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Pinball machines contain lots of stickers. Stickers on spinners, drop targets, ramps, etc. These stickers can sometimes peel off, or need to be reapplied. Here's how to save your stickers even if they need to be applied on the underside of a clear surface like a ramp.

Use Wildcat TR-60 adhesive remover to remove and clean off the adhesive from the stuck-to object and the sticker. Apply Scotch 3M 467MP High Performance Adhesive to the now non-sticky sticker. This is a material that comes in sheets, is clear, and works like double-sided sticky tape except it only has the sticky stuff and not the tape. How you do this is cut out a rough shape of the adhesive. Peel off one side of the backing off the stuff and apply to this side to the side of the thing you want to be sticky. Be careful here or you might pick the wrong side if you're not paying attention. Then trim the resulting piece to the edges of the old sticker. Now you have a ready-to-use 'new' sticker. Just peel off the other side of backing and apply. Now it's just like new!
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