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Setting up free play on SS machines is usually an option listed in the owners manual. Williams machines without an explicit free play option may be set to free play by setting the maximum credits option to zero. Early Bally SS machines had no free play option. Some suppliers sell an IC that can be used on the MPU on these machines to allow free play.

The usual, and cheaper, option is to install a button, wired in parallel with a coin switch on the front door. When pressed, this button adds credits as if a coin were used. I discourage modifications to the front door for mounting the switch. I recommend placing the switch on the underside of the cabinet on the left front side, exactly opposite the on/off switch. This makes it easy to find and does not affect the appearance of the game. Sometimes people request that the free play setup be optional. If so, install a switch in line with the button, so that the button can be easily disabled.
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