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The Mr. Pinball web site is one of the most popular pinball-related sites on the web. Latest statistics show an average of over 12,000 hits per day by over 3,200 different visitors per day. If we include the email subscriptions we contact over 6,000 people daily with targeted pinball ads.

In addition, we have given our advertisers more exposure with a web page devoted just to them. This page is also referenced from nearly every page on our website.

If you sell parts, machines, literature, do board repairs, ship machines, or do anything related to pinball there is no better place to place your ad and get noticed.

Policies Rates
$30.00 per month per ad--this includes the banner ad images on the website and the email text banner ads. Add $5.00 per month if you wish to edit your custom web page. If you only want to have just the email text banner ads, these are available for $20.00 per month. Discount of 10% for 1 year paid in advance for either option. This less than half of what you would pay elsewhere, plus our traffic/exposure is larger than anywhere else!

Inquire about trades in lieu of payment.

1. Submit banner graphic, alternate text, desired start date, target URL or single page text, and up to 3 two-line email ads (if desired) by email to
2. Send payment, check or money order (US funds only, drawn on a US bank) to: Payment must be received before desired start date.

3. You will be notified by email when your submission has been reviewed and approved.

Ad Detailed Requirements
Banner Graphic--Must be gif format (interlaced is preferred, but not required), no larger than 468 (horizontal) by 60 (vertical). No animated images are allowed. File size cannot be larger than 20K (20,480 bytes). If you cannot supply an image, we can make one up for you, with your approval, for a small artwork fee of $15.00.


Alternate Text--This is the text that appears if the user's browser cannot load the graphic. This should be no larger than 60 characters.

   ALT="Antiques Emporium--Vintage Pinballs and Coin-Op"

Email text banner ads--These are two-line, 79 characters per line ads that you can use to promote your business. Most contain your business name, a phrase, and a URL (web address). Some also include phone numbers, an email address, or location. You may submit up to three of these. They may be all the same or all different.

Antiques Emporium--Vintage Pinballs & Other Coin-Op Collectibles 801-565-0242          

Desired Start Date--We prefer to start on the first of the month, but can start on any date if desired.

Target URL--This is your target web address. This URL must be active when you submit your ad. If you do not have a URL, you can submit a page of text, no greater than 10K (10,240 bytes) that we will use to create a web page just for you. There is no separate charge for this page.

These requirements are necessary to ensure that the ads are a benefit to all. Any ads that significantly slow down loading a page are bad for everyone.

All ads submitted to Mr. Pinball are reviewed and are subject to approval before use. Mr. Pinball reserves the right to reject any ad graphic, alternate text, start date, URL, or two-line email ad.
For more information you may contact us by email, or by email form.
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