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Vince Dooley
Rating: based on 1 submission.
2160 Athens Hwy.
Jefferson, Georgia 30549
United States
Home: 706)367-2621, Work: 706)367-7693
Email: vdooley2@yahoo.com
Primary Interest: All Games
Resources: Always buying, selling, and trading games
Business: H.R.S
Notes: I have been repairing pins and jukes for 20+ years, as a profession. Give me a call. I also buy and sell.
Last updated: 15 February 2013

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Low: +3
Mean (average): +3.00
Mode (most common): +3

Category: Quality of Work

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Low: +3
Mean (average): +3.00
Mode (most common): +3
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Comment #1
Vince has been working on pinballs for a long time in NE GA. I have played here for 20+ years, and have seen his work. He came and worked on my Eight Ball Deluxe and fixed my problems! If you need a machine worked on in the area, get Vince!

(21 March 2002 )

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