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Here's a more effective way of repairing stripped playfield and post screw holes. Mix sawdust and Elmers Wood glue to a consistency of dry tuna salad. Work the mixture into the stripped hole with a flat toothpick - and finish by tamping down with a flat surfaced object or your finger. Be sure to clean up glue residue from the playfield with a slightly damp cloth, and let the repairs dry overnight. Use a 1/32 drill bit to get the right sized dust for the mixture. This method is so effective, you don't have to fill the entire hole - just the top 1/4 to 1/3 of the hole works... and no need to drill another tap hole either. Just work the post screw by hand until it grabs, then screw down tight. I used this method for 2 old EMs with badly worn holes and it works great!

Don Owen

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