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Williams/Bally games using the opto ball trough (introduced in 1993) have a tendency to develop 'divots' in the bottom of the trough that eventually cause the balls to hang up and not feed properly. The best cure I've found for this is to use first smooth out the worn spots with a Dremel tool & grinder attachment. When the bottom V-groove is smooth, line the bottom of the trough with Mylar. You need to do this carefully: kinks or high spots will cause further problems. Don't cover the V-Groove; instead, cut 2 Mylar strips, and carefully line up the edges of the Mylar with the edges of the V-groove. A paper cutter works great to get the long, straight edges you need on the Mylar strips. I've done this on 3 different games, and had no further feed problems. As a bonus, you get less metallic 'crud' tracked back up onto the playfield.

David Stambaugh

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