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Warped playfield plastics may be flattened by preheating an oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the plastics face down on a clean cookie sheet in the oven. Do not answer the phone or door! Do not be distracted in any way! Watch the plastics closely. If you leave the plastics in too long they will turn to a mass of bubbling goo and likely will be irreplaceable. Prepare several large books near the oven, and open them. When the plastics have begun to droop, remove them quickly, placing them in the books, and quickly closing the books. You may want to place several items on top of the books to ensure that the plastics will be flat. After about 10 minutes the plastics will have cooled enough to remain flat. If you choose to use something other than a book, be sure to use something that is completely smooth, otherwise you will end up with texture imprinted on the plastic.
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