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Tim Arnold
Tim Arnold has one of the largest pinball collections in the world and has the largest working collection as well. He owns over 1,000 machines and around 400 are working games. Included in the collection are each model Gottlieb made from the time the flipper was invented in 1947 until they went out of business in 1996.

Tim used to run several arcades in Michigan. In 1990 when he sold out he took his pinball machines to the dry atmosphere of Las Vegas with the dream of opening a pinball museum. He spent 15 years raising non-profit funds to open the museum. He has finally opened this museum. When you visit Las Vegas, you have to visit this amazing place.

In addition, over the years Tim has held lots of charitable fund raisers and has been a prominent voice in the collecting community. His talks at Pinball Expo have always been entertaining, and enlightening--and are usually all about repairing and saving games.

Here, with Tim's permission, we present several of Tim's hand-drawn booklets that were published by the "Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club" several years ago. They are humorous and informative and are typical of Tim's style. However, we did have to make a few modifications here and there so we could present them to our G-rated audience.


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