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I've just finished clearcoating a 1961 WMS 'Spaceship' playfield. It was filthy dirty and Novus was not really getting the grime off. As I had planned to apply a 2 pack clearcoat to it anyway, I tried the various cleaning solvents that are supplied by the clearcoat manufacturer. My experience is to avoid the solvent based de-greasing solvents, as they are too harsh. None actually damaged the playfield's paintwork, but they didn't really clean it too well. I found the best one to both clean and last the longest was a water based de-greaser. Being in the UK, I used ICI's 2k products with great results. It even removed a lot of old ball swirl marks too. In the U.S, I think ICI is sold as Dulux, but I imagine any other brand would do, providing it is water based. Remember to use plenty of clean cloths when you de-grease, to avoid ingraining the dirt and grease.

Doug Redfarn

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