman, Montana
Posted: 24 May 2020

1967 Williams Base Hit pinball machine good condition new paint on cabinet. Custom bat and pitch control board. All new bulbs playfield waxed all switches and relays cleaned and adjusted plays great everything work the way it should 2600.00 or B/0

Mr Clement
PO Box 515381
Los Angeles, California 90051-6681
Posted: 19 May 2020

For Sale:
NOS Translites: Tommy, Big Bang Bar, Jackbot

Flyers: Panthera, Fish Tales, Terminator 2, Atlantis, Party Zone, Pinball Pool, Bad Cats, X-Files, Stargate, Riverboat Gambler, Maverick, Frankenstein

Speaker Cutout Plastics:
Dracula, Twilight Zone, Adams Family, Bride of Pinbot

Promotional Plastic Keyfobs:
Revenge From Mars (7 pcs) Junkyard (2 pcs) Medieval Madness (catapult and misc pcs) Mousin Around (1 pc) Harley Davidson (1 pc #19)

Gorgar Instruction Booklet (original)

Hula Hula Schematic (original)

Flight 2000 Instruction card (used)

Super Star Instruction Cards (4) and Score Cards (4)

Game Room Magazines (25 issues) 1992-1997

Coin Slot Magazines (24 issues) 1987-1996

Wms Solid State Flipper Maintenance Manual 1979

Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures. Module and Component Replacement manual (3) 1977, 1978, and 1981

Pinball Encyclopedias and various other books

Rod Kleinhelter
voice: 502-593-2513
4608 Walden Drive
Louisville, KY 40229
Posted: 18 May 2020

Items for sale. Pinball translites, posters, coils, manuals, promo plastics, flyers for pinball and old shuffle alleys, bowlers, baseball games. Email for list. Free US shipping 30.00+ this month on all items.

Joe Iozzia
New Jersey
Posted: 16 May 2020

1945 Gottlieb Stage Door Canteen parts. Complete machine except for lower cabinet. Backglass is poor condition. Nice upper cabinet, front door with 5 cent coinslide. Populated playfield in fair condition

Rod Kleinhelter
voice: 502-593-2513
Louisville, KY 40229
Posted: 14 May 2020

For sale. Pinball manuals, posters, flyers, coils, old Playmeter magazines, parts, and promos. Email for listing.

Joe Iozzia
Collingswood, New Jersey
Posted: 8 May 2020

Pinball flyers for sale. Large selection available. Email for the full list. Prices are $3.00 and up. FREE shipping to the US when you spend $30.00 or more. I ship worldwide.

Joe Iozzia
New Jersey
Posted: 1 May 2020

Wood legs, 44 pieces, some sets, many sizes.

James Smith
voice: 928-376-0969, fax: 928-376-0969

Posted: 30 April 2020

Williams Medieval Madness pinball original playfield. Asking price US $2,164 OBO.

Jay Cruz
Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota, Florida 34230
Posted: 26 April 2020

If you were unable to find what you are looking for you may want to contact one of the suppliers listed below.

Mayfair Amusement carries many parts, and has many more backglasses than anyone else.

Steve Young of The Pinball Resource--We recommend Steve to everyone. There are very few parts that anyone has that Steve does not have.

For Amusement Only, has machines, books, translites, and lots of other parts. The have been in the business for 25 years.

Marco Specialties carries almost everything and is very knowlegeable. They sell parts, machines, documentation, and promotional material.

S & B Amusements located at 9705 Burnet Road, Suite 417, Austin, Texas 78758. Phone: (512) 339-3227. Steve Bronson is one of the head guys there. He is a real nice guy to talk to and do business with.

Barry Engler, 4 Play Amusements, Inc., PO Box 87934, Carol Stream, IL 60188. They offer solid state repair along with restored pinball, video, and dart machines for sale. They also carry Tournaments, and Million Dollar Man Fooseball Tables.

Gemini Technologies--Manufacturers of cleaners, polishes, and waxes. They are most famous for CP-100 (the blue playfield cleaner). 1-800-397-3112

WICO claims to beat all prices with it's large inventory of parts and supplies for pinball, billiards, darts, foosball, shuffle board, jukeboxes, phono, vending, and amusement. For more information give them a call at 1-800-367-9426, or send email.

Bay Area Amusements - Internet Pinball Parts Superstore - thousands of new, used, reproduction, one of a kind NOS, etc - shop and buy on-line great customer service. Focused on providing all that you need for your game repair or restoration.

Mad Amusements - Over 500 game specific parts categories for simple shopping--great on-line ordering for parts and supplies.

Lakeside Pinball Parts - Offers free shipping to the Continental US (48 states) on orders over $100.00.

K's Arcade - The pinball board specialists with over 700 pinball boards, displays and electronic parts. Secure online ordering. Board repair services. Order toll free: 1-877-775-5399.

If you have a vote for another supplier to add to the list send us email and we will add them.

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