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Problem: I discovered that my clock didn't work properly on my newly purchased Twilight Zone.

After examination I found that the optocouplers were intermittent. I assume that the heat from the bulbs wired to GI caused the IR sensors to misalign or degrade.

Fix: Replace the optos one by one with cash or for 0$:

Grab a pair of plyers and grab hold of the opto black cover--It's the black plastic thing that looks like a big 'C'. Gently remove the cover by slowly moving the cover back and forth. Pull up gently and the optos will be seen pointing at each other. One is a transmitter and the other is a receiver. Realign the optos carefully with the test utilities so the beam becomes non-intermittent. Leave the cover of the opto off. I personally think the the clock looks better with the opto covers off.

This fix also worked on my intermittent TL flipper.


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