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There is nothing worse than a weak flipper. People usually attribute this to a weak coil. While that does occasionally happen, often the flipper's end of stroke switch (EOS) is in need of cleaning and adjustment. If you need proof, just place the corner of a business card between the flipper EOS points and activate the flipper. You'll get anything from a chatter to just a hum with an occasional slow full flipper motion. NOTE: Prolonged actuation of an incorrectly adjusted flipper will lead to overheated coils and blown fuses. Anyway, the function of the EOS is to cut the windings being used, thus prevent overheating and lowering current draw. Beyond that, it really affects flipper performance. A fully actuated flipper should break the EOS contacts about 1/16th of an inch. If one flipper seems stronger than the other take a good look at the flipper's path from the underside of the playfield. Also, give the EOS contacts a good cleaning and replace if in bad shape. It'll make your flippers flip better!

John De Luca

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