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It seems that plastic rollover buttons are hard to get. I had two broken ones on my WMS Toledo, and I managed to repair them successfully. The fragile plastic stem breaks off, leaving you with the round button itself.

First file off any remains of the broken stem. Then drill a 2mm hole exactly in the middle, and dead vertical. You will need a metal screw (threaded all the way) which goes through the playfield hole easily - about 4mm, fine thread. Then you drill the button to the size just under the screw size, in my case it was 3mmm. Then you gently force the screw into the button so that it will tap it, and it will be tight. Once you have done that, you can saw off the head of the screw and file it neatly. Then apply some two component epoxy glue--I used Araldite--to the top portion of the treads and screw the button so that the screw is flush with it. Wipe off excess glue and leave it to set. On the original button stem, there is a clip which holds it under the playfield and allows adjustment. You can't use it as it grips a smooth shaft, not a thread. Replace it by a very short section of small plastic tubing (car screen washer pipe), or a suitable small O-ring. The repair is barely visible (a small metal ring in the middle), and you can always disguise it with a touch of paint. I bet it will last longer than the original too.

Jean-Pierre Roquier

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