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Mr. Pinball is in the business of providing information about pinball machines and their related markets. As a service we also provide information about individuals and businesses to facilitate the legal transfer of information and property, and to form and strengthen friendships in the pinball community.

If you provide us information about your machines or yourself that is intended for publication, then it will probably be published, usually for a limited time, but maybe forever! If you provide us information that is intended to be kept private, then it will not be published on the web site, but may be released to law enforcement or friendly callers, as appropriate.

We reserve the right to publish information about those known or suspected to be harmful to society or the pinball community. In other words--if you're a bad guy, then we may publish whatever we can find out about you that is relevant. We have no tolerance for liars, thieves, or scammers.

Some advertisers like Google AdSense do their own thing and track your surfing habits, etc. but have no personal information from us so they cannot identify an individual visitor to our site. We really don't know what they do with their data and don't really think we should care. If you're concerned or paranoid about your privacy with regard to tracking by Google, you can visit them to opt out, or just use an anonymizer service or visit from many different machines thereby poisoning/diluting their data.

For more information you may contact us by email, email form, or by phone at (801) 277-0888.
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