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The Pinball Collector Register: New Entry Form

Please fill out as much information as possible. Keep in mind that the Register will not only be on-line, but it will also be published to many people who have no Internet access.

If you wish to keep some information private (off-line) just mark the individual item's "private" checkbox and it will not appear anywhere on the website, but will retain the information should someone need to contact you and cannot by any other way. This private information can only be accessed by calling us at the voice number listed at the bottom of this page.

If you have already registered, do not fill out this form, but proceed to the Change Entry Form.

If you are merely looking for someone to repair your machine and your do not consider yourself a 'collector', then do NOT fill out this form. Instead go to the search page and use it to locate a local repair person.

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Resources: I know a good local parts source.
I know a good local repair person.
I will help find parts or help with a problem.
Buy & Sell: I am always buying, selling, and trading games.
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Machine Collection: (List your current machines in your collection here if you wish. Do NOT list machines wanted or for sale here. Use the Mr. Pinball Classifieds instead.)
Notes: (Any other information you believe would be helpful. Do NOT list things wanted or for sale here. Use the Mr. Pinball Classifieds instead.)

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