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A common failure mode for gas plasma dot matrix displays is for a lead to break right where it enters the glass. The lack of lead sticking out means nothing for solder to connect firmly to. A solder job, if successful, will work for a short time only.

A great repair for this is using conductive epoxy. Lift the lead, put a dab under the lead, where it enters the glass sandwich, and push the lead back down. Use enough to allow for the lead springing up, but not so much you get a short to the adjacent column or row.

This fix will last, and is moderately durable. It has survived a local truck ride, but failed during a 400 mile trip. It can be repaired again if the epoxy lifts off the glass.

The conductive epoxy is available at some electronic supply houses, comes in a pair of small tubes, and costs about $15.

Ken Chaney

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