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Resetting high scores on Williams solid state games is easy. Just open the coin door and look for a button on the door that says "Enter" or "Reset High Scores". Hold down this button for 5-10 seconds and the high scores should reset.

On Bally and Stern early solid state games you press the red button on the inside of the coin door until the high score is shown on the displays. At this point press the red button on the MPU board--the upper left board in the back box. The high score in the display should now be gone.

On some other manufacturers' games, it can be quite complicated to do reset the scores, including going through multiple menus, but if the game has removable batteries, you can reset high scores by removing the batteries and then putting them back in, all with the game off. Be aware that this technique also removes any custom settings you may have for this game (like free play, 3-5 ball play, etc.)
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